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  1. Finally.... ..getting to take some time off RL. This year been a b*tch, eh? Put this mod-set together with Parallax months ago and have been eager to have a look around. Didn't load in a LS mod to didn't have to worry about that.. just want to fly around Laythe! But the pre-landing bonus was this amazing and well planned (with some luck!) gravity-assisted Laythe orbital insertion with just 227m/s of ▲v! Now time to fly around..
  2. Greetings.. @jinnantonix has been added to the leaderboard! Congrats on a great mission and for those who like them, we have a new badge for this challenge! @SuicidalInsanity I'll be looking over your mission tonight as long as the weather doesn't go crazy and we lose power. Amazing score, though!
  3. Nice station! How about a way to refuel from a Minmus mining station. Either cook the fuel in Minmus orbit or drop Ore canisters down to Kerbin for processing at your station?
  4. I updated my "Played Hours" time for KSP on Steam. (I never "launch" from there hahaha, get it??)
  5. Beautiful crafts and "press release" documentation! Looking forward to seeing how this concludes.. and make sure to send me a PM
  6. Glad to see you're pressing on with this mission! TBH, I am not going to have time to do a real hard look at your submission.. things have been very dynamic and time to hit the forums just isn't in the cards. I'm sure you're doing fine, but there are a few challenge experts on the OP if you have questions.. try there? Good luck on completing your mission!
  7. Great video (as always!) and very cool gravity effect solution. Was there ever something like that talked about in the real Lunex?
  8. Ahh, I love a Constellation mission! And three people who like this mission profile as much as I do.. haha! Welcome newcomers and 'frequent fliers' alike! The last time I played KSP (has it been 3 months..?!?), I was playing JNSQ missions to Duna and Edna using Constellation/Copernicus designs. Sure would like to get back to completing that mission some day.. To all my KSP-playing friends still interested in completing this challenge, I am going to have very limited time to look at this site moving forward. That said, I will get an email in my top-shelf email if someone ha
  9. CONGRATULATIONS! Just finished watching your final video and it was just epic! Watching your base getting bigger and bigger during your Duna descent was spectacular. Really impressed with your implementation of the rules and mods to complete this challenge with a deep investment in design and implementation that really plays the ways I always envisioned this challenge to be executed. The badge designer hasn't been online in over a year, but I'll try and cook up a new badge with my limited skills. Either way, I'll get the OP updated later today once I've re-opened the lab...
  10. What @borisperrons said. This image explains the basic Mun landing profile:
  11. Hi @RoninFrog For this Achievement: At least 50% of the Duna crew have access to a seat in a Basic Rover during their outpost surface mission. (+1) [em. add.] Although it wouldn't necessarily need to be for their entire stay, the spirit is that the crew would be mobile-enabled for a significant part of their mission. As far as the number of seats, it should be 15 seats for 30 kerbals.
  12. Keep the pointy end towards space!

  13. That is quite something. Good luck executing unpacking it all! These videos are great and a pleasure to watch!
  14. @RobertaME @KevinTMC Yes, we really have some computer history here! Maybe I bought that SX-64, hehe, although the one I bought was in western Canada. How about 3D Maze on the 80-col PET! The first ever FPS? One frame per, what was it, about 20-30s?
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