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  1. Hope this gets you close enough!
  2. Huge thanks to @Galileo for extending my enjoyment of KSP into another dimension. Saved this pic from earlier on in my current playthough. Discovered this mysterious land formation while completing a science contract, and in fact nearly flew into it! For perspective, there is a flag near the bottom right. Original pic.
  3. ..all true, although Ike can be used for gravity assist Duna insertions without aerobraking.
  4. @Teilnehmer nice entries. Bonus 'like' for the unique design. Quite the drive to arch, too! @foobar great authentic 60's look! Not quite as many as landed kerbs @Xeldrak's 20, but still impressive. Lots of kerbs on EVA seems to be kraken bait for me..
  5. Updated the leaderboard for the last few entries. @NISSKEPCSIM, welcome to the challenge!
  6. Going to see him tonight. I hope this subject comes up in his talk!
  7. Visual mods are Stock Visual Enhancements and Stock Visual Terrain. Not sure which added the Munar dust clouds but I love it! Gopher it. You otter be able to find some really cool stock-alike parts too.
  8. WOW! Accuracy o'plenty!
  9. Adding to the great advice above, I'll name a few mods I use to make career more interesting: Kerbal Construction Time Stage Recovery KRASH Strategia Tourism Contract Pack Station Science Also set difficulty to medium or hard (or whatever they're called). Thinking about playing the same way you normally do but on different planets? Galileo's Planet Pack is a complete planetary system overhaul (and it is quite beautiful!).
  10. Welcome back to the challenge, Xeldrak! Yes it has been a long time since this was first posted, longer even since your original challenge (which seems absent?). Love the winglets and landing mode And yeah, Imgur isn't really great anymore and doesn't work on this forum.
  11. I'd like to see a stock LS. Something simple but extensible. But really, graphics and sound overhaul. I keep having to clean my keyboard when I load up an un-modded KSP with stock uggo planets and sad sound effects. EVE/SVE/realplume/chatterer add SO MUCH to the experience!
  12. Yeah, well the Mun is a beautiful, wiggly world. Sometimes it is so easy to land you feel like you want to whip it, other times you want to clockout. The best thing to remember is that if you can't get no satisfaction, you can always use your freedom of choice and stay on planet earth.
  13. Great mission and write up. Your Saturn V with SRB's checks out. Call it the Saturn V MLV. Very nice, EJ! Still haven't come up with a scoring system I like but interim leaderboard updated for the latest entries.
  14. Works from Duna to Ike as well..