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  1. Basically, I "made" Stockalike for my own install. Which was most of the RO mods on 6.4x scale. That's why I mentioned that in the OP of the thread. It's not tied to any size, technically, so you can use it with stock size, micro-sized, or RSS. 6.4x works well because stock parts are, on average, about 64% of real parts (I believe this is based on the Mk 1-2 pod). So, all of the parts "feel" like the right size and you need about the right sized rockets to get to the Mun, get to orbit, etc. All of that said, if you drop RF Stockalike on an RSS install, it'll work fine. As mentioned, your pods and payloads will be a tad too heavy for realistic missions, but the engines will scale properly if you were to use any other realistic engine packs.
  2. I'll push a release so the CKAN fix takes effect. Thanks, as always, for the help! UPDATE: New release up.
  3. You're welcome. I am unfortunately horribly late on my updates, but I did finally update the generator to fix the issues you mentioned. @Konnor I don't know of any engines off the top of my head. There's nothing stopping you from using the generator to add ignitions to a particular engine though.
  4. @SpaceHungryMan Oh dear. Thanks for the notice. I'll see about fixing that by the weekend.
  5. @blowfish Thanks, as always, for the help! @Pointblank66 That config is going to give me fits! Every time I think I have it ironed out another mod comes up that breaks it in some way! Your best bet is to actually write the config for that particular part and not rely on that ugly hack of a fallback. You could also use the following at the same spot Blowfish mentioned: // If we don't have a MFT yet (i.e. no TACLS), make one @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],@RESOURCE[MonoPropellant],@RESOURCE[ElectricCharge],!MODULE[ModuleFuelTanks]]:NEEDS[RealFuels]:Final { MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks ... It won't set up that Ranger part, but it won't throw the error anymore. The config was set up to make sure the pods all had MFTs in them. In this case, it's grabbing something it's not supposed to, so I don't think it'll be a negative thing if we check to make sure we have ElectricCharge for sure.
  6. Bluedog, definitely. Thought I had that in there already, but I am mistaken. RSB, I can add to my list. I don't play with that one personally (I don't like the large sizes within a stock/6.4x setting), but I can certainly add the configs in.
  7. RE: Ven's mod - looks like the newest version has clean models so that yaw should be fine. YMMV, but that's what I'm reading anyway.
  8. Those "fallback" configs always seem to mess something up. I always seem to question if I should keep them, but it makes the game a bit more playable if you at least have that last-run config. Worse, in RSB's case, I don't think there's even a way to have that fallback run properly.
  9. Yeah, Ven's is a bit interesting right now. I think there's a version where the models are fine, but I can't recall which version exactly. Holy crap! Thanks for that. And yeah, where's that in-game editor? That's useful!
  10. @Nnimrod The IspSL and IspV are basically ratios of the "standard" Isp for a given engine type and tech level. The Isp curve will be the "default" when it loads up, but Real Fuels will use the ratios if they exist. You can just define Isp curves within the CONFIG nodes, though, like RO does if you just want a specific Isp.
  11. I actually found that independently the other day. My heating problems are more an issue with FloatCurve and how it gets calculated. The curves didn't use tangents, and so therefore KSP decided that they should spike to 1.2 instead of flatlining. Which made them overheat. And even with tangents, it still does that a bit. I've minimized it mostly, but I'm still messing with the curves to get them perfect. At least now they don't randomly blow up!
  12. Yeah, so nail in the coffin. I really should play more RO...
  13. Thanks! Yes, I do. In the future, they should be similar to how RO feels, in that L and L+ engines generally don't have much throttle, U and U+ engines have some throttle, and O engines have as much as they can muster. Yeah, the alt configs seem to be a great idea. Not all the difficult either. I think I should start with a 50% lower limit (half thrust, double time). It's easy to think about the rated numbers as such, so I think that's acceptable and fits into gameplay well.
  14. Scatterer works just fine, and EVE works ok. Use SVE (Stock Visual Enhancements), though. It works great and between SVE and Sigma Dimensions it'll take care of most things. There's a config to make the clouds not so high floating somewhere in the thread, too.
  15. You didn't mention it, so I'll ask: do you have the Stockalike configs installed for Real Fuels? That said, you should be able to use the LV-909 or the Poodle to do what you need. Also, Tweakscale tends to do odd things with the realism mods, and tweakscaling engines with RF installed is not a great idea, since I don't believe they actually get scaled appropriately for everything that RF changes. Third, you might want to pick up something like Tantares/TantaresLV and/or FASA to get some nice lander engines for various designs. Personally, I use the B9 pancake engine (I forget the name) for landers all the time. Also, you need to pick your fuels and stages carefully. 2.5m is about right, with a lander can as the pod. You should be able to do an Apollo-style lander with a short tank below the can, with a small engine (plus RCS) as the ascent stage, and a larger tank below with the legs and a slightly larger engine. Also, remember you don't need a TWR above 1 to land. It helps, but if you do the descent right you don't need it initially. And also, the TWR > 1 on the Mun is going to be much easier to get. Ascent you do obviously need TWR > 1 on the Mun initially. Pictures might help as well, to show what you have initially.
  16. RO (RP-0 in this case, specifically) configs for the procedural sizes are here: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/blob/master/GameData/RP-0/ProcSizes.cfg For 10x/RSS sizes, you probably just want to rip that straight from there. You'll need to alter the :FOR[RP-0] pieces though, since running anything with that pass will set RP-0 as "installed" as far as MM is concerned. Change it to :FOR[LocalCustomChanges] or something similarly unique. KSLO was, at one point, configured with Stockalike. Unless the parts have changed names or roles, they still should be fine. The harder part was configuring the parts for FAR and getting all the tanks straight. And in RSS/10x sizes, KSLO will be really tiny without scale adjustments. I've also noticed some of the plumes are not quite dialed in. If you can help, it would be appreciated! I can say, though, that changing any AJE parts to use ModuleEnginesRF is going to break them. blowfish and I have talked about it a few times, and the best thing to do there it to let AJE use it's ModuleEnginesAJE and not override it. Which is something I haven't apparently added to the main repo yet. Add that to my list. Related, though, is that Stockalike specifically isn't really messing with jets. AJE is much better suited to that. I don't mind the plumes, because those are secondary, and I doubt splitting those off into a separate mod is worthwhile. And I have what I consider "fallback" configs for jets when AJE isn't installed. But these configs can't adjust jets like they need to be. If you're playing 6.4x scale or 10x scale, I'd consider AJE something of a requirement, just as much as FAR. So, I'm making a big assumption that people tend to have that installed if they want to use jets often.
  17. ModuleManager.ConfigCache is a text file in the /GameData/ folder of your install. It's basically the finalized parts and nodes that ModuleManager makes written out, so anyone who needs to can look in the final part/node structure and troubleshoot.
  18. Deadly Reentry now mostly deals with g-forces (i.e. you can't subject Kerbals to 50g reentry and get away with it) and tweaks to heating (maybe...?). Real Heat makes heating behave a bit more realistically, and scales it to a life-sized Earth (not a tiny Kerbin). Using Real Heat/DR on KScale64 will give you an easier time compared to 10x scale orbital velocities, but you'll still need to pay attention to reentry to get it right. Personally, I'd recommend them for use with this mod (same as FAR, really). Doesn't feel quite right to me without them installed. If you search this thread you'll find some notes by NathanKell on heating and Real Heat/Deadly Reentry. They explain things better than I did, but I can't recall where in the thread they are. Also, I may have gotten details wrong, so check the DR/Real Heat threads for details.
  19. @Starwaster I think I need to add that kerbal one to my generator. SRBs with a side of BadS.
  20. I was thinking about this as well. I thought about maybe doing a 50% lower limit to still give you the "I love it, but does it come in a lite version?" without the "SRB shell" issue.
  21. I really like this, thanks for putting this up! I'm a little bummed that the Stockalike pack didn't work out. But I can imagine RP-0 wasn't ever intended to be used with those parts.
  22. Well, didn't really think about it that way. I have a tendency to assume that solids are pretty set at the design phase with a certain max thrust and thrust profile/curve. But there's nothing stopping you from stacking differently cored segments to make a custom-built option at a certain thrust and profile, is there? So yeah, seems to make sense that we should be able to pick the thrust level just as we can pick the thrust curve.
  23. Well, apparently the stock SRBs are currently not set to be thrust locked in the Stockalike configs. This is not my intention long term, since they really should be thrust locked. Seems those haven't been updated in a bit. You can however write a MM config to "adjust" that setting to give you the thrust-limit option on any SRB configured by RealFuels. Maybe something like this: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs]:HAS[#configuration[SolidFuel]]]:AFTER[RealFuels_StockEngines] { @MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs],* { @CONFIG,* { %throttle = 0 } } } *NOTE: I haven't tested that, but it looks right to me... Real Fuels itself will adjust SolidFuel to appropriate volumes (see here: https://github.com/NathanKell/ModularFuelSystem/blob/master/RealFuels/zSolidFuelMult.cfg) which will pseudo-balance any non-configured part that has/uses SolidFuel.
  24. @Starwaster or anyone else who knows: How does the RF boiloff play with the CryoEngines boiloff? Or should I just dump the CryoEngines code when playing with RF.
  25. There's a number of designs that come with FAR. I presume those would be the best to learn, since they've been designed specifically to showcase what FAR does and how to build planes for FAR. You should also at least understand the "how to build planes" thread, and maybe a bit of aero engineering (i.e. a delta wing is good at high speeds but poor on landing and at low speeds), just so you have a nice foundation to build from. Learning to fly them isn't all that hard in KSP if you know how to make them stable, though. If you want to really fly planes often in KSP, use a joystick. It's gonna be a lot easier that way. And make use of the control aids in FAR to make sure you don't overcorrect or put yourself in a 20G turn and rip your wings off.
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