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  1. What @borisperrons said. This image explains the basic Mun landing profile:
  2. Hi @RoninFrog For this Achievement: At least 50% of the Duna crew have access to a seat in a Basic Rover during their outpost surface mission. (+1) [em. add.] Although it wouldn't necessarily need to be for their entire stay, the spirit is that the crew would be mobile-enabled for a significant part of their mission. As far as the number of seats, it should be 15 seats for 30 kerbals.
  3. Keep the pointy end towards space!

  4. That is quite something. Good luck executing unpacking it all! These videos are great and a pleasure to watch!
  5. @RobertaME @KevinTMC Yes, we really have some computer history here! Maybe I bought that SX-64, hehe, although the one I bought was in western Canada. How about 3D Maze on the 80-col PET! The first ever FPS? One frame per, what was it, about 20-30s?
  6. Well, the editing is brilliant. I, too, played the original BARIS, and still loved it despite (or maybe because) of all its frustrations. That's probably the only floppy-game I still own.
  7. Oldest post to the forum, pretty much. First flight in hmm 0.16 would have been a laugh. That was back in the 'straigh-up-until-10k-then-turn' -osphere. Thick like last night's gravy.
  8. Sure enough, my oldest preserved launch is also a Saturn V - alike! This goes back to 2013 on a KSP pre-release (0.19 probably)
  9. Flying on Duna can be fun, but dangerous! This Duna base included two vertical-launch powered gliders that allowed scoring all kinds of flying SCIENCE! points. Disposable, secondary to the main mission and most of all... uncrewed!
  10. I have a Saturn I Block 2 model rocket with a 5.4cm diameter payload bay. Who wants to launch their Jeb in it?
  11. Konstellation + JNSQ - Duna Krew arrives home This parting shot leaving Duna wraps up the interplanetary Konstellation missions for this challenge attempt. As mentioned earlier, not going to deploy the 'scope (mostly because I don't know where the orbit would be, haha). Scoring Pointages: This was never going to be a max-points attempt, as the JNSQ scale made some of the requirements a little out of reach without really bending the Constellation hardware parameters. Nevertheless, the added challenge of JNSQ + life support more than made up for the challenge difficulty. One final shot of our 4 crew returning home..
  12. Your mission was great to follow in the imgur album! A pleasure to update this OP's leaderboard. This isn't really a challenge about the score, though, is it? The score is there just as a documentation of completion, but I think this is really more a challenge for people who like to build and paint models. (or was that just me? haha) Great mission, and I'm sure it doesn't matter but what was the KSP version...?
  13. It does. But we bled off all the fuel to keep the Elcano submission pure.