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  1. Virgin is just sub-orbital about 110km, which is cool BUT SpaceX Dragon V2 is going to 300km and going to dock with ISS, WHICH IS BRILLANT
  2. Higher ISP = More for less fuel
  3. How do I delete this post
  4. Title: It's the heart of Kerbin a black hole? Considering the surface gravity is 9.8 m/s and the radius of Kerbin is about 300km, just imagine the density. Imagine the density of the core... Imagine the gravity of the core... Imagine the black hole sucking in the whole of kerbin
  5. My CPU AND RAM like crash my computer
  6. Copy and paste the game folder One Stock, other hard mode (interstellar quest style), other RSS + FAR
  7. Above 20km, go ahead and use that Nuclear Engine Feel free to use strap nuclear engines on your lander fro Minmus, Gilly and low-gravity surfaces. NEVER USE IT TO LAND IN A ATMOSPHERE.
  8. I think I'm in love with the Habitat Pack
  9. Oh, Squid_Chris, you finally decied to change your profie picture. I like it
  10. It stand for "New Rocket Asssement Programme" . It's says it on the pod