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  1. The ESTOC one doesn't seem to generate power, it seems like the others now do again
  2. One little niggle is that your engines don't seem to generate electricity, aside from that, they're great
  3. I remember my only Kerbal to die on the Mun, and that was because he soared too high and came down slightly too quickly... I think I'd rather End Flight than obliterate a Kerbal if it's inevitable. Somehow, I feel slightly better, and so do the cleaners, there's less to mop up...
  4. I want to be big on crew safety, but I know fatalities are unavoidable, though the Kerbals seem fine with that notion. For example, I've just realised, my lander is too heavy for the parachute it has, and I forgot a separator, I think I just end that flight for the sake of Philberry
  5. Me: Let's fly! ASAS: This idiot is trying to force an unwilling arrangement of tin cans into space. Why should I be of any use? Oooooh, I can make these winglets flap...flapflapflap....oh Kerbin looks very green tod...CATASTROPHIC FAILURE
  6. Philberry, I've formed a strong bond with him whilst sitting waiting for him to descend in an empty rocket...
  7. This is pretty awesome. I may have tom play it whenever flying with Jeb, or even better, have Jeb sitting on top of a space station...
  8. So, I've had KSP for a few months now, but I've suddenly found myself really hooked on it. As a bit of a newbie, my craft tend to have a nasty habit of exploding, or ending up without fuel slowly in a wonky orbit around space, with poor Philberry not looking too happy with the whole affair. I've also killed a few too many Kerbals. One of which I had landed successfully on the Mun, however, I got a bit overexcited when exploring and hit the ground too another Kerbal passed. Then of course, there're a multitude of launches that have been less than stellar, however amusing they were to watch. So, I was wondering, what are people's views on killing the poor little chaps? I'm currently trying to bring Philberry down but it's a slow process waiting for orbit to decay, he enjoyed flopping around on the moon though.