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  1. The mass is in KSP mass units, which should be tons (i.e. 1 mass = 1000 kg). And no, it's not a fools' errand. I can't claim coming up with the maths (that'd be NathanKell mostly, I think), but the generator under the hood should give you approximate real-world numbers for engines. So, if you drop the Merlin 1D engine specs in the generator, it should be green or yellow on the TWR. Generator assumes that the mass includes the thrust plate, IIRC, so make sure if you pull numbers that it matches that (or adjust accordingly).
  2. @Jso I can check the configs out. I was actually beginning to go through BDB engines on my own, so it's not a big deal to spin up KSP a few times to make sure nothing random sticks out.
  3. I can say I haven't worked out configs for those yet, so take a shot! That's what the generator is for (http://bit.ly/rfstockalike). My strategy has always been to match the thrust of the "stock" engine, then adjust the mass to fall in line with the right TWRs. Also try and match fuel options with similar engines from similar mods. I'll also be happy to answer questions about things. I'm not always as timely as I could be, but I'll get there.
  4. If you want to set up configs, go here: http://bit.ly/rfstockalike Best way to get them included is to make a pull request on the GitHub repo, after you use the generator to build configs. Ok, I'll try and see what's up.
  5. Are you running with the RFStockalike-provided RealPlume configs? Or are you using the Real Plume - Stock set?
  6. I don't touch the converters. To get them to work right you'd need to do the maths/chemistry to get all of the RF resources (kerosene, LOX, LH2, methane, N2O4, hydrazine variants) into the converter. And the fact is, "Ore" is a mythical substance that effectively uses magic to get kerbal fuels out of. Balancing that against real resources is one heck of a job, and I already don't spend enough time with this as it is. On the SpaceY engines, can you give me a quick list of ones that I missed? As @Starwaster mentioned, there's not much I can do about that kind of error. Tweakscale and RF haven't always played nice together. Honestly, I'd stick with Procedural Parts instead, especially for tanks. But bottom line, I'm only leveraging Real Fuels' system to make the engines and run a tank catch-all for ones that the standard RF configs miss. Nothing I can change about the way mass is calculated.
  7. Yeah, that's an effects "issue". Short version is that the RF features are based on the ModuleEnginesFX module, so anything that was plain ModuleEngines (which used an older effects setup) will have no effects. Use Real Plume with the configs attached to the RF Stockalike release and you should get most (if not all) effects back. EDIT: Uh, yeah, what @blowfish said in the post right after, which I missed because it was on a new page.
  8. I checked this on my game and I didn't notice anything odd. The RF config window didn't display anything other than the expected mass, and MechJeb dV displays were good (as you mentioned). It definitely isn't supposed to be adding 300 kg from nowhere.
  9. I wouldn't hurt. Seeing a full log might help me figure out a nice, elegant way of working with Real Plume - Stock.
  10. I'm going to post this as a PSA here, just so it's "on record", so to speak. If you use Real Plume - Stock and RF Stockalike together, you're probably going to run into issues. I can't say for sure, since Real Fuels actually has some nice fallback code in there. But, I do know that Real Plume - Stock changes all of the engines to be ModuleEnginesFX. RF Stockalike is assuming you'll be using ModuleEnginesRF, since that includes ignitions, ullage, and all of the RF goodies. I can't say everything will break, but I can say something won't be right there. I've been thinking of possible ways both can play nice together, but I'm wary of just stomping on configs like I'm imagining I'd need to. Open to ideas here, as well.
  11. Engine fuel settings are handled by the engine configs. Basically, either the RO configs or by the Stockalike configs. If you're using Stockalike, all engines using just LiquidFuel should switch to Kerosene (for better or worse). As pellinor mentioned in the Tweakscale thread, logs would be nice here. Check out this thread for details: Anecdotally, I've gotten stuff "stuck" in the launchpad if I don't use launch clamps to move it just off the ground. I suspect physics loading in has something to do with it, but I couldn't say for sure.
  12. May I assume that updating SmokeScreen fixed it? Saw your other post in the Real Plume - Stock thread as well.
  13. You should check out eh ModuleManager thread. It'll show you how to do basic things with a MM .cfg file, which should get you on the right path. The ServiceModule tank type will allow you to put almost anything in it. Then, as @jdub3350 says, you can adjust what goes in within the VAB/SPH. For example: https://github.com/NathanKell/ModularFuelSystem/blob/master/RealFuels/SXT.cfg#L161 Do be aware, though, that doing this will make the whole part act as a tank for mass. So if you're doing this to a pod, you'll need basemass = -1 to undo that.
  14. Just remembered, RF Stockalike doesn't mess with the ion engine at all unless you have Near Future Propulsion installed as well. Which is in Stockalike_NFPropulsion.cfg.
  15. Unsure of what you mean exactly, but yes the configs can be altered to adjust electricity usage.
  16. First off, thank you for the helpful directions! Second, they're not quite as similar as they appear on the surface. The LV-10-104 is a TL 3 upper stage engine for 15 kN of thrust and an IspV of 330. LV-10-37 is a TL 0 launcher engine with 10 kN of thrust and an IspV of 257. So, the 104 is a much more efficient engine, for 50% more thrust, at a much higher tech level. So, it seems reasonable to have the mass be much higher. That said, I'd need to run these through the generator again to check, since 600 kg seems a tad high on the mass for that. But it might be right on. RF has ullage, limited ignitions, and limited throttle built-in. The configs do need to set those up per engine, but they do exist for the plugin.
  17. If you're having issues with those engines with RF Stockalike (and not Real Plume - Stock), hop on over to that thread and I can help troubleshoot those. I'm sure @Nhawks17 would appreciate me not fixing my stuff in this thread.
  18. @flack @rgr Are either of you using Real Fuels with the Stockalike config set? I'd really discourage using RealPlume - Stock with Real Fuels and RF Stockalike, as it'll do odd things with the effects and/or engine modules. Especially so, since RF Stockalike comes with RealPlume configs for a good portion of the engines it alters.
  19. I'd avoid Tweakscale with RF/RSS or RO, unless it's fuel tanks or structural parts. I seem to remember hearing about a lot of odd behavior using Tweakscale, but I can't confirm that. I'd suggest Procedural Parts. It's not "officially" updated for KSP v1.2.2, but there is a dev build if you are willing to go find it. But Procedural parts will give you much more control over fuel tanks and some structural things. In fact, all of the procedural mods (PWings, Procedural Parts, Procedural Fairings) I would consider almost required for 6.4x scale and above. Your computer will thank you for the reduced part counts.
  20. RF+Stockalike configs gives engines realistic TWR, which makes RSS much more doable with stock-ish parts. Stock-sized orbital rockets will not get you to orbit in RSS with or without RF Stockalike configs. RSS delta-V to orbit is just under 3 times more than stock Kerbin dV to orbit. RF will give you better TWR on tanks and engines, so a Mainsail with a single orange tank will get you more dV on RF, but not enough to simply take Kerbal X and get to orbit in RSS. If you're using Stockalike, make sure you grab the latest version. I had some RCS effects issues that just got fixed. If it isn't that, I honestly don't know.
  21. I'm a derp. I didn't have the right files in the last release, so even though the RCS effects glitch was taken care of, it wasn't fixed in the release .zip file. Corrected, and now updated. CKAN should update soon-ish (i.e. whenever it checks), but you can download from GitHub again. Also, please let me know if there are any major issues with the configs and RF v12/KSP v1.2.2. I'm working through my own install and making sure everything is running, but extra eyes always help.
  22. Stock RCS thrusters use a new module I believe, which I've heard isn't reflected in my configs yet. I've also only just gotten my install ready to play on 1.2.2 after being on hiatus*, so I haven't had time yet to test and troubleshoot anything. I'll check on the RCS, though. My install is pretty mod-heavy (70+ mods), so if it works on mine it should work on most everyone's. * Been playing Rimworld, Factorio, and Cataclysm DDA. Would recommend any of those for people looking for non-KSP games.
  23. Those are ratios with respect to the base Isp for the part. Now that I'm thinking about it, I can't remember if that's the baseline Isp for the part at a given tech level, or if it's the original Isp in the default fuel mixture. Either way, those numbers are unitless. You can check the config generator to see how those things change: http://bit.ly/rfstockalike
  24. Proc Parts should line up with stock by default. RF configs change them to realistic dry masses.
  25. Pretty much, yes. The Apollo CM was just under 4 tons with ~4m diameter (http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/nmc/spacecraftDisplay.do?id=1969-059A), and the kerbal Mk1-2 is like just over 4 tons with 2.5m diameter. Kerbal stuff is dense. Here's a good explanation of the difference between "real" stuff and stock stuff: So when you only adjust the tanks and the engines, your mass fractions get thrown off compared to Real LifeTM. But if you're on 6.4x size, it kind of comes out even. I haven't run the math, but I think you still get really good mass fractions on 6.4x with RF Stockalike, just not as insanely good as stock. dV to orbit in 6.4x is like 7.5 km/s. Stock is like 3.5-4 km/s, and it's like ~10 km/s for Earth. (If I'm off, smarter people please correct me! )
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