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  1. Compact Rocketry [Early WIP]

    To answer the questions this thread has been receiving, let me clarify a few. This is a part pack consisting of mini engines and solid rocket boosters to help launch smaller rockets, along with a few other misc. things. This concept came around when Naten thought there wasn't enough small engines and the like. In no way, shape, or form is this project near completion, let alone near the professionalism that is shown with a part pack such as KW Rocketry. This was a project that was in development for quite a while and almost died from lack of responses, so this was a slightly hasty maneuver to get the concept back on its feet. I was the one who designed the models (Including the one displayed in the first post), but I had nothing to do with the textures or programming. Sorry if this project isn't professional, but this thread is basically reviving a project that almost went under. Currently, Blazing angel is working (was working, idk) on the textures, so that is why they are not complete. Again, sorry if it slightly rough right now; trying to smooth things out, as shown with my earlier post. I'm sure any texture people who would like to join would be gladly accepted. Actually, anyone who would like to join, i'm sure Naten would be perfectly fine with it. Don't qoute me on this, thanks.
  2. Compact Rocketry [Early WIP]

    Ah, this is back. Good to see it finally made it out of its development phase. Well, out of the development side of the forums. Anywho, I can write up some generic configs for everything if you want, not that hard. Final tweaks will have to be made by you (Naten) or blazing, feeling too lazy. Also, about the old install method, I think this was a concept that was started in 0.19. Not quite sure, correct me if I am wrong. I guess I could also set up an install file to make it easier. PM me Naten if you want me to do so.
  3. [WIP] Compact Rocketry v0.1.1

    Ah, I see you finally got the files up. Checked it, no longer empty, thanks for fixing it.
  4. [WIP] Compact Rocketry v0.1.1

    I still haven't left. Naten just refuses to open a release thread, which I have pestered him many times about Since school has been up and going for a while now, things have calmed down a bit, so I am able to work on projects like this again
  5. I think this project *May* have become outdated. E.G.:
  6. Part Modelling

    Hello! I haven't done much for the forums recently and I want to get back in the swing of making parts. As such, I have absolutely no idea as for what I should create. I could create some random parts and hope for the best, but that doesn't seem like much of a good idea. That's where this post comes in, I'd like for you to post what I should create. As long as it doesn't require any programming (E.G. Kethane Extractors) other that the usual .cfg, i'd be more than happy to work and create the part you described.
  7. Why doesn't this work?

    -Accidental Post, Ignore-
  8. [WIP] Compact Rocketry v0.1.1

    Good, as for the booster stage though, is that a fuel tank or are you planning on adding an engine to that?
  9. [WIP] Compact Rocketry v0.1.1

    Good to see you're having fun with modelling Naten As for the ram jet, not bad! Same goes for the nosecone. About the 40k thing, I *might have surpassed that limit with a certain quad nozzle engine. Any who, about tweaking parts, I might not be able to pump out new parts anymore, at least, not quickly. School has finally started, meaning my free time is almost non-existent now, except for on weekends. I can make small twenty minute tweaks, if you want, but making something big like the quad nozzle engine takes hours. That engine took me five hours to create, for example This doesn't mean i'm dead to the forums though, so if you still want help with anything, I can still probably help you out Heck, if you want, I can probably make a video to show how I model parts. *The quad core engine has 54k polys
  10. Hey guys, good to see this project made it into ksp weekly Anyways, about my plot, I am taking a rather long time. I'm sure you can tell since I haven't posted any pictures of my models. The reason as to why I haven't posted any pictures is that I have nothing to show. I can't think of anything good to create, writers block if you will, except for modelling. Any recommendations as for what I should build? Thanks
  11. I'm back after a lengthy while of being busy. I was reading through the posts, and when you said there is no "General" time limit, I got a bit frustrated. Why? Well, I thought there was a time limit, so I was completely rushing my model, basically means I have to redo it, now that I know I can actually take my time and make good models Back to work!
  12. [WIP] Compact Rocketry v0.1.1

    That'd be great if you textured it, so yes. If you're getting bored, maybe we should just release the pack as-is, that way if people want a more finished product, we can do that. I personally think that'd be best.
  13. Geez, you guys are fast I have only just finished my models, haven't started texturing. Well, only a little bit. Also, I'd like to claim a plot in the future island as well; I see no reason not to.
  14. [WIP] Compact Rocketry v0.1.1

    Thread seems to go quiet every once in a while, want to make sure it doesn't sink Anything new yet Naten, it's been a few days.
  15. [WIP] Compact Rocketry v0.1.1

    True, but most people don't like sloppy textures, look at KW Rocketry, for example. Just saying