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  1. I heard there is a free download / upgrade available, enhanced edition or something. Whats available? How do I go about applying it?
  2. Funny you should mention the closeness of the thrust to the mass. At one point it looked like they inhabited the exact same spot on my ship. First time ever. I'm trying to build a squat ship. I'll probably have to stretch it a little. I saw a Manley video called "your gravity has no power over me". He just throws together some parts it seems, and blasts off, setting huge records. I think 50 g's is all that's possible. Top speed can be almost anything as long as you're willing to wait, but the ship under constant full thrust will melt in space if you don't put on radiators. I've had it happen after hours of flight sometimes. Also, you can't thrust while warping in time so it takes forever in real time even at high speeds. What is the best configuration of thrust to center of mass for descents? I'd like to make a powered descent. I am using cheats and empty fuel tanks so I'm very light, but I want a nice stable descent. Empty separatrons and unlimited fuel cheat on = incredible acceleration. You pull 50 g's but you can't slow down or turn them off unless you eject them somehow and then you won't have any power. If you bring along some other type of engine and fuel, you probably won't get to pull 50 g's. Unlimited Fuel cheat alt + f12 I'm talking about a rocket. I've also been using those radiators that expand in the vacuum of space. They work, but I don't know how to make a sleek ship with them. They tend to make the ship look pretty lumpy.
  3. I'm going for high speed or high g's and I'm not against using cheats for this. I've had a lunar can up to 50 g's for awhile and then it overheated and blew up or spun out and blew up or just got into some horrendous never ending oscillations. I've been using empty sepratons and recently I've mounted them on I beams that are mounted on a fuselage radially. I can see where the sepratrons lined up on the beam might not all be angled exactly the same way or the correct way. How do I do it the right way? I've been using the rotate tool. It appears to have spots where it clicks in. Its not like you can have infinite degrees to choose from. If radially mounted fuselages and I beams are a bad idea, I didn't have great luck with mounting on vertical fuselage parts either. Is there some trick I'm missing to get this sort of thing mounted with the perfect angle even though I'm using multiple engines? do I have to choose rigid attachment or whatever? I've tried struts. I thought I knew all about struts, but they aren't working either. I also can't make any sense of the way rockets or the camera behaves these days on the ascent through the atmosphere. The rocket just decides to flip at some point and become uncontrollable. Sometimes you can blame this on air resistance but other times it happens in the vacuum of space and it just doesn't make any sense.
  4. Oh dear, I think you're right. I've made a huge, obvious mistake and I'm going to lose my job at the KSC. I'm up to 2,900,000 m/sec now. Think I might go back to the drawing board. I had a smaller ship yesterday pulling 29 g's. That would get me to light speed faster. I think this is the fastest I've ever gone.
  5. Cheat codes for unlimited fuel and electricity activated. I'm going 3 times the speed of light. Been pulling a steady 20.74 g's since leaving the atmosphere. 8 mammoth liquid fueled engines going full blast the whole way. Had some trouble with previous flights when the fuel tank vaporized after about 40 minutes so this time I've got radiators and extendable radiators. Parts are overheated, but no disassembly so far. I'm finally out of sight of minimus and the mun and closing in on Eve's orbital lines. Movement through the solar system feels slow at this speed because I'm used to accelerating time. I'll be passing the sun on near moho's orbital line, the side that moho comes closest to the sun if I stay on course, but it looks like the sun or something has pulled me of course by about 25 degrees so far. 1+ million meters per second now.
  6. I fiddled around with the ship back on earth. Took the fins and 3 radially mounted fuselage pieces off and tried it with fins near the top pointed down and again pointed up and finally just took off all the fins and put all the lights down under the rocket where the engines are attached. That worked the best, but if you come blazing in in reverse on kerbin and then you apply a lot of thrust to where you hover your computer will go nuts and pointing at retrograde won't mean pointing up, the rocket will tend to spin like a top and swing side to side like a pendulum. Turn off SAS and the spinning will stop but you have to just guess at whats straight up. You almost never get stable, steady descent with gentle movements unless you descend very slowly. Even then it tends to spin. So I built another rocket. I was going to make it very squat, but just putting on the science stuff and payload and it was already getting taller. I had wanted to bring the center of mass closer to the center of thrust, but it just wasn't possible unless that's all you want to do. I also tried putting rcs below as well as above the center of mass. That seemed to help some, but again, limited. Took the new ship to the moon without even going to orbit, thanks once again to cheats for unlimited fuel and electricity. Then I landed near the north pole in the smoothest landing I've ever made in Kerbal. Later I noticed I couldn't deploy my payload or use my science because it told me I had to be stationary to do seismic readings. I noticed the ship constantly rocked, which is not realistic as it's on a tripod of landing gear and tripods do not rock. I thought I'll just move it a few feet and see if I can stop that rocking, but I was careless and oh, I lifted the landing gear thinking it wasn't necessary, but no. It slowly fell on it's side. In my attempt to right it, I snapped off the capsule so that's over. The rest of the ship is roaming around the huge crater on the top of the moon at low thrust. I guess the unlimited fuel cheat applies to the personal rcs jetpack. I got myself going about 400 m/sec and am heading out into space if I don't correct. Just surveying the area. Its neat but I wish there wasn't that pop up and there are vents and rocks now. Don't have the equipment to analyze though. I've been thinking about building a self righting mechanism. Seems like landing is always risky. If you think Kerbal is above criticism, pick up a three legged stool or three legged anything and put it on any kind of ground. Does it wobble once it settles down? No. It can't unless the leg is loose or the ground keeps settling. Kerbal terrain acts weird and its not intended weirdness.
  7. Turns out it was my rcs nozzles that were heating up in the vaccuum of space from running for so long. I don't remember my exact speed. I only have one crew, a pilot. I can't repack chutes and so i don't want to deploy until I'm back on kerbin. I wanted to do a powered descent, ideally. I'm on my way to eve now. Set a maneuver node and chose warp to. Didn't realize until ten minutes later that it was a about 66 years away at the fastest time acceleration or about an hour in real time.
  8. Please pardon my rants if that's what you consider them. Thanks for the replies. I ended up surviving a landing attempt on eeloo, the rocket on it's side. It once again was behaving oddly as I lowered it to the ground. It was in once piece and undamaged this time, but when I tried to take off by sliding it up a hill it exploded several times. (reloads) Talking to myself is actually very helpful. I often figure things out when I try to write about the problem. Of course people on the forum are the best. Fins on the top makes sense for Space x. I put my fins on the bottom because I want to do that gravity turn and I want to be able to control spin and that kind of thing as I lift off from kerbin. It worked fine and in the past this kind of thing has given me no trouble on low gravity planets. I think my COG is only a little higher than my COT. That might be part of the problem. Its my first time running with cheats and a rocket that has 0 fuel weight. With the mammoth engines it accelerates like crazy. Pulling like 29gs at times. I'm pretty sure it would kill astronauts. No blood in the brain. The lower part of the rocket has also started to heat up badly even in deep space. In a vacuum. How can that be? Can i make a gravity turn with just fins on the top? Maybe I should put them on top? Air brakes might work but only on planets with atmosphere. I'm sorry i don't do pictures or video. I've tried it a few times but can't figure out how to set up an account. That's how it went last time. I finally put something on reddit and linked to that and they started griping about me drawing on the image and questioning if i was a robot or something, They have all these rules and they expect you to know everything before you post the first time. I can never remember my passwords for the sites and the software I have to remember doesn't work and I don't understand that either. Kerbal is a great game because of what it can do, but it is also a jerk because of the way things work. Like the editor for example. They give you all these parts and you try to use them the way you want to use them, but they don't snap together. You have to know how to use them or do a lot of trial and error. That's what I did with the small wire frame beam. Tried to attach it to the side of an engine, but it doesn't let me. It attaches to the center of the engine. You can't stack this way. You have to stack vertically from the bottom of a fuel tank or a capsule and then you can break it off and attach it radially to a fuselage. Then you can magically bend all 8 of your assemblies, which is great but also not like anything in reality. You just bend these beams at 90 degrees and they stay welded together and incredibly strong. I've got a save before eeloo. I think I'll just orbit the planet because there really isn't anything interesting down there anyway. Obviously I need to change my rocket design. Then I'll beat it back to kerbin and try to land there. That'll take me a day and a half. Either that or go play with some of those robotic parts. That looks interesting. What would I even want to build? I never know what I'm trying to do with stuff like that. Have the same prob in scrap mechanic and factorio. I need to work under the wing of an expert like Manley.
  9. I'm trying to land on Laythe and I'm using the infinite fuel and electricity cheat. Got myself into a nice tight orbit and picked a land mass. Narrowed my trajectory down to land on solid ground near a crater. So I'm coming down now in reverse. The rocket's light because there is no fuel except infinite fuel. I do have a lot of fins on the bottom and the base is that huge engine with four nozzles, but drained of fuel. The game usually lets me descend quite a ways and then it starts with the spinning. i can stop it manually, but only for a moment and I have other things to do like control my descent speed. I have at times slowed the rocket way down. It still flips. Tends to point right at the land for impact which ends badly for anyone on board. i could deploy my chute, but I wanted to save that for earth or maybe just never use it. I like the idea of powered descent and see no reason why my rocket suddenly decides it has to spin and flip when I'm controlling the descent nicely with the application of thrust. I've tried turning off SAS. That cures the spinning problem but the rocket still tends to flip and become uncontrollable. I need it to point in the direction opposite to it's trajectory so that I can apply thrust and slow down. It works on the moon but not on Laythe, maybe because it has an atmosphere. To me it feels like the game thinks the rocket should be hurtling through atmosphere when its actually creeping. The game is thinking, I'm flying through an atmosphere in reverse and I'm unstable and stuff so I've got to go into a death spin because I'm the game and i insist that you use a parachute or a plane if you want to land on a planet with atmosphere. In other words the game is a jerk. Edit: No ones here. fine. I'll talk to myself. I've crash landed on Laythe. Stopped the spinning by turning off SAS, but when I got very low the rocket still wanted to flip and it ended up crashing on it's side. My Kerbal survived, but am now stranded. I think the aerodynamics being all wrong are part of the problem, but Space X has similar aerodynamics and they've been landing. It should work. Edit 2 I reloaded and lowered myself very fast. Then I gave it high thrust for a brief period and managed to lower my incoming speed greatly. The rocket swung back and forth. I managed to apply thrust at critical points and land on my landing gear at a pretty high speed. Probably around 50m per second. My landing gear consist of long structural beams that radiate out and down and are nearly as wide as the rocket is tall so the rocket bounced and settled down. I destroyed a few short segments of my landing gear but its still usable. Due to high gravity I was unable to exit the craft as I'd never be able to climb back up and the jet pack isn't powerful enough to get me to the capsule. I found that out on a previous crash. I took off after awhile and I don't think there was any damage to the engine nozzles or the fins. However, the rocket flew bizarrely. I think the atmosphere is unusually thick because the rocket heated up really fast. I had to throttle down and I had a lot of trouble going in the direction that I wanted to go. The rocket kept swinging around. Is this caused by gravity from Jool? Jool is very close, quite huge and moving. I managed to get out of the atmosphere and right away the rocket started to behave itself so i think the atmosphere and the game engine are to blame for all the bizarre behavior.
  10. This is probably not the song that comes to mind when you think of Ray Charles but its a good one, especially after three listenings. By the end of the song he's worked himself up so much that he looks like he's shuddering with the cold sweats and nausea from the agony of loss. (or something) https://youtu.be/QzT46g-my0U?list=LLLxT_uclQqI4KcOC10TwDyw
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGjflhMxjyM&index=106&list=LLLxT_uclQqI4KcOC10TwDyw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbLzALqryLY&list=RDEbLzALqryLY Its da staple
  12. You mean Fairport Convention was one of the bands on your tape, but you didn't know the band's name until now?
  13. I just clicked on this song the other day. I'd heard of them but never listened and they didn't get much radio time. The very sweet sounding singer was a bit of a drunk. She fell down the stairs, hit her head and died a few days later. That was about forty years ago. Who knows where the time goes indeed Was also reading about some South American poet, songwriter musician, a friend of Dylan. The army chopped his hands off and shot him 40 times. I think it was on live tv. Manduka just happened to pop up as suggested listening. The first song really sets a mood.
  14. It was a huge ship with a Kerbal piloting it. That's probably it, Harry and HvP, the filter options. I totally forgot. Been doing the scenarios to try to familiarize myself with RCS controls while docking. Its the first time I've ever done scenarios. I just did a survey of Eeloo scenario. A you tuber doing the same scenario gets a button under the "i" button that I don't. I don't get that info about ore. I see the different overlays and I assume the bright pinkish or reddish areas have the most ore, but...
  15. I decided to try docking with a fuel station in space during sandbox mode. I set it as a target and got very close, but never actually touched it as far as I know. I reentered Kerbin, landed and recovered. Then I went back up in a new rocket and the fuel station was no longer there. Its no longer there no matter how many times I launch new rockets. Do you "use up" a space station when you try to dock with it? I think I might have got into the fuel station at one point, but it was in a pretty stable orbit about 600 km up. I don't think taping it or taping the thrusters would have changed much of anything.
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