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  1. I'm encountering an annoying bug; perhaps, I could just be a moron and can't figure it out. But the Flight Plan Management window can't be moved. Which is extremely annoying, as I have Kerbin Side GAP, and it massively increases the number of flight plans. Most of which are off the bottom of my screen and thus inaccessible. Is there any chance the Flight Plan Management window could be made movable, and a scrollbar be added to the list of flight plans? Other than that: Excellent, excellent add-on, and I cannot recommend this enough.Now my landings are actually survivable!
  2. Also helps if I could proofread better... but yeah where I said VAB, I meant the SPH. I've not tried building a zeppelin in the VAB, and probably won't. I've actually not gone into the VAB since installing Heisenberg, because the zeppelins are way too fun to build. But yeah, the issue with part placement and replacement continues in mine and my friend's game. I've absolutely no idea why though. Guessing I'll have to see which mod combination is making everything unhappy in the SPH.
  3. Just tried this delightful mod last night, and I have to say: All of my yes. They make really good transports for the Kerbin Side GAP contracts, and a general mobile lab. Now I just need to figure out a way to haul one to Laythe. I (and a friend of mine) are having a problem with the Heisenberg mod though. Namely, the VAB acts really strange. In both cases (mine and my friend's) when can place parts, but then are unable to select them again; I've been able to figure a way around that issue by repeatedly swapping between the standard part placement mode and offset mode, and clicking and dropping new parts from the part list. What would be needed to help in diagnosing the cause of the problem? I'm thinking I might spool up a second install and try adding mods one by one until the issue occurs again.
  4. This is the most wonderful pack I have ever used in KSP. Hell, it's unseated KW Rocketry from my "must have" list; because this has all of the parts I've wanted. I haven't had a chance to try out the newest version; right now I'm on the quickfix for 1.1 that was mentioned in the thread a while back, the most current version can be gotten via the GitHub, right? I can't decide if my favourite rocket is the Atlas D or Titan I. And I absolutely love the AVCO Mark IV re-entry vehicle for the Titan I and Atlas (well, it should be on an Atlas E or Atlas F, but Atlas D is close enough); when North Kerbin Dynamics updates to 1.1 I'll take a stab at seeing if I can make that AVCO Mark IV do it's originally intended job... @CobaltWolf Would you be willing to add in the parts for the early KH-1 through KH-4 CORONA, and KH-7 and KH-8 GAMBIT reconnaissance satellites? We have the three nice science cameras implemented already, but implementations of the CORONA and GAMBIT camera payloads would be amazing for nice recreations (and also would look much better than gluing the existing cameras and some batteries into a service compartment); especially since they fit perfectly on the Agena uppers (which is what they, and the KH-5 ARGON and KH-6 LANYARD, were built on). Only other NRO satellite I'd ask about would be the KH-9 HEXAGON; the big Titan III launched beasts. As for a use for the HEXAGON satellites, since they were geared for broader views than the GAMBIT or CORONA, and later on included a dedicated mapping camera bolted to the nose of the satellite, they'd do excellently as a resource scanner and of course SCANsat (SCANsat can also be added to the GAMBIT and CORONA as well). Plus, since the MOL (also called KH-10 DORIAN to the NRO) is being implemented it would be awesome to have the rest of the NRO's film satellite line up (less the ARGON and LANYARD).
  5. @Lack The ASET avionics props do have loads of very lovely analogue flight instruments. I remember there was a module manager patch before that let you have a steady "upgrade" path from all analogue instruments to modern glass cockpit with the standard Mk. 1 in career mode. But I think that died with KerbalStuff (and the revamp of the Mk. 1). But yeah, RPM glass cockpit might not be good for some of them ("He-111 with satnav? Now this will have an impact on the war effort!"). I know you don't take direct requests for parts, but I'd like to ask if you'd think about giving us the cockpit+nose of the beautiful Avro Lancaster (B Mk X; since that's the model of the one I can go take photographs of; VR-A is a sexy plane, and boy is it amazing to see her fly...)? Since we already have the wonderful He-111 cockpit (I swear I'm trying to glue that and the Otter cockpit on everything...; 'cause who doesn't wany an He-111 in space?), and the Merlins to power the thing (and the Mk3 cargobays to deliver all of the ordnance science). But it might be a bit redundant what with having the MRBL-8 for our Mk3 strategic bomber science delivery vehicle purposes.
  6. I just got back into playing KSP, and decided to try out SXT. Well, now it's become a permanent feature of my KSP install. Absolutely wonderful modelling and delightful set of parts. I'm in love with the He-111 cockpit, and the DHC-3 Otter cockpit as well. I'm just curious, by any chance would it be possible to give the cockpits RPM internals? Especially those wonderful avionics from the ASET Avionics pack, those would take these already amazing cockpits "up to eleven".
  7. Sorry to be a bother, I think I may have missed this information. But I'm trying to see about adding the transmitter function to another part. Namely the lovely TRANSIT 2A satellite model made by raidernick (since it a recreation of a satellite used in the old US Navy TRANSIT/NAVSAT network). And I'm not quite clear on how to add the transmitter function to the part. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  8. (Image trimmed for the sake of space savings.) I'm finding I'm using the HGR Soyuz-alike quite a lot. I used to almost always use the Mark 1-2 with the SDHI Service Module, but yeah now I've just kind of migrated to the Soy-Juice. Though instead of an R-7 I use a FASA derived Titan IIIE. Mostly because the Mark 1-2 I've just used so much, and also because the IVA in the Soy-Juice is lovely. That texture work looks beautiful, and the umbilical is just superb. I'll second the request for the Apollo D2-alike orbital module. Having just discovered the D2 I find it quite neat, and while I think Beale's work is lovely it's just too small. I'll also poke my head in again and say a TKS-alike would be grand. (I know one can be built out of other parts, but one unified look would be much nicer.) There is one weird thing I have found involving RealChutes. The recent update to HGR with the RealChutes config ended up casuing a second RealChutes module to be put into the stack chute. The result was much weirdness.
  9. As an idea, perhaps, would be to make use of the XT Landertron plugin to turn the LES rockets into landing rockets. From my brief experiments and a quick little module manager patch, the LES rockets seem to work well using the Landertron plugin. MODULE { name = Landertron heightmultiplier = 1.25 offset = 1.0 endheight = 0.1 endspeed = 0.5 boom = false mode = 0 electricrate = 0.1 } }@PART[TaurusHCV] { Of course, the asymmetric thrust does result in the pod torquing over (and then thrusting sideways and eventually into the ground) if you are coming down way too fast (which tends to result in copious amounts of exploding). At less intense speeds, if you have the Landertron fire too high you will torque slightly, and depending on how badly the torquing is, you might end up with an upside-down (but intact) pod.
  10. Oh I must have missed it. Any chance you could provide a link to the forum post? I'd go looking through the thread but... Seventy-two pages is quite a lot of posts.
  11. I've been playing around with HGR, and avidly following the development for about a month now, all I can say is: This is glorious! I'd share some screenshots, of some of the stuff I've done, but I run enough mods I have KSP running at low texture quality (and I'm pretty sure no one wants to see screenshots taken with a potato). One thing I would love to see is a nice stock-alike rendition of the TKS+VA spacecraft, and the Salyut stations. I know, of course, about Kosmos but I find the visual style clashes with a lot of things. I would try my own hand at making a stock-alike versions of those craft but... well suffice it to say previous attempts resulted in what could best be described as "I accidentally a Lovecraftian horror." In any case, keep up the excellent work, this is an awesome addition to the game.
  12. Only problem I found other then the small graphics flibble on scene change is that one can't put maximum persistent debris up to unlimited without the game imploding. Also, I realized I might need to acquire more RAM now that KSP is happily thrumming along at ~6 GB of working set.
  13. REQUEST Thiokol TU-122 (M-55) solid fuel rocket. Yes, it is the first stage of the Minuteman I, but the proposed Saturn II/INT-19 was to use up to twelve of them as SRBs on its (S-II) first stage. Since I am going to doubt anyone wants a Minuteman first stage, I'll also put a vote twoards another request, I will pitch in with "I'd like to see the Centaur." Also, why is everyone continually asking for Skylab, when Denny is (going to be) doing Skylab?
  14. If I recall correctly, I believe Frizzank isn't taking any kind of requests. Also to make a Saturn C-2 you would also need an S-I (not S-IC) stage with adapter plate. You could always just "cheat" and use a single F-1 in place of the eight H-1 engines. That only leaves the S-IV stage with its six RL-10s, which is a little less than half the thrust of the S-IVB. So just use an S-IVB and thrust limit the engine. For the fourth Centaur stage... just use the current Transtage.
  15. Having had to take a break from KSP due to university coursework, I am so amazingly happy to come back to find FASA in such an impressive stage of development. The Saturn V is amazing, and I've had quite a bit of fun playing with the parts to create some of the alternate variations on the Saturn family. I mocked up the Saturn II/INT-19 configuration (using KW Rocketry for the SRBs), and it flies beautifully. I'd provide screenshots, but I'm a lazy git. Anyway, I love how FASA is progressing. Though the fact the Gemini reaction wheels are monoprop powered really threw me for a loop.