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  1. Missed this, sorry. Going back to an earlier save point is fine, did that myself when a save broke. Just relaunching in the same "timeline", no...
  2. Congrats @jinnantonix! You have completed the Konstellation Space Program Challenge with maximum points! 'Board updated, let me know if I missed anything. Excellent videos showing your designs and mission execution to perfection.
  3. Other peoples' ingenuity never ceases to amaze me! Great use of stock parts to develop what looks like a viable mission profile (if kerballed up a little). I wrote this challenge almost six years ago as a tribute to what could have been a great reach towards deep space exploration, if only spoiled by something so vacuous as economics. Great mission! Yeah, getting down there is a b****. I resorted to ions in the end. Totally good with that part, in keeping with the challenge it should be powered and have communications, station-keeping, etc.
  4. Disturbing... Sounds like a huge endeavor Yes, good to go. Agreed.
  5. Yes. The only ones that wouldn't apply are the Mun Scientific Achievement scores and ATLAST telescope.
  6. @Mopoii everything checks out with those designs. Are you planning on sending the ATLAST telescope up as well?
  7. It's time for another run at this challenge! This is something I'd been thinking about for awhile, simmering on ideas for better surface base plans and more effective use of in-situ resource production. Originally, the idea was to incorporate USI Life Support plus MKS/OKS systems and get right into the advanced resource framework those mods provide. However, that mod has the capability of off-planet fabrication of more than just resources, making it banned from this challenge. Hrmph. So.. this entry will instead be using the USI Life Support mod only, along with the Nils277 Planetary Base Systems and Feline Utility Rovers for primary base construction. The Stockalike Station Parts Redux will round out parts for orbital and interplanetary construction. Initial testing is going well and all parts seem to be playing nice together so far, but will be awhile before even a basic launch schedule is up. For now, mod list: Feline Utility Rovers Planetary Base Systems Stockalike Station Parts Redux Restock USI Life Support Kerbal Alarm Clock KRASH (Kerbal Simulator) Stock Visual Terrain Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements Primary Lifter: 30t NPM Reusable: Yes Days between new lifter: 180
  8. When you've completed as much of the challenge you are planning to, post up a score summary with what points you are claiming for each section. If you go back and complete more steps of the challenge, post a new score and I will update the board. Never really defined a badge.. I'll look into it.
  9. Hey @jinnantonix you are go for landing! Yeah, there are multiple launches for sure. Depending on interpretation of the challenge, anywhere from two to four launches would be typical.
  10. @Mopoii Great looking craft and missions so far! Very cool method for using the stock parts to build a 6 crew capsule. Announcing challenge updates: Cleaned up the fonts/formatting that have been mangled through the years of forum updates. New: Two new scoring tables added to include some advanced gameplay options: Difficulty Points (points stack) Use any balanced Life Support mod (+3) Upscale the Kerbol system ( + [scale factor] * 2 ) Use the RO/RSS bundle of mods (+10) Enable Comm Network ON and Require signal for control ON (+2) Use these in game settings: Re-entry heating 110%, Enable Comm Network ON, Part pressure limits ON, Part G-force limits ON, Kerbal G-force limits ON, Require signal for control ON, Plasma Blackout ON (+5) Scientific Achievement Points Return surface samples from the Mun ( +2 for each biome, max 10 points) Return surface samples from Duna (+3 for each biome, max 15 points) If scored, the ATLAST space telescope includes: Any stock or mod telescope part and has sufficient power and communications to maintain constant communication with Kerbin (+2) Leave at least one rover on the Mun capable of remote control and has at least 3 science parts, power and communication (+2) Leave at least one rover on Duna capable of remote control and has at least 3 science parts, power and communication (+4)
  11. Awesome.. I'll have a look at home later. I'll be adding a few minor mission parameters for some "advanced" scores a little later as well. Hint: Will be expanding the challenge to include life-support and scaled-up KSP. This will not affect existing scores.
  12. The challenge is designed to fully test the hardware designs, which means yes all separate demonstration missions must be flown. In the mission where the EDS/Orion is delivered to LKO without using any of its fuel, that is achieved by the first stage and SRBs of Ares V.
  13. Hello and welcome! You are definitely able to compete in this challenge or another one that is similar here although that OP hasn't been online for about a month. I may even rework this challenge a bit if there is interest
  14. Thanks for the input. I don't see output_log.txt or KSP . log files and the whitelist file is present. Using the 1.1.3 snacks but will reinstall both buds after work. Edit I've reinstalled everything and confirmed the white list file is present. Nothing in the logs appear to resemble the error format seen on the Restock wiki. Hoping for some developer feedback? @Angel-125. Thanks!AlN5OvBh91ORtyDUjU8KNJX_13UJ