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  1. That's beautiful. If/When fancy tweakable cowls are released, how tweakable/fancy will they be? Will they be a selection of shapes, or one shape with variable length, or something else? Edit: Also, how are you changing the paint? Edit2: Nevermind, I was being an idiot and didn't have Firespitter.dll installed
  2. DisarmingBaton5

    WIP: Muscle Car Parts Mod

    YAY! Thanks, UnstableOrbit!
  3. DisarmingBaton5

    F4U Corsair Replica

    That's impressive
  4. DisarmingBaton5

    ~ awesome aircraft thread ~

    Nobody has mentioned the Hurricane:
  5. DisarmingBaton5

    Need a joystick recommendation

  6. DisarmingBaton5

    Poland Can Into Space

    Polandball is inverted always
  7. They didn't hit the launchpad, by some great stroke of luck.
  8. DisarmingBaton5

    WIP: Muscle Car Parts Mod

    As nice as option 1 would be, option 2 seems more realistic.
  9. DisarmingBaton5

    Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

    Does this help?
  10. DisarmingBaton5

    F/A F-18 Super Hornet

    This looks great, but try to take your screenshots during day. The dusk/night pics might look nice to you, but most of us have no idea what's going on in them.
  11. No wheels attached! Folding wings didn't work so well Do not clip guns inside fuselages "Any landing you can walk away from wasn't fast enough" -Scott Manley "Wheeee!" -Whoever was driving this tank Still my favorite screenshot
  12. DisarmingBaton5

    Cupcake's Dropship Dealership...

    Cupcake, will you be building a giant VTOL with the mk3 parts?
  13. DisarmingBaton5

    KSP 0.90 'Beta Than Ever' Grand Discussion Thread!

    Does anyone else see nothing but blackness in the mk3 IVAs?
  14. DisarmingBaton5


    Jebediah clearly likes 0.90. Has anyone else found stuff like this?