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  1. Either way, I think I will just remove the check altogether. Now that KSP is well beyond release 1.0, I hope the API will stay stable enough so that the check is no longer necessary.
  2. I had some time yesterday to try out the mod linked in the KSP issue, and I think that would be a really nice addition to Precise Node.
  3. Please see this thread instead. But please notice that I've discontinued work on this, and can't guarantee it's working properly in recent KSP versions.
  4. The Toolbar Plugin does not care about what vessels are doing, so I'd say the problem should be on the MechJeb side.
  5. Thanks, I've seen it. Will check it out over the next few days.
  6. I love how you call them confetti. Because they are.
  7. To clear up any confusion: Display of apoapsis and periapsis exists since Precise Node 0.4, and is still in.
  8. There is really nothing to be sorry about.
  9. What do you guys do to get infractions? I've only ever gotten exactly one infraction on a forum in my life, and it wasn't on this one. They didn't really enjoy my sarcasm I pretty much never posted again there. Take that!
  10. The number of installations was quite high even before KSP 1.0. Note that this is number of active installations, not downloads.
  11. Just a quick note here: It looks like Precise Node has been installed over 2000 times already on players' computers. You guys seem to be really digging this.
  12. You, Sir, go and play some Cities: Skylines. Please. Also, since you mention lobster - I'm going to play a favorite song of mine from The B-52's now.
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