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  1. This is really great! The Jeb quote was pretty funny - I might end up using these.
  2. This looks so awesome. You should totally add some kind of spiral dust could/nebulae effect to make it seem like a mini-galaxy
  3. How easy is it to alter Part Costs? I play with this mod a lot and thought I could rebalance them myself as a temporary fix.
  4. Why don't you ask those of us who do have the game to find appropriate part costs? It would save time and work for you! I am really excited for the update to this, as I have used your mod for many versions - Its awesome.
  5. You gave Jeb PTSD. Jeb. You are a monster. What HAVE you been doing?
  6. I think the science gear is only there to add tot he challenge and stop people building ultralight physics-breaking microrockets.
  7. AArrg... I know some of these from somewhere! But where?? Are they Anime characters? I think some are. Or at least edits of names.
  8. Arrakis.... Kudos to you man. That book is a classic
  9. But.... this is the coolest music video ever made ever. Screw you YouTube.
  10. Cherno That planet would be a hellhole How about Lanyru (Its a small reference, doubt many of you will get it)
  11. Here's the problem. It took SQUAD years to make the current Kerbol solar system. Do you really think its possible to have procedural planets without a huge amount of time (time way out of the scope of the current game - we're talking 4-5+ years minimum) and massive CPU requirements? It simply isn't practical and might not even be possible at all.
  12. I agree wholeheartedly with many of the things in this post. The ARM pack, while really good, felt like SQUAD was adding new stuff before they had consolidated. The prime example of this is, as you say, the Mk2-3 cockpits, the aerodynamics (Which can be improved massively, a la FAR) and the lack of any mention of resources, dedicated base systems, and a science system that works 100%. However, I do have to disagree with you on the 'warp drive' issue. I am aware that this is the subject of some contention (Dripping with sarcasm there) but I do think that it would be a bad idea for squad to completely depart from the theme they have set. The game parts are all analogues of real world parts or at least near future tech, so something so far-fetched would seem horribly out of place. However, these arguments have been going back and forth for a while, so I don't think me saying that will have a massive effect on peoples opinions. However, I think the drive should not be added simply because of how much contention it has caused within KSPs friendly little community. Such a rift would doubtless be unhealthy for the game, as a 'You're either with US, or you're with THEM' stance would be pretty nasty. I think there are alternate solutions to be looked to, such as having a dense galactic cluster rather than an earth-like distance, an extra x10^+1 on the TW and some near future tech that is far more viable then a magical space-time bending megaengine. The current solar system could also do with some new planets (-cough- Neptune -cough-). But I digress, this is not the topic at hand and I thoroughly agree with the OPs general stance. And lets face it, resources would be awesome. EDIT: @Red Iron Crown You seem to have misinterpreted the OP for someone demanding 'moar features!' I think the point he wants to get across is more about the direction the game is going, and whether SQUAD is going to have issues if they move outward rather than upwards.
  13. Awesome! But its 'Asparagus staging' Not Aspasagus'
  14. I like all the planets and moons except Eve and Tylo. I wont go near Eve after the NH-K5 Mission vanished mysteriously into the clouds (Its orbit was too low and I didnt notice. The Kerbals were fine as they were setting up my mini temporary satellite/station monitoring thing in a higher orbit, but I had to abandon all my Eve missions) and Tylo.... screw Tylo seriously. The devs must have been having a bad day to unleash it upon us.
  15. A while back I saw some awesome remoddelings of the augers, containers and smelter. Will they be in the mod soon? Or at all?
  16. This looks pretty awesome! Although you could maybe change HarvesteR to Harvester. I don't think asteroids have random capitalisation.
  17. KILL! FEAST ON FLEESSSH! ...ahem. Erm. I'm normal. Totally.
  18. Whoever can land 4 or more landers at the same time gets an award.
  19. I think the idea of an 'Asteroid Tracker' probe is awesome. The current amount of asteroids passing Kerbin is fairly excessive, and I think that there should be far fewer to make it a more special occurrence. I also think there should be a belt of asteroids at about Dres-orbit height that spawns in and can only be monitored with the new part. This would lend itself to realism considerably whilst adding to gameplay (You want an E-class? Usually you just TW a year and one appears, but using this new system you would have to go out and find one! Yes, go find it you lazy scientist!)
  20. Does the download here contain a complete mod, or do I need IR for it to work?
  21. You guys live in a house? I don't know where I live. I can't be bothered to look up to check. I think there are stray cats in here.
  22. Credits would be fine. I think obvious 'K' currencies would be kinda dumb.
  23. Sounds kind of cool, and would work well as a special contract. But why drill for ice on Vall when there are oceans on Laythe?
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