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  1. yea.. that is awesome science right there.. and beautiful
  2. There will be another Post burn conference at 1am EDT.. Not much happening right now except slowing down the spin and turning the panels back to earth in 53 days when it returns. All the instruments were turned off 5 days ago to minimize any danger for the burn
  3. Now when Curiosity confirmed wheels down on Mars, I woke up the whole neighborhood THis is just the beginning for Juno, and the start of massive amounts of Science
  4. Still has to slow down it's spin, and turn back to facing the sun. I am not celebrating til that happens
  5. 20 minute mark on the burn, and it is now not in a hyperbolic orbit, but "Capture" by jupiter
  6. 2788 Miles from Jupiter and it has reach Perihelion! and is traveling at 129,000 Miles and hour with main engine still burning, besides the Galieo probe it is the closest and fastest any probe has been to Jupiter
  7. Top speed relative to earth will be 0.02% the speed of light
  8. 575,000 miles from Jupiter, 12 hours to insertion. Now inside the orbit of Ganymede, and velocity is starting to noticeably increase. From 37k Miles/hr it should peak at 129k miles an hour at perihelion and get as close as 2800 miles from Jupiter
  9. 24 hours til insertion! and 27 hours til it completes its burn and communicates back to earth it's position. Where is that damn timewarp button!
  10. anything under 30t i use an SSTO cargo plane to bring it to LKO. With mining and resource creation i often have them reach LKO dry to save ascent costs, and refuel them in orbit. For one of my planetary missions i sent the Landers, orbiting mapping sattilites, Interplanetary Depature and return vehicles to orbit at 70t dry, and about 150t fully fueled
  11. YES.. at least for government funded missions SpaceShipOne pilots did not have space suits, but then supposedly the craft was designed to not have any possible faults.
  12. Nope. Those are used like Parachutes. Looking for something that works more like a heat shield
  13. In the Movie "2010" the Lenov uses aerobraking to decelerate on it's approach to Jupiter. The craft deploys disposable Ballons to aid in protecting the craft. If i had any skill at Modding I would do it myself. But i like this idea to have something inflatable to protect the craft when needed
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