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  1. Great to see this challenge still inspiring entries and pushing the limits of scoring! To the top of 'Cost' and 'Mass-fraction' scores comes @DBowman with some interesting elements from Wernher's original plan I don't think I've seen here yet most notably the steep elliptical parking orbit around Duna. Nice use of available tools to make the transit happen! Adding those links to the OP with the score table update. Some questions.. Did the elliptical orbit save any delta-v on the Duna departure burn? The trick I should think would be to get the orbit such that the Pe around Duna would be at a beneficial Oberth-effect point when the Eve transfer window approaches. Were there any transit time or missing time savings with the Duna-Eve-Kerbin encounter that you used? I don't see the mass in KSP "t" for the 'Mass per kerbal'.. What was the version of KSP you were using?
  2. Death Engineering

    Kerbin is beautiful

    This is definitely the island from LOST.
  3. Death Engineering

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Three weeks? Sounds like some serious camping! I think we're still waiting for the first completed mission, anyways. My own attempt has stalled due to problems with my installation. I'll start having more time for KSP'ing next week so looking forward to re-engaging this challenge with a current KSP version and better selection of mods. In other news.. I've started frameworks for two new challenges in the "Doing it [alternate-reality] Style" genre. Soontm .
  4. Fantastic mission @jinnantonix and awesome video! Gold * Star for accurate appearance, especially the Duna lander/ascent module. Was that spin stabilization or simulated gravity? Nice use of stock parts to build the habitat ring. BTW, what version was this under? Doesn't affect scoring but I've been posting that as part of the results table. Leaderboard updated and congrats on the massive science score and taking top place in Propellant Mass Fraction!
  5. With the right mission the science opportunities are bountiful!
  6. Death Engineering

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Yep still around, well back.. partly. RL kicked in and don't have time to play but will respond to questions. Hope your mission is rocking!
  7. Sure, I'd be glad to help keep this challenge rolling! Sorry I missed your post back there.. I've also updated the reference links as they seem to have been moved on The MEM should stay attached to the PMM until at least in a Duna elliptical orbit. Right, use pretty much whatever you think works for the expendable mass. Ore is great, actually. There isn't a crew accommodation rule in this challenge. If you are referring to communication needs, I'm fine with not even enabling 'comms' for this challenge. If you're referring to the DSSR (sample return probes), those should stay attached to the PMM until Duna orbit. This is what has to say about the mission profile: "28 February 1983: Venus swingby. This reduces the velocity at the return to earth, and provided an additional science opportunity. Four probes were dropped into the atmosphere of Venus." On my last attempt at this mission, there was about 300 m/s savings at the Kerbin return injection burn but there was not a savings in travel time or mission time.
  8. Death Engineering

    Kerbal Space Force Mission Achievement Badges

    Cool and could be do-able. I'd like to have a way to embed scored onto the badge easily and not ugly. Ideas...?
  9. Death Engineering

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    What's it used for?
  10. Death Engineering

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    @Kerbolitto The External Command Seat is virtually massless (read: 'cheaty'). It really is only meant for plodding surface rovers or in vacuums. I guess since a payload bay can be pressurized, if enclosed as you have them, this is fine for atmospheric flight but is definitely not "Habitation Space" Your designs are quite unique. Transformer-like.
  11. Death Engineering

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Never needed to. 'Single-launch' and 'no refueling' was never stated. Exactly. I plan on leaving the backup DAV in orbit most of the time so that I can put it down where it is needed as there will soon be a Duna plane and an Elcano attempt in later missions and I'm certain the plane is going have a kerb-up. Yes.
  12. Death Engineering

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Basically Backup Plan requires at least two Duna ascent vehicles, in case Jeb gets ahold of one and has a kerb- up with it (destroyed). Neither primary or backup DAV needs to hold the entire surface crew. However, since all crew must be returnable to Kerbin, something practical is advised. IOW, if there are 200 crew on the surface there should be a way to get 200 crew back to orbit. This does include all the standard requirements (life support, capacity, fuel reserves, etc). The open air rover seats are considered roundabouts and can be very basic. I have a 6 seater design that is very few parts, for example. Rule relaxed: Removed the over stressed penalty for actually using the backup plan.
  13. Death Engineering

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Heh far out. Sticking with the flavour of the original challenge which specifies that "..every [module] contains enough supply for short missions" (defined as 10 days), I think that is an achievable expectation. I'd even say at minimum "some amount plus enough to sustain any crew visiting the station". That way, is isn't "none" and if it never gets visited, no resupply trucks need call. Shuttles are crew only.