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  1. Death Engineering

    Will there be a 1.6.2?

    Probably true but weird that the long-awaited delta-v redoubt is so easily broken by engine plates will have to wait for a fix.
  2. Death Engineering

    Why is the engine plate a decoupler?

    I'm not near my computer at the moment but I vaguely remember the engine plate messing with the Delta v stock calculations?
  3. Death Engineering

    Doing It Constellation Style

    Very cool. @KerbolittoHow many parts is your Altair? Mine is over 150 with two little single seat rovers which makes my landing fps kinda bad.. Might need to rethink it some.
  4. Death Engineering

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Yuck. Watch those autostruts, they're kraken bait.
  5. Death Engineering

    Doing It Constellation Style

    Looking forward to playing with Constellation-y designs this spring again. This sounds more or less wide open, as long as the science! is captured by a crew member, yeah? So, roving the surface good too, presumably.. Thanks for revamping and reviving this challenge! And the high-altitude testing... ..continues. Edit: This mod is part of why I'm back in the Constellation game. Having a proper selection of LF tanks is going to make designs better.
  6. Death Engineering

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    FANTASTIC! Very true. When my save file bugged at the end of Year 7, I was originally bitter about the loss but thankful to alter the last couple of launches when I was able to find a non-corrupted save from two years earlier. Fuel is heavy. That fuel mining rig of yours is awesome. It checks out.. congratulations! @hoioh Thanks for your badgic! (badge magic..??) Excellent versatility. The uranium resource comes from Near Future? Great vdeo! BTW, at around 6:35 in the video there is something that looks like drilling/harvesting coming off the main wheeled-pod. What was that?
  7. Hi @Death Engineering, just thought I might ask for a little guidance on the minimum requirement for submission.

    I have completed Transit 4 (just need to complete the video, will submit later today), and I have launched Transit 5 mission to Kerbin orbit ready to go to Duna.  The project has followed the original plan (see ) with only minor tweaks.   I am at Year 10 Day 1, and have compiled all the points I will achieve.  

    All that's left is game time to complete Transit 5 (which is really easy).  The final transit delivers the Duna Space Station science lab and makes up the 200 seats and LS resources for the recovery for all Kerbals to Kerbin, there are some achievements that I have tested thoroughly, but not documented (eg evacuation test, Advance Space Taxi,etc).  I am very happy to provide a video or screenshots proving those achievements on request.  

    I am wondering if I can submit now.  This has been a monumental challenge in terms of required game time, and hoping to get this wrapped up ASAP.  

    Shall I submit?

    1. Death Engineering

      Death Engineering

      Yeah go ahead and post your submission.

      Basic requirements for submission are demonstrating the various achievements scored, SLV reusability (if applicable) and anything else that seems relevant. I really should put something on the OP now that I think about it.  ;.;

      You've definitely done that with the imgur pics and videos! The utility you were able to conjure up for the given mass is impressive.

      You've also definitely outdone my score, so well done! :cool:



    2. jinnantonix


      OK, thanks - I will submit.  I am just going through the exact dates of  Kerbal arrivals on Duna's surface so my scoring is correct, yes happy to say I think it's a respectably big number, and throws down the gauntlet, but is still beatable I am sure.   Always happy for you to feedback if I need to demo anything more clearly.

  8. Death Engineering

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Minmus mining or just launch up the Duna transfer burn fuel with the payload. Over the span of the challenge, launching the fuel would likely be less mass than Minmus mining (although my 'mining' skillz are unrefined.. my methods are unlikely to be optimal). Of course the challenge achievements ask for ISRU from Ike/Duna or drag (park) an asteroid around Duna. The integrated mining/refining seems ideal. I should try that. Describes my bases perfectly. Far out. Thanks!
  9. Death Engineering

    Doing It Constellation Style

    Ares I / Orion Orion high speed re-entry test Okay, I'm in.
  10. Great idea! I've toyed with this idea too, incorporating some modern KSP features like science/biome goals and launching from alternate launch sites. Maybe even a goal to recover the crew with some kind of boat or seaplane. Looking forward to it! edit: and AAP stuff!
  11. Death Engineering

    Kerpollo - A Full Science Career In 9 Parts

    I've been following this thread in earnest and watched every video at least once. The challenge is indeed intriguing! Can't wait to see the solutions to Eve.
  12. Death Engineering

    Duna Outpost Mission Architecture Challenge

    Mission Complete! It is Year 10 Day 398 and the Ike mining operation is operational. This completes the main challenge missions and having refueled the Deep Space Taxi, crews can now be freely returned to Kerbin. The "base model" DST can bring five crew home on the first run, but an upgrade awaits on the Kerbin Space Station to bring the DST crew capacity up to 14. In the end, there were a total of 56 kerbals who landed on Duna with the peak population being 54 kerbals. Greenhouse upgrade Surface samples were recovered from eight of Duna's biomes during the science rover traversal. During the drive of almost 2500km, flags were planted on the highest and lowest points on Duna as well as the North pole and the 'face' anomaly. Plans were cancelled to also visit the South pole and other anomalies because.. 2500km! Score Mission Value: 62464 Achievements: 26 (details in spoiler) Success rating #2: "The outpost succeeded...extremely well. You can now retire in elegant estates" Efficiency: 62464 / 640 = 97.6 NPM 40t * 16 Launches = 64 Some final pics. Mission Architecture for continuing the Duna outpost Crews will require one supply pod drop for each 10 crew on each Duna inbound window. A SupPod has a mass of approximately 10t meaning that current Duna outpost crews (54) will require about 60t of supplies on each window. Now that Ike mining is in place and all space tugs can return to Kerbin for refit and refuel, all SLV launches can be purely Duna-bound payload. There are comfortably four SLV launches per window of 40t (total 160t per window), that leaves 100t per launch window for base expansion or upgrades. Alternately, if no outpost expansion is planned only two SLV launches per Duna window would keep current crews safely stocked. Some thoughts on this challenge.. This was a monumental effort for me and I really short-cutted it. Most of the launches were very similar payloads being combinations of habitat and surface supply modules. Some of the other efforts I've seen so far on this thread are humbling in their scope and complexity. The delta-v for Duna orbital insertion and ban of using aerobraking for nuclear engines had me rethinking the method for getting payload into Duna. In this playthrough, I used a multi-purpose nuclear tug to deliver nearly all payload to Duna. The thought was that the tugs would refuel then come back to Kerbin for more cargo then deliver more cargo back to Duna, but they would need to refuel first again at Kerbin. Initially, there was not enough extra fuel to get all the tugs back to Kerbin but now that Ike mining is running they could feasibly all could get back now. But I asked myself why send the whole tug out to Duna in the first place? I think a better solution would be to use a nuclear "payload chucker" to toss payloads towards Duna then about-face and quickly return to Kerbin orbit for refit and more cargo. In this configuration, the payload could have a relatively low mass aerobraking/circularization package which would be jettisoned before landing. I estimate I could have increased my mission value by at least 30% by doing this. In-situ life support generation is something I should have focused on more (and earlier..). While my simple method of dropping supply pods for the outpost modules was effective and reasonably mass-inexpensive, it was not a clean solution. There was already a collection of depleted supply pods accumulating on the surface and it wouldn't take long before a 'garbage dump' would be needed. (That was a sobering thought.) Bugs? Glitches? Jimmy legs? With multiple base modules and supply pods within physics range, occasionally when changing between vehicles an entire module would just vanish *poof*. Yes, I saved often and didn't permanently lose anything but what a hassle to have to check that nothing was lost pretty much after every time dealing with Duna surface modules. Fairings are unrealistic-bordering-on-silly. More a KSP thing than a challenge thing, but really obvious when KSP happily complies with putting just about anything under a payload fairing. The "Success ratings" are derived from the classing Commodore 64 game M.U.L.E., which after completing this challenge will be a welcome break.. Good luck to all still playing through their DOMA challenge and to any who care to join the fun. Krazy Kerbal Fairing


  14. Death Engineering

    CommNet Dish Inspection Challenge

    Albatross 3 Inspection Non-stop tour Stock Albatross 3 Using the stock Albatross 3 altered only with one autostrut enabled midway down the main wing to reduce flappy-wing and 3 lights added for the night flybys, this circumnavigation visited all seven dish locations without landing. Mesa South Not sure this is the most efficient order, but started by heading to Mesa South. Val joined Jeb as backup pilot and Bill handled the inspections again. HM Still daylight when passing near Harvester Massif, but nearly lost the aircraft after the flyby when it stalled trying to climb over the mountain range to the north. Nye Island Flew into darkness for the Nye Island flyby but lights gave Bill a good enough look. Woomerang Crater Rim Dropped to a low and slow pass by Woomerang before powering back to cruising altitude toward Crater Rim. Baikerbanur Short hop to Baikerbanur for a dusk flyby before heading to North Station, again back into darkness. North Station Swinging back to a southern heading back home for a night landing. Left KSC with full tanks of 4880 fuel and landed with 1800 remaining. Landing KSC Not a points-attempt at this challenge of course, but the non-stop flight did add an interesting element, especially having TAC LifeSupport installed at the time and not bringing enough supplies to complete the trip (everyone still survived). Stall recovery Would have needed to modify the Albatross 3 even more to pull off some of those landings, and part of this attempt was to complete the tour as non-stop in a "stock" craft. Into sunset Had plenty of fuel left so probably could have done the landings as well, but didn't want to cut the fuel too low and have to start over. Total flight time was 7h 7m and covered distance (by Waypoint Manager) was 4871 km. Wasn't sure it would even work as the first few tries saw Bill tumbling instead of deploying the chute, but was kinda neat and could have easily made it 10km away from the jump point. I tried something similar on Duna using EVA pack to get up to about 11km then chuted down. Covered almost 20km! edit: POIDH
  15. Death Engineering

    CommNet Dish Inspection Challenge

    Dish Inspection Final Sorties Harvester Massif flyby Added 450 liquid fuel to the DE-AB2 using fixed tanks under the fuselage and wings to complete Harvester Massif inspection. This was a long mission but did much of the flying while I did other things. Landing Inspection Had hoped to make this and Mesa South in one flight but reserves after the first landing said otherwise. In the end, barely made it back but landed safely with 47 fuel remaining. Total flight time 3:34. Pics for this flight. Back to KSC Next flight to Mesa South allowed for a lighter plane so added only 300 fuel to the base model using fixed fuel pods. Not a lot to see on the way down, but a great view from the dish! South Mesa Inspection Another chute-assisted landing at the dish, this was a little too close but landed safely. I think this is the best view of all the dishes so couldn't resist taking a leap off the steep ledge to the plains below. BASE jump from dish Circled the mesa twice on the way down and skimmed the snow above a lower ledge before plunging straight down the steep side towards a flat area to await pickup. Looking back at Mesa Jeb used gravity to get airborne then lit the engines for landing during the pickup, demonstrating the AB2's reasonable glide ratio. Coasting to pick up Bill Easy flight home chasing sunset total time just under three hours. Enjoyed the relaxing flights punctuated by tricky landings at the dishes in this challenge! The BASE jump off South Mesa was great fun.. might even make for an interesting challenge. Back to KSC Images of the mission. This should complete the challenge, but may repeat the effort with some other goals. Oh, of course.. Houdini escapes are always 'planned'.