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  1. ah...im crying tears of joy! I was actually hoping for this for some time now. Thanks for doing this.
  2. oh man i love you! thats what i wanted to find! its enough to get started!
  3. So hey guys...i realise that no matter how many awesome part mods are out there theres always something thats not perfect according to ones taste or whatever. So i want to use blender and try to make my own parts. But aside from blender use i dont know what are the correct steps to do that, basicly i have no idea how to make a part. Is there any vid tutorial about how to make a part like a simple fuel tank? Dang...i mean that with time i can design anything in blender. My problem is that i dont know how to apply any design in the game and other little details that might have an impact lik
  4. nope he just said that he cant do all the things he wants to do cause of some changes in 1.1 . when squad expands on their unity 5 set up , the option for proot to show what he's really capable will appear! So relax. Squad is planning to redo textures and stuff in the game so i assume that when that update comes proot will provide us mortals with his divine visuals on his own terms without his hands tied by the games current limits.
  5. ok so I installed the mod that I just downloaded and the results were exactly the same. also installed it on a new vanilla ksp, result the same also deleted everything and re downloaded game from steam and installed SVE , result the same. updated gpu drivers and stuff , crossed my fingers (both hands and feet) and still the same. is it safe to assume that theres something wrong with the files? I gotta go to my job now so when I get home I'll install the high medium and low res versions to see if I get different results. I just thought of something else. The textures on
  6. yes good idea. i'll delete and reinstall everything just to be sure and i'll also try a vanilla only game with this and see what happens. i'll probably do it tonight. edit nope I get the same results even on the vanilla install with no other mod but this one. absolutely no difference between my modded ksp and my vanilla ksp with only SVE. now this doesn't make any sense. Has anyone else downloaded the UR lately? could there be some missing files or wrong files? or is it just me? ive got a amd radeon r9 390 with 8gbs or vram. windows 7 64 bit , 16 gb of ram and playing ksp 1.1 64 bit.
  7. http://imgur.com/a/gZD1c so here they are. (how do I post the album?) are city lights and city blocks supposed to look so bad when in the atmosphere? ive seen RVE pics where you can clearly see the city blocks and the streets and stuff. Also aren't clouds in the atmosphere a little too bright? though I prefer them from the old eve grey ones.
  8. oh dang! I was talking about the clouds on low orbit , I assumed that ultra resolution affected the orbit clouds , cause you know , its a space game. So nothings wrong... I was kind of wondering if something happened to the textures when they got loaded or whatever (seen it happen in skyrim for example). Its just that I see other ppls posts in the awesome pic thread and im like thinking "how did this guy get the clouds to look so sexy?". So yeah that was it. No point in pursuing this any longer , the game has its limitations. So false alarm guys sorry. the clouds I see flying a plane through t
  9. i'll try to get some pics and post...i dont know , maybe its just me. I havent checked everything out yet but for a few days i'll be away from my pc so i thought it doesnt hurt to ask. theres one thing i havent checked out yet and its a pseudo DoF that gemfx has and maybe its that, that causes the clouds not to look as good as i would expect. As soon as i get my hands on my pc i'll check everything out.
  10. im playing on 1.1 and i think the clouds dont look very high res, actually they dont look like ultra. I did install the ultra one. Is anyone experiencing anything like that? i got lots of ksp installations so im gonna try it on a vanilla one when i get home. i guess i should also post a few pics. im kinda wondering if i expect too much but i have seen some amazing pics from people. im also using gemfx and reshade so i would expect to get even better sharpness on the textures.
  11. O_O ... omg! i love this pack already! i wanna learn how to make parts too ,im so jealous.
  12. omg those docking ports look so good! love the new textures , i was a ctually thinking of trying to retexture them myself to get them to look like that. im wondering if we can get sdhi compatibility for the docking port with the chutes.
  13. thanks a lot ! i'll try them out . but I still think I gotta learn how to make parts. I love your kerbal hacks by the way!
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