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  1. As long as you give him credit, I personally don't see anything wrong with using it. team.leit P.S: that is my opinion tho
  2. Thanks you soo much for making this mod, I just found it on kerbalstuff and I had been wanting something like this for the longest time. Again Thanks so much for making this! team.leit
  3. Anyone know when or if this mod will be updated for ksp 1.0? team.leit
  4. Gotta ask the people who designed the crafts you used. team.leit
  5. Are you guy still on teamspeak? Haven't had a chance to get on yet.
  6. You need a tank of tank of LFO fuel on the converter or have a fuel line to the tank of LFO. Otherwise it doesn't work. team.leit
  7. You're welcome, glad I could help. team.leit
  8. How is the heat shield mod coming along? team.leit
  9. Thanks, I will take a look through my files and see if I have it. team.leit EDIT: Found it, will upload and PM you with the link to it
  10. Do you remember what the files are named? I might still have some, just don't recall where. team.leit
  11. Confirmed working okay in the 64 bit version so far. team.leit
  12. Is that with the 64 bit version though? Must check... Team.leit
  13. You sir, have a little too much free time! Congrats on the successful flight though. team.leit
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