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  1. Got a working version - haven't tested it thoroughly yet, but should be ok. Angle snap labels are off a bit, and the strut alignment is wonky in some situations.
  2. I've started working on it, I've got it partially working in 1.1 so far, so hopefully I should have an update by the weekend.
  3. Sorry I've been absent for so long, work and life got in the way If anyone runs into any problems in 1.0.5 I'll be keeping an eye out and patching if needed.
  4. Seems to be working for the most part, but I did see some odd behavior, I'll have to do some more testing to narrow it down.
  5. I won't be able to test and publish this until tonight, but I have a build of v2.12 with the angle snap fix on Github for anyone who wants to try it before then:
  6. I'll have another update with the angle snap fix later today
  7. Issue is fixed, updates are on the main post.
  8. I'm getting issues too, it's not cycling as it should. Something has changed in the editor behavior, I'll need to track it down.
  9. I'm looking into this, I need to tweak the behavior when a gizmo is active. I may end up listening for when a gizmo is used, and revert back to the stock icon and on/off style angle snap until you go back to regular part place mode.
  10. Updated, with much better strut & fuel line alignment. details on the main post.
  11. I'm currently working on strut and fuel line alignment, and should have an update this week of Editor Extensions. The current version has a not terribly useful strut alignment, but I have a much better one coming this week - it will snap either end to the edge, middle or top/bottom 25% of the attached part, or just align itself straight out of the beginning part. As far as using the offset tool, I haven't tried adding something like that yet.
  12. Thanks for the update - I also noticed that it broke Kerbal Inventory System's dragging parts to the inventory windows - similar thing, it probably isn't hitting the inventory UI. Tried the updated patch - didn't break anything, but didn't fix it anymore either. In EE's case the problem is that the parts do spawn, but the spawn location is off, as well as the pointer-to-part offset when dragging. I've been poking around the pick part/spawn etc methods in the editor but no joy so far in tweaking it back to normal with an offset camera. When I did the disable/re-enable in EE itself, it was like some UI references were broken, even if I grabbed a new reference to editorlogic after the enable. I'll continue to poke around, if I find anything I'll let you know.
  13. I didn't try it without my mod running to see if it's just interfering with mine (it might only be affecting my mod), but after the disable/re-enable of the EditorLogic instance in that fix it appears that some of the editor gameobjects weren't accessible anymore, the big one was the angle snap mode wasn't responding to changes. I tried the fix in a couple different points in time during the mod loading but it didn't take care of it. I'll also try running it as an independent module to see if that makes a difference.
  14. Well I celebrated too soon, looks like that fix has some side effects in the editor and breaks some other behaviors. - - - Updated - - - Are you placing the part first, then hovering the mouse over the part, then hitting V or H? it doesn't work the old way anymore, where it would snap as you placed it.
  15. Thanks! Looks like that fixes the problem - I was going crazy trying to fiddle with the camera and editor space to get the part dragging to work right.