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  1. I kind of cheated my way out of it, if the situation ever do happen again (ill try the same design) then ill take notes and will send you the desired information.
  2. @karst45 Old/new ships should behave the same in that regard. I'm going to need more information on your issue, please see the FAQ #3 in the OP. Then i suppose ill go aways. currently have: Contract Packs Spitfire KIS KAS KAX kerbal enginners waypointmanager and Kerbincontructs. if you know those dont cause interference with your mod then ill try to provide more information on what happened. otherwise well... ill try to investigate on my side what cause that issue
  3. already did by the time i posted this, it worked for 1 orbit around the mun but then went back to the "cant control the ship" will the problem still be present on ship already in orbit but new ship will be fine?
  4. I dont know if this was issued as i didn't go through the 680 post but i may have found a bug think of my ship as an command module and a Lunar module. the command module have antenna power and solar panel. The LM have a pilot (Jeb) no antenna power and supply. mission went on for like 1-2 day and said pilot mental and physical health show as OK! Problem is i exited the LM (once landed on the mun) did my thing but then when i climb back in.... it block all control, as if i didn't have any pilot in.
  5. so if i only have probe on that ship, pressure control wont work? Can i have a capsule but no one inside? also, silly question, just saw there an upgrade to this mod. Do it upgrade well or will it break everything?
  6. I have a question concerning the Greenhouse, it said: Inssufisent pressure, but i got oxygen and nitrogen bottle (along with some amonia) on that same station. why do it do that? also it seem to do so only during the night cycle.
  7. Can someone test this on their system, have a ship in orbit with an hydrogen cell, Have the hydrogen cell work to produce electricity (thus consuming Hydrogen and oxygen) Then get a ship on the launch pad. Time accelerate until you consume all the hydrogen. Now revert back in time. If it you can recreate the problem, instead of going back in time where your hydrogen was full you now have a ship with no Hydrogen in space. *edit* seem that this affect all "offline ship" until you get back on it. then all the resource (fuel electricity food etc) get back to what they used to be. dont know if Kerbal would suddently "ressurect" if they died from that problem.
  8. Hello there! i would like to suggest something as i noticed that your kerbal kind of panic when they get to a certain point with their ressources (or so say the message) an "expected mission time" for the kerbal. It could influence their moral or prevent panic when they have 3h of oxygen on a 30 minutes missions. Stress could increase as they go pas the expected mission time or they could feel less nervous if they know they have x4 the needed supply (redundancy). Is that a interesting idea?
  9. Still could be an interesting path to explore, maybe it would give you idea But it true, the system need more life to it also having you return directly to your ship after designing a ship or looking at the mission, instead of going back with the tracking station, would be usefull used to do some 3d prop for other game, dont know how it work in KSP but if you need help am willing to dust off my old 3dsMax and try again
  10. If you want to do an "AI hostile ship" you could look at BD armory, they were quite evolved in that departement.
  11. I tought about something. how will it manage career mode? but more specifically the "rescue mission" Since those mission have an kerbal in space wont he asphyxiate before you can save him/her?
  12. Considering the 2800++ post on this mod and that i have a finite time in my life, please consider this if it already been answered. First i would like to say this look really amasing, the way you manages your ressource in a simple way is interresting. The psychological wellfair of the kerbal is quite novative. i cant wait to add this to my game, unfortunatly am in 1.2.1 So without putting any pressure, did you have an idea of when there would be a new update? I was wondering, do the energy consuption for the life support is proportional to the size of your ship/station? or is it purely an "we have 2 kerbal so they consume 3ec/s" or a mixt of both. For say you have a station but then decide to remove your kerbal from it and let the computer handles things. Would it still consume power for the life support? Could it be possible to actually possible for an engineer to tweek the power consuption of the life support in order to save power in case of emergency? much like in the Apollo 13 mission. Of course reducing this system would come at the price of a reduced "happyness" also i read some of the post about the communication, Did you know that KSP 1.2.1 now have an option to black out communication while in reentry? Keep up the great work