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  1. Do you still have those RSS/RO configs for the Buran?

  2. Is there any way to get those configs??? Abpilot?
  3. I make a lot of space video using KSP - mostly real missions, but some other ones too. That latest is...
  4. I can agree and understand that. However, Im not interested in killing them but bringing them home safely!
  5. The Scott Manely heads, while funny, isn't what I mean. I mean life-like models.
  6. There was a thread a while ago Humanization that suggested making kerbals into humans. Anyone have any desire to do something like this?
  7. So I just installed this on a fresh 1.2.2 install of RSS/RO but am having only one issue. From about 30km to 100km there is significant shimmering at distances. Any Idea what could be causing that?
  8. I'll see how deep I can dig myself.
  9. That I noticed. Would you want help with that? Anyway, I got it fixed. I looked through the modules for the landing legs in the squad folder and, on a hunch, threw them in the cfgs for the FASA legs. That got me closer, but then they acted weird, so I did some searching figured out the values I need to change, and viola, it worked. If anyone needs 1.1.3 FASA leg configs, lemme know.
  10. Thanks for the comment, but this doesn't address the issue.
  11. Sorry for the confusion! I assume if @NathanKell or @frizzank might know more than we do. Maybe they can help.
  12. Right, that is exactly what I am saying @Phineas Freak, if the files had changed from 1.0.5 to a compatible 1.1.3 version, I would use those. But We don't. So I am using the new files (version 6.0 prerelease) with configs edited so that it will load in 1.1.3. Therefore, the only thing different between the two is the version of KSP, which brings me to my original point. If everything is the same but the version of KSP, what, if anything can I do? What accounts for the difference?
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