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  1. Yes, MechJen is able to track target and tries very hard to keep your selected planet/moon/whatever in the middle of image. But with high levels of zoom image begins to shake very rapidly, as MechJeb is correcting direction of telescope - very small corrections, thanks to long distances between your telescope and its targets even small and quick correction make image shaken. You can somehow negate this effect using time warp, but you can't change direction your telescope is pointed in time warp... But in general, yes, it works, I belive there's a way how to mitigate corrections and their effect (heavier telescope? low-thrust rcs instead of SAS? field of experiments is wide open but I had no time to experiment more, as I discovered this plugin just yesterday
  2. Yes! Even some form of static semi-realtime webpage with simple visualization of mission progress would be amazing And I wont even mention interviews with crew, live TV shows with our brave kerbonauts, short look "behind mission-command scenes"... Merchandise space is also quite huge ("Duna and back in realtime and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" t-shirt? I'm in! I'd not be so afraid of stability of your system nor KSP itself. If your workstation will require few restarts, well, there's not much you'd do about that. Keep it running, keep it safe, keep regular backups of KSP space, just in case