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  1. Another try from me, improved slightly! What's interesting, for those of you keeping score, is that I tried tavert's numbers in MechJeb, and I got totally cruddy results. I may have botched the max accel switch (this is why I use MechJeb, because I can't focus on stuff like this), so there could be that error. But I don't think it would have worked well anyway, judging by my tests. I think this is about the max for me without some serious testing, and I don't have the patience anymore! I might try a few semi-manual tries. I think I can tweak some more out of it if MJ wasn't following the curve so much. It's almost like it's a binary solution for efficiency, maybe separated at around 30,000-35,000 meters. MJ works great up to about 35,000-40,000 and then it tries to finish out the curve and gets inefficient up there. Cutting back to lower accel at that point didn't make a difference (in fact it hurt my results). The specific impulse higher than 35,000 meters is essentially the max for the engine anyway, so the only reason to throttle back is to try and counteract any drag left. It's a balance of getting clear of the atmosphere (less drag) and enduring more gravity losses (time spent with a vertical vector). The math is too tedious for me, so I leave it to you guys!
  2. Here's my shot at this. Orbital info is in the top right, so I hope that's ok! Figured I'd just use one screen if it's all the same. Should be a score of 8.97. I want to get into the double digits, so I'll be spending some more time on this one.
  3. Here's the craft: http://cl.ly/3F3L2g210y1Z Just to keep this with the file, you'll need pWings and KW Rocketry for this one (and obviously B9). I don't think I used anything else, so if it throws errors let me know. EDIT: Oops! Forgot to mention MechJeb.
  4. Thanks! If anyone wants the craft file, I'll put it up somewhere.
  5. Just wanted to pass along the info here. I've never had a problem with my standard launcher and missing struts or fuel lines. They were there in SL and SM. I just saved my part with the standard 2.5m decoupler as the root part, and it's been playing nice. I only really have the 1 launcher as of yet, and it's only got 4 fuel lines and about 10 struts, but I think I've only seen 1 strut not connect correctly in the VAB. Hope this works for others, as it would save a lot of headaches!
  6. I've got an SSTO that carries 40 tons to 130km orbit. Took me probably 30 iterations on this design to finally get it right. Mostly B9 parts, but the wings are pWings, and a few KW parts thrown in (payload and struts). Here's the payload being offloaded. This is the station it's servicing, and you can see the SSTO in the background on the left. This thing is so big and slow-turning that I had to stay around 500m-1km away and use the tug to come and retrieve the payload. But I'm so stinkin' proud of this one because it took so much effort to get right.
  7. Just have to say, that was a great trailer! And I love the ending. So Kerbal...
  8. Oh yeah, getting docking ports to work with that would be an exercise in pulling out one's own hair. Doesn't stop me from thinking how to do impossible things, just to see if it works... I haven't gotten out of Kerbin's SOI yet, but I've got a missions planned for Duna when the transfer window opens. I just now have some new inspiration on cool looking ships to send out!
  9. "Assembled" in orbit or not, that is an awesome ship! Sadly, I'm now thinking of how to actually lift pieces to assemble in orbit... <head explodes>
  10. KW is working on 20.2, as I have it (and love it). Don't know why people got their feathers ruffled in the dev thread. The newest version is on the spaceport here: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/0-18-1-kw-rocketry-overhauled/
  11. Don't know what I can teach, but I can give you some guidance! You should check out the tutorial videos all around here. There are some on the wiki, and there are plenty in the forums. Look at reaching orbit and how to do that well. Orbit around Kerbin is literally halfway to anywhere, as far as Delta-V is concerned. And speaking of that, you should brush up on actual rocket science. It helps a ton to understand Delta-V, specific impulse (ISP), the rocket equation, Thrust-to-weight ratio (TWR). All of those help you build better, more efficient rockets. KSP is designed to act like real life (mostly), so real-life science can help you. If you want the motherlode, check out Nyrath's site. You'll have more info than you know what to do with there. You'll want to learn docking too. It's not just for stations, as you can assemble larger interplanetary craft in orbit. Then go to the Mun or Minmus. Then maybe try Duna or Eve. Think about how NASA grew. Suborbital flights, then orbital, then rendezvous/docking, then the Moon, then other bodies. Don't bite off more than you can chew right away, because you'll get frustrated! :-) Honestly, I've learned by trial and error (lots of explosions!), and then by using MechJeb. MechJeb's an autopilot, so if you like flying on your own, I wouldn't use it. But, it can teach you what a good ascent profile looks like, how to rendezvous with another ship, transferring to another planet/moon, etc. Once you've seen it done a few times, you can do it yourself. It also gives you the important numbers (Delta-V, ISP, TWR) for your ships in the VAB/SPH so you aren't guessing about "Can this reach the mun!?" you actually know. Also, remember, you really want the smallest/lightest vehicle that can do what you're planning. More weight = less travel. On this note, look up asparagus staging. It's the most efficient way to stage, and will help a lot. Ok, that was a bunch of random thoughts, so I hope that helps!
  12. So obviously my "bug" really should be "pilot error". <facepalm> Been trying to just climb at 45 degrees all the way up. If speed determines some airflow, then that's why my planes aren't working. At least maybe they're overbuilt now, once I do a proper flight profile.
  13. I've got a question. I seem to be experiencing a glitch, and I can't figure it out. I've been trying my hand at a large-payload (~40 tons) SSTO with this pack. My problem is I can't get any air-breathing engines to be effective above ~20,000 meters, no matter how many intakes I spam. I figured it was my poor design skills, so I downloaded this plane here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/34382. Watching the video, he's up at 40,000 meters with air to spare. So I take it for a spin, hit 20,000 meters and flameout. So, is there something I goofed up installing? What would make my intakes not work like that? Also, here's the craft file I've been making, just for reference: Link It will need B9 and KW Rocketry, I don't think I used anything else on that one. This is driving me nuts, so any help would be great! I just hope it's not me being dense...
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