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  1. Pushed a release with the ullage fixed. I should be getting down to just the feature additions at this point. There are still a few configs that aren't fully updated (SpaceY for example) since they're not quite as cut-and-dried as the others. But, they'll get done as always. Oh, and Cryo Engines snuck into this release! Download the release from the OP, or use CKAN once it picks up the latest release.
  2. Yeah, I can do that. I'll get the SRB ullage fixed in the configs and push a proper release. That way CKAN will update as well. I'll shoot for tonight (UTC -4), but no promises on that.
  3. See, I told you they weren't ready. That one is "fixed" in the webapp, but it hasn't filtered down to the configs yet. In the meantime you can drop this in a config to stop ullage: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs]:HAS[#engineType[S]]] { @MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs] { @CONFIG,* { @ModuleEngineIgnitor { @useUllageSimulation = false } } } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs]:HAS[#engineType[S+]]] { @MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs] { @CONFIG,* { @ModuleEngineIgnitor { @useUllageSimulation = false } } } } Note, this is untested, but it should work.
  4. The configs are updated if you grab the dev version from the repo. They aren't quite "release"-ready, but they shouldn't cause any issues. I have a few more additions I wanted to get in before there's an official release. But, the new stuff for RF (like ModuleEnginesRF) is updated there. That said, if you've found errors in the dev version, please let me know specifics so I can fix them.
  5. Are you using Stockalike? We found that the stock Separatron had a zero dry mass. Fixed in the repo, but I haven't pushed a release yet.
  6. I guess unless the parts just don't work, I wouldn't worry about it. :shrug: Might need to ask on the RF thread as well, because I just don't think the configs specifically would cause that error. I really should dig around in the RF code to see what goes on with these things! Oh, and that logfile! Wow! Never seen one that large before! As for KER, that's also more than likely a RF-KER interaction issue. My bet is that because RF now uses a different engine module (ModuleEnginesRF) KER might not know what to do with it. But with it working on other stages, I'm not sure...
  7. That is odd. It would imply to me that the config is set up properly. There's MRCSFX node, the MEC node references the right RCS node, the configs are all there. Does the AZ50/NTO configuration actually work in-game? And when exactly in-game do you get the errors? Also, maybe pastebin-ing your full log might help. I'm beginning to suspect something's going on within RF and not specifically Stockalike... But as always, I could be totally wrong.
  8. Ha! Sorry, bad explanation on my part. I meant the KWrcsQuad45 part. I used "final" as in the "end result of all the config edits". I haven't mucked around in there much, but that should be available in the ModuleManager.ConfigCache.
  9. I'd go with something similar to what NK said above. Early orbital engines probably 8-12 ignitions. Later engines, might as well do unlimited. Same with descent engines, really, because it's pretty much the same engine. I'm probably going to re-balance these ignitions in Stockalike now that it really matters to baseline Real Fuels. The audio issue is probably not Stockalike, since it doesn't mess with any EFFECTS nodes or anything like that. Something is obviously off with the first issue though. I'll check the config later on today, but can you grab the final PART node from your MM cache and post it? Would be curious to see what the final result is.
  10. If I'm understanding how these work correctly, if you get ModuleRCSFX and switch the vernier engine to use that, you then could apply the Real Plume effects. That's a big if, though. EDIT: Phooey. Just checked the ModuleRCSFX repo and the effects are removed for now due to some bugs. Bummer...
  11. I can look at BoxSat. Didn't realize they had engines. As for ignitions, the "default" is to have 1 ignitions for non-hypergolic fuels and a set number for hypergolic fuels. Which essentially means that the engines don't have an on-board ignition source. You need hypergolics to relight. That said, there are exceptions (I'm looking at you, J-2 clones) to that rule all over the place. It's an engineering pain to give them multiple ignitions, especially if it's not a pressure-fed engine. And to be completely honest, I have no idea if the ignitions changed from before. The configs have been changed about 5 times this week alone , and I never played with EngineIgnitor before RF rolled that feature in. So for now, it's "working as designed". But I'm always open to discussion on these kinds of things.
  12. Question: Can I define pressureFed = true in engine CONFIG{} nodes? If I can't, does setting that in ModuleEngineRF apply to each CONFIG{} node even if it has a ModuleEngineIgnitor{} node?
  13. Geez, 0 for 2 today. Yeah, apparently didn't change the uranium resource in the templates... Well, I was going through the configs anyway! Just switch the U235Rods for EnrichedUranium and DepU235Rods for DepletedUranium. That'll be fixed (again) with the next round. EDIT: Fixed the resource issue. Download from the repo. Changelog for the next version is getting rather long...
  14. I really hope that isn't the case, because then I'll have to go through all of my configs... again... I was assuming that anything with SolidFuel would be defaulted to be 1 ignition, no throttle, no ullage. I'll see about setting them properly in the configs anyway.
  15. Solids shouldn't have any issues firing in 0g. Which is why they're generally used as ullage motors. Are there issues with all solids or just some? It's probably a config issue, but I need to narrow it down.
  16. @eirinym: You could just mess with the Stockalike app here: http://bit.ly/rfstockalike Just go to the blank engine template and start filling out the info. It'll do all of the calcs for you. Also, you'll be able to see instant feedback on changing Isp, thrust, mixtures, etc. Don't know if there's docs on engine configs specifically...
  17. @elrinym: Sorry, was going to reply before but it got lost in the shuffle. Thanks Nathan for the nudge. Basically, what he said. Do also note that the Isp you set within the ModuleEnginesRF node will not matter. The CONFIG nodes within the ModuleEngineConfigs module is what matters. If you don't specify an explicit Isp curve, then your multipliers adjust what the RF standard Isp for your given role and mixture. It essentially ignores the MERF setup, which is only there as a fallback (I think). We've had some people be surprised at their results before because this wasn't obvious, but it was working exactly as their configs were telling RF to operate. Actually, posting the config in question wouldn't be a bad idea either. @All: I've committed the latest ullage/ignitions fixes to the repo. This should get about 95% of the engines. I'm still missing Stock Revamp, SpaceY, Tantares, RetroFuture, NF Spacecraft and TT_modularEngines (which I have no idea if anyone even uses anymore). These I need to go through and fix by hand, or add all engines to the app (which can take some time). Tantares technically has configs that come with the mod, but they're a bit out of date (besides the needed RF v10.x updates). I need to check with curtquarquesso about keeping that there or shifting that back over here. Anyway, if you want the latest and greatest, download from the repo directly (DL as .ZIP, not from the releases). If you notice bugs or omissions, let me know. The new stock SRB hasn't been added yet; next on my list along with the other additional mods I'm adding. EDIT: @Ralathon you were right on the money, Separatron had 0 mass. Not quite sure when that got in, but it is now fixed in the repo. That should only affect crafts either created or launched with that issue there. If you remove/replace parts in the VAB/SPH on saved craft it should go away. Thanks!
  18. Well, really, unless you changed the sizes of the models or something like that, the RealPlume stuff is just a visual mod. So it'll work no matter if you're on RF/Stockalike or just plain stock. And if you do want to share, put them on the RealPlume repo. You've done the work, so you should at least get the credit. Check with that thread as well, in case they already have some.
  19. Hey hey! Just realized 64K got a shout-out from Scott Manley on his RSS/RO video a few days ago. Nice job, Paul & Felger!
  20. None of the masses should be 0. Hm. I'll have to check that one out. In the meantime, do any of the other SRBs act like that? Sheesh! Did you stay up all night doing those? If you have some pics of what you have so far, I'd totally be interested.
  21. SoonTM. Ullage is about half done, but I'm doing some other updates in parallel, so it's not just that. I'm adding some new-to-Stockalike part packs (specifically Vanguard Astrodynamics, SELV, and Cryo Engines), so that's taking some time. Plus I'm considering redoing the solid motors to use the new solid fuels instead of just SolidFuel. So yeah, maybe by the weekend I could have all of that done. But no promises.
  22. Just mentioned something about stock-sized plumes on the Stockalike config thread. Will be watching this thread now! I'll be getting to work on these...
  23. Well, looks like someone else beat me to the bright idea. Go contribute there, I say. No need to have competing sets. Thanks for the tip, Tellion. NathanKell kindly put a switch in for ullage and ignitions, so those are switchable by default in RF. Throttle is dictated by the engine config, so not really sure there would be an easy switch. I can probably release a throttle config or something to add throttle constraints, or the reverse to remove them. Honestly the config to remove throttle would be much easier. Good idea on that one, too.
  24. One thing I forgot to mention: I've been wanting to get some RealPlume effects into Stockalike, but it's been rolled into RO for a while. But now, RealPlume is a "separate" mod. But, there are only configs for RO engines. Same idea as RF's engine configs. So, it'd make perfect sense to come up with some Stockalike RealPlume configs. If anyone would be willing to help build them, I'd appreciate it. At current count, I have 38 engines in my app which all could use a plume config. There are also a few dozen that are config-ed up by the community (thanks again all!) but I haven't ported into the app, or in some cases I can't like for SpaceY which has very special engines. So doing them all would be a very long process. Not sure if this should be in Stockalike, or be a separate thing. Technically, RealPlume could be used in a straight stock environment since it's just a visual addition, and it's not even tied to Real Fuels specifically. So probably separate. But it would dovetail nicely with these engine configs. So, anyone game?
  25. To get ullage to work right now, you'd need to swap this: MODULE { name = ModuleEngineIgnitor // stuff... } with this: ModuleEngineIgnitor { // stuff... } You also need to make sure any ModuleEngines or ModuleEnginesFX are changed to a ModuleEnginesRF module. Thirdly, the ModuleEngineConfigs need to have type = ModuleEnginesRF inside to make doubly sure it's looking for the right engine modules. Then it should start working.
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