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  1. - @Avera9eJoe, once I finally managed to get the mod downloaded, I too got hit with this bug - even light sources on my craft were messed up - looking through the files in your scatterer Configs, I couldn't help but notice a cloud layer at 200m on Kerbin - I figured it was about the same height as the KSC, and upwards of 1000m (where the next cloud layer starts) the bug wasn't present - so I deleted the cloud layer around 200m and the bug disappeared - probably should have backed up the config file so I could experiment a little more, but I forgot - I assume it's likely to just be one setting with this cloud layer causing the issue, since the other layers are fine - I have yet to check the other planets, but if I remember I'll check tonight or tomorrow
  2. Hi Joe! Thanks for the speedy reply, but I've never had an issue with a download before - usually I get around 1-4mb/s, but for some reason spacedock only goes at around 100kb/s - my neighbourhood doesn't really see a high usage around this time of day - could it be because I'm in Australia? I don't know if spacedock has servers out here, but as I said before, I've never had an issue with it until now - I'll give it another go later and keep you posted, but otherwise, is it possible the spacedock copy's been corrupted? EDIT: @Avera9eJoe I tried again, the download got about 150mb of 399mb in and then stopped, leaving me with the same issue once again - it's like once it gets to 150mb, something either on my end or spacedock's end decides to call it quits EDIT2: I managed to download the zip through CKAN, too late to try it out tonight, since I have work tomorrow and I need sleep, but I'mma be testing the pack out tomorrow!
  3. Hi @Avera9eJoe, I've just gone to download the pack to give it a shot, and unfortunately, after downloading it, I'm getting an error message telling me the .zip is invalid - I've tried downloading it again and it's done the same thing (google says it's likely a corrupted zip) - do you potentially have a mirror link hidden away somewhere I've missed? It downloads super slow via spacedock too :( - otherwise, just wanted to make you aware, in case it's not only me getting the issue Fingers crossed I can get it working soon! Super excited to try it out
  4. Yesss! EDIT: Actually, nope, I was too slow @Combatsmithen
  5. Damn it! I was almost in time too... @stupid_chris
  6. Yeah! Nice job, I was even sleeping until now @linuxgurugamer
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