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  1. I don't have drogue chutes unlocked yet. Again thank you all for the advice (specially you, Renegrade). If you had a 1.0 craft that has a parachute activated, change the opening pressure, the chute will survive that. The cheaty Alt-F4, restart the game, load last autosave brought back Jeb on the surface of the mun. I also did some tests in a sandbox game (Using Inf fuel and no heat) I checked, the altitude were the chute broke was indead the altitude the chute should have opened. By opening the chute very late I also noticed that the drag on re-entry means you slow down a lot better than before. Also the Ablator of the heatshield now drains a bit better (I think), I tried a 4000m/s re-entry in 1.0 and the ablator only dropped about 20%, now the moon re-entry almost took half. Sorry for last nights negativity, I did the checks, tested some stuff in sandbox, Duna mission is still OK, Jeb is still alive (by cheating a little). It just takes a little more getting used to, and yes, I think this is a bit better balanced now. I just kept playing it to much like I used to, after seeing my old-style rocket builds launch without problems (Except I use quit a bit of dV to get up there). Quicksave is once more my best friend, until I fully understand the new system.
  2. The last attempt was braking from Munar orbit to 40k Kerbin Pe, took 4 orbits. I know, that is why I was a little bit happy about it, this should be the way the makers of the game want it, and currently at this very moment I hate it a lot. What is the use of setting the opening pressures and altitudes if you are not allowed to use it... That is what my Duna lander was designed around, different groups of MK16 chutes opening at different heights, all staged when 15k Pe is established (Straight in from Kerbin) Thank you all for the quick tips, I'm going to get some sleep (01:41 AM here) and hopefully be a bit more positive about this situation in the morning... Version 0.17 was the last time I killed Jeb... And now I killed him again I really feel bad about that.. Main mission number one: Keep Jeb alive: Failed
  3. Will try that later, it is a bit late now to start (the famous) one more mission. Got Jeb parked in a very eccentric stable orbit. The problem with an unactivated re-entry is that the chute is already activated, by accident, when staging on the Mun (always those staging errors, even after all these years). Will have to look into this a bit more tomorrow. If this stays I need to find a way to turn this re-entry stuff of for the current save.
  4. Yup, just tried again, with the shallowest of re-entry's I ever did. The parachute is activated by staging, but not deployed yet. It gets destroyed long before it should deploy
  5. I just updated the game and now find that all MK16 chutes burn up on re-entry. The setup is very simple, a MK16 chute on top of a MK I command pod with a heatshield on the bottom. I did a mission to the moon and back this morning and everything was fine, the same pod survived (without any problems). I just tried returning from the moon with the exact same setup and the chute was destroyed, even though the pod was oriented the right way, all the way. This happened to two different craft (good bye Jeb and Valentina...) A third craft had the radial chutes next to MK16, and they didn't burn up. I never used deadly re-entry, as the first time I used it it was extremely bugged, and I never looked at it again. I hoped now that Squad made it stock it would be without these strange bugs... apparently not... Worst thing.. there is a craft heading for Duna with the MK16 chutes... It was designed to use them, so those Kerbals are also heading for a certain doom (first time going past minmus since 0.19), Ah well, hopefully there is another small fix before the next 20 ingame days pass
  6. Congratz with the new topic! This is still my number one mod since Ubio came with one of his first versions. A am very glad to see this mod still being worked on!
  7. Thank you very much with an update for this awesome mod! Downloading it now, trying it later this week. Again, thank you for the awesome work you guys put in this epic tool.
  8. Wow, Larkvi... That is just amazing! PS: I'm also at an point where welding would come in handy again. But better take your time and make a proper functioning tool than rushing a semiworking one.
  9. Thank you for the update! This is one of my must have mods, and now I can scan all the things again!
  10. Thank you for the 0.90 update! This makes building a lot more fun again!
  11. Can't wait to get this tool in the game again! Started a new save, most likely the welder will be back before I need it. Keep up the good work!
  12. I would also love to see an update for this mod. The multiple symmetry, the different angles you could set for the angle-snap and vertical snap are things I used all the time and I am really missing them. Switching between SPH and VAB buildstyle was also very easy when making a rover (SPH mode) and the carrier rocket/lander (VAB mode). In the OP it is stated that this mod might be obsolete with the new changes. In my opninion it is far from obsolete, it will still add a lot of functionality to the building process
  13. Thanks for the update. I've always had problems with that rotation/not attaching bug, and now it is fixed! Epic work! Time to finally start up KSP again
  14. Hello UbioZur, First of all, this is an awesome mod, this is an awesome job, awesome that you managed to get the ingame plugin working! (last time I checked this topic was when you were doing requests and thinking about a possible plugin) I had to make a substitute for the mainsail (not available in career for the most part / weird game bugs when using mainsails), so I made this simple, and ugly, looking cluster tank. Without your welding plugin it is a 21 part thing without the support struts to keep it rigid. Now it is one single solid part! When making an asparagus launcher I have 7 or 9 of these, so that is a 140 to 180 part count decrease for the LV with only this simple thing!!! But my main reason for this post is to add my voice to the group that has problems with the radial attachment welding. Last two weeks I've been reading the entire topic from beginning to the end to make sure I didn't miss a bug / bugfix / solution. As you can see I have the struts on the side, and when I don't do anything with the part.cfg I can't attach the it. When opening the .cfg file I don't have a long list of attach nodes, just the ones from the parts that are on it. I tried placing this part as the first part and add stuff later, that worked fine, but when placing the outer ones for the asparagus stage, they would not connect. You can place this part radial on other parts (useless, but fun!) Now one of the solutions offered is to delete / disable the nodes that are not used. By doing that the part indeed did work! The file has all original nodes are there, disabled the nodes on the girders that are on the "inside" (connected to the other girder or tank). Also renamed it so I don't forget what it is in dropbox. I changed it's location in the techtree. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6hn03hwjwsg10t0/12cl1gr.cfg I hope you can find a solution for this node problem, but still, this mod is already one of the best I'm using. And a must for people with a low-end PC (like me) Keep up the good work!
  15. I already thought as much, artificial gravity was wishful thinking on my part. I don't think they should be much smaller. As you cannot walk inside you need to EVA your way through the station. If you place pods, seats and decorations inside you might need the extra space to easily fly through it without hitting everything on your way. Flying will also be tricky because of the camera view