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  1. This is probably not the song that comes to mind when you think of Ray Charles but its a good one, especially after three listenings. By the end of the song he's worked himself up so much that he looks like he's shuddering with the cold sweats and nausea from the agony of loss. (or something)
  2. Its da staple
  3. You mean Fairport Convention was one of the bands on your tape, but you didn't know the band's name until now?
  4. I just clicked on this song the other day. I'd heard of them but never listened and they didn't get much radio time. The very sweet sounding singer was a bit of a drunk. She fell down the stairs, hit her head and died a few days later. That was about forty years ago. Who knows where the time goes indeed Was also reading about some South American poet, songwriter musician, a friend of Dylan. The army chopped his hands off and shot him 40 times. I think it was on live tv. Manduka just happened to pop up as suggested listening. The first song really sets a mood.
  5. It was a huge ship with a Kerbal piloting it. That's probably it, Harry and HvP, the filter options. I totally forgot. Been doing the scenarios to try to familiarize myself with RCS controls while docking. Its the first time I've ever done scenarios. I just did a survey of Eeloo scenario. A you tuber doing the same scenario gets a button under the "i" button that I don't. I don't get that info about ore. I see the different overlays and I assume the bright pinkish or reddish areas have the most ore, but...
  6. I decided to try docking with a fuel station in space during sandbox mode. I set it as a target and got very close, but never actually touched it as far as I know. I reentered Kerbin, landed and recovered. Then I went back up in a new rocket and the fuel station was no longer there. Its no longer there no matter how many times I launch new rockets. Do you "use up" a space station when you try to dock with it? I think I might have got into the fuel station at one point, but it was in a pretty stable orbit about 600 km up. I don't think taping it or taping the thrusters would have changed much of anything.
  7. I tried your pyramid or cone. I built sort of a wireframe of half a dome because it had to go out and then down and I didn't want the upper engine blowing on the lower engine. (I think that would cancel the thrust but don't know if there's a visual of that) I built 8 legs with 5 engines each. Then I built a tower and put on gigantor solar. I launched at night and got into the sun, but it wasn't enough thrust and I went into the dark side of the planet. Then I launched into the sun and against the spin of the earth. That worked better, especially since I added eight more legs full of engines. I could burn at a quarter of power and not run out near earth, which is pretty good, but I need more thrust and more electricity. The first important thing is that I got rid of the shaking problem by using a lot of struts and placing them carefully so that the radial parts don't start to twist. Saw a video of rockets with wide radial parts and the outer SRB's for instance will be at an angle to the vertical rocket. This catches the wind and turns the rocket into a huge air screw. The radial parts can also start to oscillate if it gets into a harmonic situation, which is what I think causes the shaking. I don't think that putting the engines too close together is the problem right now. Its putting them close together and having the frame of the rocket twisting and then the oscillating. My problem now is lag and the computer shutting it down because it can't handle the large number of parts. Once the first stage is away the computer works a lot better. I was thinking I needed actuators to make a frame that can unfold in space for my solar farm, but I'm now thinking I'd be better off building a space station with snap together parts. Build the long range xenon ship with tons of solar in orbit by sending up the parts in huge ships that just have to orbit earth. That way I won't have to deal with the computer crashing because the ship has so many parts on earth and I can build huge frames in space because there's no gravity or air resistance. All I have to do is plan and build everything perfectly, send it up, put it into precise circular orbits and think of everything and then go up there, learn to dock and assemble and then take off with a ship with enough solar that it runs on full power. Probably won't take more than 20 rl years.
  8. I didn't know ions were especially prone to this problem. I probably should try to scale it down. I just like to build in huge numbers. I've already got an idea in my head and It isn't compact. Thanks
  9. I understand the game thinks that way. That's not the current problem. The problem is shaking that wasn't happening a few hours ago. I have a lot of those nuclear electrical generators attached to a piece of structural tubing and the SAS on top with the capsule. I just put that with all its maybe 50 nuke generators attached radially and it just blows up from shaking so hard while sitting on the launchpad. I took off all the generators. I have a lot of engines that are clipping together under the battery. I do this all the time with different engines and it isn't a problem. This time the whole thing is shaking. A few hours ago I launched this thing into a nearly perfect circular orbit. Now it just blows up on the launch pad. I take parts off it blows up again. It drives me nuts. I put so many parts on there because Xenon engines are so weak. I have to use a lot of them. I like xenon because its so efficient. I thought I was on my way to building a two stage rocket that could visit most of planets without needing more fuel. I thought I was using a lot less parts than other projects, but it just always ends in disaster and frustration with KSP. Earlier I thought the parts weren't connected. Now I think the violent shaking has broken the bonds. Its like my rocket yesterday that was parked on Gilly. I came back to it and it suddenly jumped up into space. It went up 12 km! thats after I made it indestructible with the cheats. Before that it just blew to smithereens.
  10. This is built like a tree. In my last lines I was thinking back to another incident in the last week where I was trying to build a ring out of Modular Girder Segments XL . The current problem is with xl modular girder segments attached radially to a fuel tank. The MGSs are almost horizontal and they appear to be touching each other. Both parts lit green, but on the launchpad they aren't attached and they're rotating around the rocket inside the payload fairing. It sucks. I spent a lot of time after watching a video on how to cure the rotating rocket problem. I very carefully attached struts so they're as close to centered and equal on each side of a part if necessary. The game fought me the whole way with the mysterious, "Oh sure we'll look like we're going to attach, but when you actually snap in place we won't or we'll attach to something else" thing that KSP likes to do.
  11. I've never run into this before. Usually when I do a butt joint on a couple of modular girder struts it fuses even if I don't bother to get the nodes facing each other. This time, I looked inside my payload area and not only are things not fused, they are also slowly rotating which results in my rocket rotating and as i get going faster the whole thing blows up. I take it to the VAB and everything looks fine. I thought I read that there is a key to hold down that shows you if anything is broken, but I don't remember what it is. Sounds like a great feature. I also mounted an engine on a modular girder strut and then mounted that assembly on the bottom of an inline battery. Half of those are also floating around inside the payload area before launch. Yes. I put too many engines on and it gets hard to see. That screw up is a little more understandable, but it had been working fine. In fact this rocket had been working pretty good. I had it in orbit, but it didn't get there smooth enough. I had to keep modifying it. I used the subassembly thing. They have a thing in Scrap Mechanic. Its called welding. Works pretty nice. You can see sparks shoot out where all your stuff connects so you know its joined. You can take a thing and weld it to something else, which seems pretty obvious. Not in KSP. You can't pick up a part and pull it over to another and join it in a ring.
  12. Yea. "ease in gravity" is lit up. I've got max debris I don't have "tidy up debris". Seems to me that used to be a good idea. I'll try alt + f12 Okay. I have tried the alt + f12 cheat. As my eva guy approached the rocket it jumped into space. I guess it worked. It didn't explode. Now I have to wait for it to come back down and I'm almost out of propellant. Why does my eva guy keep changing direction? I think he's going from maneuvering on the ground to orbit, but it is making it hard for me to aim him and I waste a lot of mp with all these transitions.
  13. Landed on Gilly with a big rocket and went EVA. I was on steeper terrain than I'd have wanted and I appear to be touching a big boulder with my feet and maybe other parts. So I was trying to fly get back to the ship with my EVA guy and at one point I went to the tracking station and got into the landed ship. It might be the ship slid downhill since I'd left it. As soon as gravity or whatever kicked in the ship violently blew up sending my command module way up and parts spinning wildly. Tried it a number of times and always the same, big explosion. Tried reloading and it exploded. My guess is that the rocket slid very slowly against this boulder and it sort of builds up stresses, which get real and concentrated when I focus on the ship or try to take control of the ship. I'm guessing there's no easy way to fix this. I need to land on level terrain, away from boulders.
  14. I am getting MP to my MP thrusters. In the overlay they used gray for MP. I don't know if they know this but in gaming when something like that is gray, it usually means that it isn't working, isn't getting fuel, but of all the colors they chose gray anyway. I had a problem earlier where MP was being drained from my rover while in flight. I thought I fixed that by turning off crossfeed at the appropriate docking port, which I'm using now as a connector. My tanks drained right this time and they even ejected like they were supposed to. I landed on my feet intact like I'd intended for the first time (while staying up). This impressed the heck out of me because I was on a steep slope and my entire rocket started sliding down the slope with the rover mounted on top. Devilishly clever, I used Cubic Octagonal Struts in the VAB to create a rocket stand which I attached to the bottom of my huge landing ship. Sure, I could land with a little thing but I want to prepared for when it comes time to impress aliens. If they creators had any sense of humor they'd have given us a horn that sounds like the tripods in War of the Worlds. My Cubic Octagonal Struts got me thinking about drag. Do they create drag when on the exterior of a rocket? Inside a payload fairing? I've assumed the payload fairing is to prevent drag from exposed parts to the smoother drag of a shell. How about the SRBs under the huge fairing. Are they protected from drag or should I put a nosecone on each one? I ran into the rocket jumping off the ground on reload glitch. That's messed up. I managed to re-land once, but I get tired of having to re-land every time my rocket jumps because of a save. I tried to turn the graphics up once on the surface, but that caused the game to crash. Crashing seems worse than ever. Earlier I had crashes when staging and then spontaneous explosions while staging. Too many parts. Gotta get more efficient. Gotta pop the payload before separating the boosters because somehow the boosters are jumping up and wrecking the fairing and rocket. One big problem solved was all the bizarre changes in course I was taking as the rocket accelerated. stiffening the payload by putting struts from the fairing to the boosters and the core rocket improved this situation about 95%. I think the payload was swinging from side to side and getting into a harmonic situation. I actually saw this happening when I built a smaller rocket that didn't lag as bad. Not much to see once you're on the moon with your intact rover (for all of the 30 seconds they last before flipping on an invisible rock), but what a thrill to finally be getting things together. Great game and great folks on the forum and YT helping me out. I'd never make it without them. Yesterday I launched my first payload of a big rocomax fuel tank. I was surprised to find I was draining fuel from it as I flew. I ejected it once successfully with seperatrons but the next time I had rotated the module or something and the separatrons were pointed the wrong way. I left the doors open while in a vacuum and undocked the tank and it slid out easily on its own when I accelerated. Maybe next time use a landing gear to eject it or a solar panel. The rover detached and slid off easily too, landing on it's wheels. Next time I'll try out my sky crane. Even with graphics turned way down, I still get lag when I hit a certain part count. Explosions seem to cause problems. Be nice if there was a way to turn down that effect and keep the arrows on my fuel lines although I guess I don't really need those anymore.
  15. KSP lagged so much I turned everything way down. Now I can't see the arrows on the fuel lines and my tanks aren't draining the way I thought they would. First off, I thought I didn't need fuel lines for tanks mounted on decouplers that are mounted on big fuel tanks but now it seems like I do need those fuel lines. Also, my monopropellant lines are grayed out. I thought I was getting mono to everything before just by putting mono tanks on top of fuel tanks and making sure that crossfeed was enabled. I look at the fuel overlay and I see arrows going to the center of the rocket and arrows going up and arrows going down. This is supposed to clarify things? Why, after 5 years have they not learned to consolidate all SRBs to one SRB in the staging stack? Such an obvious thing. I really don't need to see every single SRB 99% of the time. The mouse wheeling is awful and you can't tell what's going to happen next during launch because its just SRB after SRB. Awful lag with big rockets and you can't see what's going on, but you forever running out of fuel which makes you add more SRBs. Endless cycle.