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  1. @PaulNewson1968 , @JeffreyCor et al. ... I rolled ClickThroughBlocker back to "1.8.0-0.1.9" and the problem is gone.
  2. This is brilliant. Thanks for keeping this challenge alive and completing a very ambitious mission and mission report thread! I kinda have a soft-spot for vonBraun, despite some of the questionable back-ground on where his knowledge came from. Outside of KSP I am building a vonBraun collection of model rockets and have build the S1, S1B, Saturn V (Apollo 11), Saturn V (Skylab) and of course a yellow and black V2. Some of them have had motors fired in them but I doubt I'll fly em at this point. Mind if I borrow some of your mission images for the challenge OP? Congrats on the mission
  3. Fantastic.. and an Elkano haha that is classic! I never turn down the opportunity for a slow-burn mission in KSP.. although yours was much faster than I've traversed Duna! Great score with a match on the best 'Propellant Mass Fraction'! Congrats and lizardboard updated! This is indeed true and I'm happy to say that I'll be back more regularly to check on challenge updates and questions. I started a new job in January and it has been quite a year but things are at a point where I'll be able to keep track of things better moving forward. edit: BTW.. which version of KSP was this completed in?
  4. I have this issue as well, and it doesn't just affect action groups, it seems to functionally break the SPH/VAB editor in general. Also, something must be spinning like mad under the hood as when terminating the simulation the frame rate in the editor is impacted as well.
  5. That's a tricky one. Once a save-file gets twisted continuing to play through carries risk. I once had a "simulator" mod go south and it seemed all was okay after a glitch but later on the 'simulation' took over and no progress was ever saved.
  6. I know it seems draconian, but for consistency that mod suite will remain banned. Regarding the bolded-part above, that is not exactly accurate. All crew need to be recoverable, but they don't necessarily need to be recoverable on the drop of a hat. Think of it this way, crew must be safe and happy and also able to come home at some point; no crew may be stranded permanently, but for the return home capability the inter-planetary shuttle can make multiple trips. It's been awhile since I've been on the forums to refresh myself with this challenge, so I hope that helps but if not please let me know. @dire and @BrightBritches welcome to the challenge! Looking back over your posts now and look forward to seeing where you take your missions.
  7. @Speeding Mullet Just WOW this is an amazing mission! Design, execution and awesome story punctuated with great photography.. 100/10 for style! It's been hard to find time to get back to the forum to get caught up, but well worth the read. I'm a big fan of the old-timey space alternate-history projects and seeing it come to life here was a treat. Doing an Elcano on top of the standard mission will certainly make a fantastic entry to the Dunaprojekt challenge.. certainly looking forward to the return trip and safe landing!
  8. Missed this, sorry. Going back to an earlier save point is fine, did that myself when a save broke. Just relaunching in the same "timeline", no...
  9. Congrats @jinnantonix! You have completed the Konstellation Space Program Challenge with maximum points! 'Board updated, let me know if I missed anything. Excellent videos showing your designs and mission execution to perfection.
  10. Other peoples' ingenuity never ceases to amaze me! Great use of stock parts to develop what looks like a viable mission profile (if kerballed up a little). I wrote this challenge almost six years ago as a tribute to what could have been a great reach towards deep space exploration, if only spoiled by something so vacuous as economics. Great mission! Yeah, getting down there is a b****. I resorted to ions in the end. Totally good with that part, in keeping with the challenge it should be powered and have communications, station-keeping, etc.
  11. Disturbing... Sounds like a huge endeavor Yes, good to go. Agreed.
  12. Yes. The only ones that wouldn't apply are the Mun Scientific Achievement scores and ATLAST telescope.
  13. @Mopoii everything checks out with those designs. Are you planning on sending the ATLAST telescope up as well?
  14. It's time for another run at this challenge! This is something I'd been thinking about for awhile, simmering on ideas for better surface base plans and more effective use of in-situ resource production. Originally, the idea was to incorporate USI Life Support plus MKS/OKS systems and get right into the advanced resource framework those mods provide. However, that mod has the capability of off-planet fabrication of more than just resources, making it banned from this challenge. Hrmph. So.. this entry will instead be using the USI Life Support mod only, along with the Nils277 Planetary Base Systems and Feline Utility Rovers for primary base construction. The Stockalike Station Parts Redux will round out parts for orbital and interplanetary construction. Initial testing is going well and all parts seem to be playing nice together so far, but will be awhile before even a basic launch schedule is up. For now, mod list: Feline Utility Rovers Planetary Base Systems Stockalike Station Parts Redux Restock USI Life Support Kerbal Alarm Clock KRASH (Kerbal Simulator) Stock Visual Terrain Sci-Fi Visual Enhancements Primary Lifter: 30t NPM Reusable: Yes Days between new lifter: 180