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  1. Another Happy Landing.. With the landing zone aligned with the Pe of its elliptical orbit, the krew moved to the MEM and prepared to land. Using a combination of chutes and powered descent, the MEM descended quickly through Duna's wispy thin atmosphere. Engines-on, the landing zone is adjusted to avoid a steep incline. With these three in charge, Duna may not ever be the same..
  2. Looks interesting. I get dropping the propulsion stage(s) at the end of the runway, but do we have an altitude limit before dropping? A few meters, 100m, no meters? Thanks!
  3. Das Dunaprojekt The Mighty Saturn V carried the PPM to orbit where a skeleton krew checked it out before the launch of 4 S II-B's carried the three propulsion modules to their rendezvous and docking. Carefully aligning the lateral PPM's to the main PPM is critical to ensure stability during the three outbound burns With the mission fully assembled and fueled, the crew arrive for their trip to Duna. Leaving Kerbin behind, the crew take one last look. Meanwhile back on the Space Station, the PPM's return to be re-used. Once at Duna, the crew use Ike's orbit to pull their PMM into a highly elliptical orbit with a low-altitude fly--by. Safely in Duna's orbit, the crew unpack the MEM and prepare to take it down.
  4. Konstellation + JNSQ - Mun Missions and Departing for Duna After 5 successful Mun landings, completing the Mun components of this challenge, the Duna mission is well underway. Initially had thought about doing a 'Mars Direct' style mission but just couldn't get it to come together so have gone with a Copernicus-style mission instead. Space Station crew rotation and rescue mission docked to Station First Altair Crewed Landing Advanced Research Lab Altair and Rovers on North Pole Orbital Assembly completed for KOP-1, crew arriving Leaving for Duna
  5. It depends on who you want as an audience. When I was first starting out in KSP, tutorials were my food of choice. But, as I no longer needed instructions on how to do things I found things like hard-mode/extreme careers interesting to watch (which is how I voted). Personally, I like the historical missions but I might be alone in that camp.
  6. Will take a run at it this weekend. As to the 'realism' comment, I'm referring to the 'real' space shuttle (Space Shuttle..) that could only retract when doing reconditioning. It reminded me of playing the old (okay ancient) Shuttle that had that restriction and my button-pushing-knob-turning couldn't resist deploying the gear in space. Oh, I can't retract? We go boom. "The nose landing gear is retracted forward and up into the lower forward fuselage and is enclosed by two doors. The main landing gear are also retracted forward and up into the left and right lower wing area, and each is enclosed with a single door. The nose and main landing gear can be retracted only during ground operations."
  7. Looks like too much fun to not try! ^^ This rule is pretty cool and a nice accuracy touch.
  8. One of the longest careers I played went past year 16 and in that save I put Valentina in the taxi driver role. She went to orbit and the Mun/Minmus many times, out to Duna probably 6 times and back, and out to Jool twice. Not once did she ever leave the command pod or even land anywhere (maybe I should nickname her 'Mrs. Collins'..), and on the last trip out to Jool she was relegated to crew the Tylo space station while everyone else went home. Even though this save is on 1.4.3, I've considered going back to it to bring her home. NAH!
  9. I forget their handle, but their avatar was Lister from Red Dwarf. Great explanations of complex things.
  10. What is: "SCE to AUX.. what the hell is that?" - Pete Conrad Answer: Something you don't want to hear with 5 F1 rocket engines blustering underneath you.
  11. 5thHorseman and DeadJohn are spot-on with the best practice using the docking port as a decoupler. One other tip, though, disable crossfeed on the port prior to launch. Depending on your craft design, you could wind up drawing fuel/oxi from the craft above the docking port.