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  1. I don't want KSP 1's non-existant QA (useless to say the least). I don' want KSP 1's perpetual Early Acces developing mind that leaded to add more bugs than features every update post 1.0, producing a large pile of bugs that resembles (only if you keep the distance) a game that many of us loved before. I don't want continuos developing. I want a FINISHED game. I don't want a buggy pile of crap. It took me only 1 hour of normal playing in KSP 1.12 to notice three new bugs. I have more than 1000 hours in factorio (purchased it before it was launched on Steam) and NEVER experienced just ONE bug. I wan't to play a game. I don't want to be the unpaid QA of a eternal early access project. I don't want to have to recommend friends not to buy it because it's so buggy that I'll have to explain them 5 or 10 workarounds that we shouldn't need to know, even if I have more than 3000 hours (less than 500 are post 1.3.1)
  2. I am not. ^^ This. I don't play this "forever-early-access" game any more. From 0.18 to 1.7.3 I played each and every update. Thousands of hours played. Never got bored. The only thing that made me left the game was the endless wait for the next update to fix one or another bug, the constant hold, wait, before starting my new mission, base or whatever, hoping that there will be a stable version some day that can be used to play a very long save. That version never came. And 1.7.3 is the last version I installed. I seriously doubt I would play this game any more, still I have it installed and come to the forums once in a while, and with each new update, hoping for the best and finding the same as before, just new bugs. It's sad to say that about a game I recommended to everyone I know. Now I think I recommended a never-ending project of a game. The number in the version before the first dot doesn't make the game finished. For every single minor feature or cosmetic update we get a bunch of new bugs and some old ones revived. All those bugs mentioned here before (and some others) prove one thing: KSP is a (bad) beta. The fact that many people are still playing 1.3.1 should have made SQUAD think seriously about it, but they chose this insane strategy. Even games developed by only ONE person get more hotfixes for critical bugs than this one. Why? I don't know. And I don't care anymore. KSP2 will be finished before KSP, despite the delays, and by the time, as KSP buglist is constantly growing, KSP2 will surely be less buggy. If I have to wait, I'd better wait for other product, developed by other team. Maybe they have better QA and bug fixing people/skills/will/whatever. Meanwhile, I will be around here, reading changelogs about new useless parts nobody asked for and workarounds for partialy solving new gamebreaking bugs. It's funnier when you don't play the game.
  3. There ^^ Just to edit AGs. Simple and practical. In my favorite mods list since 2014.
  4. Kerbals are green. Photosynthesis.
  5. I'd recommend trial and error. It's funny until you achieve orbit consistently. Even to get to Mun or Minmus. And you will laugh with some of your weird failures. The meaning of RUD is the first one to learn. Come to the forum only if you get really stuck. Believe me, you will come when you want to go interplanetary.
  6. Well..... don't get me into the QA debate again. I'm not paid for thath job. KSP is not early access since years. If they expect customers to do their job instead of playing other games, good luck with that. BTW, thanks for the answer, would have been nice to read an answer from SQAD guys. I appreciate that you took the time to read the thread and reply.
  7. Any word on this? I don't play KSP since then, waiting for the fix playing other games until is fixed. Maybe 1.6?
  8. Yes. Steam install. Supposedly correct MH version. None of the affected ships had MH parts.
  9. Same here. Never happened to me before 1.4, but with 1.4.3 I had 6 or 7 disintegrations. Same log message (part x crashed into collider). Every part but the capsule (maybe because is root) is destroyed and, sometimes, the capsule gets thrown far beyond Jool's orbit. I couldn't reproduce it consistently in my modded install, so didn't try unmoded. Unfortunately, I overwited the only quicksave I had before one of these RUD s. Happened with different crafts and none of them used autostrut. It seems like the game despawned the craft and spawned it again in the new SOI, even when the craft don't explode it disappears for a tiny moment. I didn't notice that behaviour before 1.4 so it might be related to the unity upgrade. It's more noticeable when going from Minmus SOI to Kerbin. Transition from Mun to Kerbin is smoother and I cant even notice that "respawn". In my new 1.4.3 career didn't get beyond Minmus, but my probes to Moho and Eve are arriving soon. I will check and update here If something wrong happens. I allways set KAC alarms and jump to ships when changing SOI, and try to change SOI with timewarp halted (got that habit back when the game didn't slow the warp on SOI changes), so I'm pretty sure this didn't happen before 1.4. Fortunately, workaround is simple: activate minimum on-rails timewarp (x5) just before changing SOI and kill timewarp to enable physiscs just after the change (or let the ship change SOI unloaded).
  10. As Kryxal said, put a node in the intersection point and burn radia (or antiradial). It sems that you'll need a little burn normal to match inclination. AN and DN are near intersection, so you could burn just once (at the intersection) with radial and normal corrections. Yes, it's spanish (I'm spanish but play KSP in english, too much english KSP since 0.17 to switch). And yes, it's a localization bug. Orbit inclination should be degrees (grados) and not meters. Also, there are far better translations than "generar luz" for "generate power" and no, "generar potencia" is not one of them...... could continue, but, long story short, I have many reasons to play KSP in english.
  11. You are right, but.... there is no "too much delta V", maybe too few places to explore. Can we agree if I say it that way?
  12. There's no such thing you call "too much delta V" On topic: My math gives 3945m/s ASL or 4913m/s VAC assuming you put a 0.1 t probe. Approximately the delta V needed to reach Kerbin orbit with pre 1.0 atmo-soup. Not too much
  13. Next week is better. Gives more room to creativity.
  14. Soon next week will become this week.
  15. They didn't change the efects. AFAIK, the change was consequence of the engine upgrade. The engine upgrade should have raised suspicion on many aspects, especially the ones that had been problematic in previous engine upgrades. Wheels and leg physics are among them. That's why "next week" was a wise decision. SQUAD is always on time. Personally, I'd prefer quality, even if it costs another 1 or 2 weeks of testing.
  16. MH DLC doesn't work with KSP 1.3.1. I didn't pay for the DLC, but is safe to assume that people who paid for it wanted to PLAY IT. I hope so. The current state of the game is not the best to increase sales. Why? Will SQAD/TTI be more relaxed towards the price people want to pay for their game/DLC? Can people download and play today and pay "next week"?
  17. Sure. Blame the customer is always smarter. So we need to detect bugs in a software BEFORE purchasing that software. Nice. Or detect bugs in 1.4 BEFORE the 1.4 update was released. Let me print this thread and get my DeLorean...
  18. I'm glad you like it And that means I'm not allowed to complain? OK, you're right. After all, I didn't pay 40€ for KSP plus 15€ for the DLC.
  19. - My car has no windshield - Uh... Sorry.. our QA missed that, please forgive us. - Please, install the windshield ASAP - No. We have the windshield and the tools, but we'll wait until we receive the new trunk colored led light, becuse that's what you really want. You can drive your new car without windshield, wait one week more or use your old car instead. - That's unacceptable. - Don't be a whiner. You have to understand that cars are a very complicated piece of harware, with hundreds of different parts and the windshield is only one of them, an acceptable mistake. Please be patient and wait I don't understand why this kind of conversation only happens when the broken/faulty product is software. None of the people of the "coding is hard" mantra would step out of their car dealer with a car with no windshield or their computer store with a keyboard without space bar and enter keys. Coding is hard, so is manufacturing proccess design. Your keyboards have enter key and your cars windshield.
  20. That would explain why they don't split the update, publish 1.4.3 with much needed bugfixes and hold back new (bugged) content until 1.4.4, 1.5 or whenever they fix it.
  21. Slightly off topic but.... does anyone know if the new launch sites also act as recovery sites? I mean...if I land my rocket at Woomerang or at the runway they are about to include with 1.4.3, will I recover full funds? I forgot to check it myself when I tried 1.4.1 and now I'm back in 1.3.1 and don't want to update just for that test.
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