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  1. I'm pretty sure this mod doesn't change planet surface textures, just clouds and whatnot. So it should work fine with the new ground textures... unless I'm missing something in the files
  2. Interesting, If I get the DLC I will do this, thanks.
  3. I don't own the DLC but I have heard other people complaining on reddit that their joints don't work with any version of KJR installed.
  4. I am a fool, shows how far I get with my KSP career installs before I forget and go play something else... Also another question (sorry for being a pain ): How are you meant to balance the mass of the advanced material bay? Is there something that has the exact mass that I could place on the opposite side? I might just be being a goon
  5. I have reinstalled the most recent version and reapplied the patch from the onedrive, and it is still occurring. I'm going to copy my KSP root and delete every other mod and see if it still happens. Edit: It isn't happening, even with part switch installed. I'm going to try some mod combinations Edit 2: It appears to be "Filter Extensions" causing the issue. Should I post this there? (also that's sick, maybe a US2 RTG as well? Although that could be OP)
  6. Yeah it's a lot nicer than modding skyrim lmao, Np dude. Also there's a modding launcher thingy called "CKAN" that installs mods for you. But it only lets you install mods if they are confirmed compatible for the most recent version (unless you edit the settings), so I just look on the forums and see if the mod I want works with the current version and install manually most of the time.
  7. I'm getting this error on startup, I have the most recent version of b9part switch. Edit: did some nosing around on the b9 forum. Do I need to use a dev version of BDB?
  8. Also anyone else getting the bug where the kerbals' mouth flickers and when he falls over the entire worlds spazzes out? I got this in 1.6 as well
  9. If you go here https://github.com/themaster402/AstronomersVisualPack/releases and download all the dependencies, and the zip at the bottom (AVP 3.8.zip) Out of the optional mods I'd just take distant object enhancement, because it's nice to see flares when a station passes overhead. If you need more help on how to actually install mods, I've made a crap guide for you here:
  10. I'm sure this is an often asked question but does anyone know what is causing this graphical issue? It seems to be the merging of all variants into one image, thus it flickers as well Perhaps something to do with b9 part switch? I've had the bug consistently over 3 modded installs Also I had an idea: US2 compatible solar panels could be cool.
  11. Hahaha wow, that is a long time. Thanks for your hard work dude, looking forward to all these mod updates; definitely my favourite selection of mods ever
  12. Here's a higher res image I re-installed the mod manually and it's still occuring, only with the two turboprops as well. Something strange I found is that if I set reverse thrust, the thrust is centred again but only on that engine, the other one doesn't show.
  13. Excellent work as usual. Another question, are the turboprops in nf aeronautics meant to be producing thrust below their main axis?
  14. Is it possible to make the NF propulsion use the same type switching that ReStock uses? (The stock variant)
  15. You're an absolute madlad. This is awesome but please don't kill yourself doing it. Just gotta say thanks for making great mods my dude, been using your mods for years and they are top tier.
  16. Hey man, yeah looks good dude, that kind of balance is a good idea for travel between planets, then you can set up something for longer using the base parts roverdude has made. Just in case anyone wants an updated link to the SSPXR-USILS.cfg here you go. This works with the most recent version of USI-LS This is a small change since the last, I have just changed the PXL-10/PPD-8R and PTD-8R to use 0.125EC/ Crew Capacity instead of the flat 1 EC they used to require (thanks @Tyko ) so only really a balancing pass This USI module malarkey sure is confusing, there's a bunch of stuff that needed to be changed with a lot of mods
  17. Gosh darn it, thanks mate I have updated it. Not sure if it's even necessary anymore as I haven't been up to date with ksp in a while This should make NFS work with the current USI-LS for anyone who doesn't know. (there's like 4 parts that use it)
  18. I made one for myself actually. Probably should have posted it here Here it is: Beans I'm not too sure how bays work with USI so It may not be 100%
  19. I keep being told this has been updated by AVC but it hasn't. As I have with most of your mods linux
  20. Thanks a bunch! Just managed to to do it manually by putting the engine in 3 mode with a 30 ton payload, with a tiny amount of fuel left in the primary boosters! Seems very cost effective too, overall the mission cost me 80k I think. and around 50-something without the payload
  21. Simple question, how are you meant to launch the falcon heavy, as in how do you make the middle stage lose less fuel. I'm flying manually
  22. Anyone else having issues with getting ascent guidance to show navball guidance on 1.5.1? Mine seems to be targeting my only station in orbit when I select it according to KER
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