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  1. Post funny screenshots of any game except for KSP. I'll start:
  2. I remember one time I was able to hook up a phone to a adapter to go onto the telescope, and I had a crazy idea to look at the Orion nebula. And believe it or not, I actually got the Triangulum in there! *ahem* Anyways, these are good!
  3. Jool is... not safe. When you leave ships in orbit around it they will always get an encounter sooner or later. There's just so many moons with tons of gravity. If you want to put it in a parking orbit, put it above the system (beyond pol) and that should be safe. Also, something I've found is that when your using time warp in Jool, without any warning, your craft will just fly out of SOI, presumably from the moons... Dun dun dunnnnnn *ahem*
  4. I'd rather not say... RIP, Jeb... Edit: Yes, I know he can't die.. I'll leave this one up to you to figure it out.
  5. Mother of mods almighty, and I thought orbiter needed a ton of mods!
  6. Very nice! And a spaceplane too! Yeah, the moons all count separately.
  7. Well, I thought it was pretty self explanatory.. one flight only, and if you get like, some points for landing here, and some points for landing there, and some points for an encounter here, you just add all those up. And I'll put your 100 up.
  8. Its quite simple, try to do as much as you can, without using normal engines. What I mean is, you can only use jet engines (nope, no rapier) and nuclear engines. SCORING: Orbit/suborbit-Kerbin: 5 points Encounter-Minmus: 10 points Landing-Minmus: 10 points Encounter-Mun: 15 points Landing-Mun: 20 points Encounter-Eve: 30 points Landing-Eve: 35 points Encounter-Duna: 40 points Landing-Duna: 30 points Encounter-Ike: 10 points Landing-Ike: 20 points Encounter-Jool: 40 points Landing-Jool: ??? points Encounter-Moons of Jool: 20 points Landing-Moons of Jool: 25 points Encounter-Dres: 40 points Landing-Dres: 20 points Encounter-Moho: 50 points Landing-Moho: 20 points Encounter-Eeloo: 50 points Landing-Eeloo: 20 points Recovery: 10 points I DID in fact try this myself, but the game reset the screenshot key for some reason, so I wasn't taking any screenshots. I got 50 points though. So... there's that. Leaderboards: 1: Kasuha-170 points 2: Me-50 points 3: Have fun!
  9. I use docking mode for things other than docking... is that weird?
  10. The way I use it is I have a space station somewhere, then if I send a ship there, I can dock it to the station, carry over the science, transmit it for full value, then fuel up the ship and repeat!
  11. Same with me. It makes me sad because this does sound like an awesomesauce challenge.
  12. I'd have to say Eve, just because... ...well.... Its just so purple...