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  1. Death Engineering

    Doing It Constellation Style

    Konstellation Space Program: Crewed Duna Landing Meeting the goals of landing 6 Kerbals on Duna utilized the Kopernicus module/ Habitation module/ Duna Ascent module seven-launch approach: Kopernicus crew transfer module: Reusuable crew module (max seating: 12) with docked Kerbin entry module Crew landing/Habitation module: Extended Duna research lab and habitation lander with 2 small rovers (max seating: 6 + 2 lab) Duna ascent module: Duna orbital return craft and pressurized rover (max seating 4). ISRU for ascent craft refueling. 3 Nuclear propulsion stages for Duna modules Orion EXT (max seating 6) on Ares I Mission debrief: All Duna modules and their nuclear propulsion stages launched on Ares V followed by Orion EXT (6 crew) on Ares I delivering the crew to the Kopernicus transfer module. Arrival at Duna was timed that the crew was last into Duna's SOI providing mission contingency for failures in either the Duna ascent landing or Habitation Module capture into Duna's orbit. No aerobraking was used to enter Duna's orbit, relying instead on the nuclear engines for propulsive orbital insertion. After landing the Ascent module/pressuring rover, the crew moved from the transfer module to the landing module in the Orion EXT (which will be used to land on Kerbin after the Duna surface excursion). As the crew module descended thru Duna's thin atmosphere, the aeroshell was jettisoned and drogue chutes deployed to assist in separating lander from the payload bay. Using propulsive landing, the habitation module set down less than 2 km from the ascent module landing site. While the science lab was setting up, a crew member took one of two small single-seat rovers which was brought along with the habitation lander over to the ascent module for inspection and deployment of the pressurized rover. The rover was brought back to the habitation module for use in exploring the Duna surface and carrying the crew to the ascent module until the Kerbin return windows approached. After an extended stay on Duna's surface, the crew traveled to the Ascent module and returned to the orbiting crew transfer spacecraft before the single long burn to return to Kerbin. Summary: Separate transfer, habitation/lab and ascent modules on Ares V. 3x Nuclear propulsion on Ares V. Six crew on Orion EXT/ Ares I All spacecraft depart Kerbin SOI on same transfer window. Crew surface stay: 1 year 7 days. Today crew mission time: 4 years, 252 days Ascent stage refueling with ISRU using common Duna parachute assisted propulsive landing platform. Return to Kerbin profile: Duna Orbit Rendezvous with return craft and transported Orion EXT. Crew transfer module docked to Deep Space Gateway for refit. Additional notes: Altair derived Deep Space Gateway built and launched while Duna mission underway. Dres transfer window in 289 days. Mission spacecraft construction underway. Some graphic mods removed from installation prior to Duna landing due to severe lag issues. Crewed Duna Landing Score: 121 Mission details and images:
  2. Watch this space... Coming soon ! Retooled 'Duna Permanent Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge'! (Pinging @septemberWaves in case they are still drafting theirs..)
  3. Death Engineering

    Doing It Constellation Style

    What is the delta vee to get out there?
  4. Death Engineering

    Doing It Constellation Style

    Konstellation Space Program: Asteroid Rendezvous / Munar Base Mun Base: Taking steps toward Duna and beyond, proving deep space missions to other bodies successfully accomplished using Altair ARM and Orion. Long term surface exploration on the Mun completed using advanced Altair landers to build a Munar base located near a Monolith on the northern side of the Northern Basin biome. Munar hardware included: Altair based Habitation module, Science Lab and Cargo Variant which delivered a pressurized rover to ferry the crew from the Altair Outpost variant and the Munar Base. The rover and crewed Altair Outpost variant were landed 2.8 km from the Munar Base where it waited for the crew while they did what kerbals do at the Munar Base. The crew were on the surface for 29 days and 2 hours and were back on Kerbin after over 32 days in space. Asteroid Rendezvous: The asteroid rendezvous was technically a success but was compromised by an attempt to return the crew home as quickly as possible. Without enough delta-v to de-orbit, the crew was stuck in a high elliptical orbit around Kerbin until a rescue ship could be constructed. In order to save time, an Ares V destined for the Munar base was modified to support an Orion Block II. An ore sample was returned separately from the crew and the asteroid was poked, but the mission was far longer than intended at over 20 days. However, there was sufficient life support to allow the safe return of the crew, thanks to the rescue mission. The use of the Ares V intended for the Munar base puts rocket production behind schedule, putting the Duna mission in jeopardy of meeting the next launch window. Munar Base Score: 141 Asteroid Rendezvous Score: 45
  5. Death Engineering

    Heritage Challenges [1 available for reboot]

    @kerbalstar you're a rock star in my world for redux-ing this thread! Didn't recall seeing the Constellation one so that was a neat find. Having done several attempts in the Constellation challenge I started in '13, making another run was an easy decision. Deep space rendezvous and life support? Oh yeah! Of course, the thread may be defunct, but that isn't stopping me, in fact I've expanded the mission scope to include the Deep Space Gateway for refitting the Copernicus. I might have too much free time.. @Speeding Mullet glad to see you back! Always enjoyed playing those old challenges alongside your attempts. If you haven't tried a KSP version lately you might want to have a look.
  6. Death Engineering

    Doing It Constellation Style

    The Konstellation Space Program This challenge entry is played in KSP 1.4.3. Along with the visually stunning Astronomer's Visual Pack, it includes TAC Life Support and a few others (all listed below) but notably the Unrapid Planned Assembly mod Kerbal Construction Time. This is made relevant by not allowing for quicksaving/reverting when a mission goes awry. If a crew is in trouble, there better be a ready-to-launch rescue craft or some of those nasty (-50) points will be tracked! This also means planning the Altair/Orion construction order so that the probes are ready for the upcoming Duna transfer window. Other than the life support mod, there are no extra parts. This means no delta-v calculators, although there is a HUD mod to make flying from the flight screen more intuitive. Stage Recovery is making sure the SRB's are recovered and Kerbal Alarm Clock helps with the time warping. In-game settings include g-force limits for parts and Kerbals, non-respawning Kerbals, plasma blackout, commnet enabled with signal required for control. Prior to the Munar Sortie mission, two satellites were launched around the Mun. Flown off-screen prior to the first Altair launch was an uncrewed Munar flyby with recovery of the 4-crew Orion spacecraft. Thanks to Scrapyard, the capsule will be flown again on the upcoming Munar Base mission. For those familiar with the Kerbal Construction Time mod, I've only allowed a total of 15 points which are spread on two construction tracks (10/5). For comparison, with those rates it would take 35 days to build the stock Kerbal-X and 50 days to build the stock Dynawing. Mission debrief: After docking with the pre-launched Altair/EDS and performing the TMI burn, the EDS performed one small flight correction before it was discarded. The landing site was chosen for its easy equatorial location and scenic beauty (near an arch). The crew spent 7 days and 2 hours on the Munar surface proving it can run for a full Munar day on the fuel cells. Two single-driver rovers were deployed and driven 1.7 km to mark a potential location for the upcoming Munar Base. General Score: 73 Munar Sortie Score: 50 Mod list:
  7. Death Engineering

    Doing It Constellation Style

    Yep I'll keep maintaining my posts as long as the KSP forum is ticking and so am I. I like the framework and scoring system for this challenge, but I'd even consider rebooting my attempt at a K/Constellation based challenge if this one doesn't get some traction from the OP.
  8. Death Engineering

    Doing It Constellation Style

    This is such a well thought-out challenge I might want to park my 1.3.1 career and try it out with the latest KSP... are you still maintaining this thread, @septemberWaves? If so, might even be a candidate for @kerbalstar's new Heritage Challenge page?
  9. Death Engineering

    Cool songs to play with KSP

    Such a great song to launch to.. coasting to apo with .. "Pressure Drop"
  10. Death Engineering

    [1.4.1] BARIS - Building A Rocket Isn't Simple

    (btw played original BARIS on floppy when it was new!) Having weird situation where in sandbox the mod seems to perform normally where the Integration timer counts down normally but when in career mode it is as if integration never commences. ie the number of days does not count down. Log:!AlN5OvBh91ORtxVy8UMrNSOB2rn-
  11. Is this mod compatible with alternate planetary systems (ie Galileo ) ?
  12. Death Engineering

    [KSP 1.4.3] Galileo's Planet Pack [v1.6.3.0] [9 May 2018]

    Hope this gets you close enough!
  13. Death Engineering

    [KSP 1.4.3] Galileo's Planet Pack [v1.6.3.0] [9 May 2018]

    Huge thanks to @Galileo for extending my enjoyment of KSP into another dimension. Saved this pic from earlier on in my current playthough. Discovered this mysterious land formation while completing a science contract, and in fact nearly flew into it! For perspective, there is a flag near the bottom right. Original pic.
  14. Death Engineering

    Ike is too Easy to intercept

    ..all true, although Ike can be used for gravity assist Duna insertions without aerobraking.