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  1. sneaky littel b*stard so there was a way to make it automatic XD
  2. man that was fast XD thx alot for the update
  3. thx for the info i submitted a pull request for you XD dont know how github works hopefully i did it right XD
  4. but for some reason the mk2 from the same mod works XD
  5. hey so just a quick question is it right that your mod adds the ability to any isru to make materialkits, for some reason the mk3 isru wich is added trough mining expansion cant make materialkits
  6. okey no problem, so name of mods XD hopefully its ok if i just make a list (take your time and dont forget your life XD) Restock Restock+ Lynx Rover Universal Storage2 Mining Expansion Kerbal PLanatary Base System Stocklike Station Parts Redux PS: Pls dont hate me XD
  7. would there be away to make a mm patch wich adopts to your mods installed and patches them to have CC funktionality? because you would need to make like all the patches XD (posted because restock/restock+ dont have a patch, and many more wich use normaly)
  8. hey there quick question how can i create ablator for the heat shields? none of the isru can do it
  9. Hello there quick question for carrer mode waht from this list is shared? contract, rep and funds, building stages, tech tree progress,
  10. fund the issue as i mentioned it isnt your mod it is actually ksp interstellar expanded newest version, posted the bug there and hes aware of if. So you can just forget i posted anything XD
  11. hello there i have a issue as well wehn i install your mod (already have the dep installed) i cant use any air breathing engines the intakes are closed on startup and if i open it it changes nothing the engines still flames out, its the same with modded engines too, MODLIST export through ckan,
  12. hey there it seems that the new update 1.7.1 borke all air intakes, first they all start closed and even if i open them my engines starv to death EDIT: seems some mod is makeing problems here NOT your one will update wehn i found it
  13. would it be possible to make it unlocked trough tech tree? lso it would be a upgrade trough the tech tree(unlocked with the mechjeb pod) ?
  14. quick question is the mod dead? or is there a replacment?
  15. waht about a borderless fullscreen mode? why isnt there one. (i hpe i didnt miss it )
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