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  1. It would be good to know how did you fix it? The only fix I have found is to stick with STOL designs.
  2. My rule for my own career play through is to look at the orbits. distances and relative locations of the planets but never zoom in until I have actually gone there. Zooming in on the map is spoilers! So I don't at present have much information on what's really waiting out there as I have only visited Moho -> Duna. That said, so far, brilliant planet pack, thanks a bunch.
  3. Like many others... if it is not native for Linux then I won't have much interest in it. I should also emphasize that Linux support is far far more important to me than any form of multiplayer ever will be.
  4. I feel exactly the same. JNSQ is providing me with great new interest in the game. The thing that I found doing a career game with Making History, a life support mod and CTT was that getting enough science to reach first kerbaled Mun landings in Apollo style was impractical. Too many 3.75 or even larger late career parts are needed to lift a CSM & LM set up to Mun orbit in one launch. I wound up doing a Munar orbit rendezvous kerbaled Mun program based on 3 launches for the initial mission and then 2 launches each thereafter. First (a) a reusable MOL-like Mun orbit "Gateway" station a
  5. Just a comment really. I was watching your stream on WOLF (looks brilliant!) and I heard that you have placed a limitation on the Depot orbit locations. I remember one career play-through I could only find water at the Mun's South pole (a random game mirroring reality). The best place for the moon orbiting station in that game was then in a polar orbit. NASA's Gateway is projected to go into a polar orbit for this same reason. I am not so sure I like the restriction on orbital inclination. I think the periapsis and apoapsis limits make a lot of sense. On the other hand, I recognise that incli
  6. I find that the "intercept target at chosen time" function is broken in all builds following #875.
  7. This only happens if you don't close the FMRS Flight Manager GUI before switching to another vessel or even before exiting the game directly from the flight scene. Yes, it's difficult to remember to close it and very annoying.
  8. Just sitting in my tin can looking at an alien world right outside my window. Just Buzz doing something casual. You are right about the imperfections.
  9. No I am telling you I have not plugged in my joystick since KSP 1.4. I am horrified to hear any news at all about any reduced functionality for the KSP Linux version compared to Windows and OSX. This news to me is just bad, very bad. It doesn't matter that I prefer not to use the joystick, other people want it so it must be supported. Very sad and unsettling to hear it!
  10. What lack of joystick support? I have a Logitech joystick and with flavours of Ubuntu I plug it in and it just works.
  11. If you attach a rover to a base with the ground anchor activated and then disconnect that rover it effectively stays anchored and stuff such as you describe can happen. This might be your problem. Always remember to turn off the base ground anchor before detaching a docked/KAS attached rover of any kind. After the rover has driven off the base ground anchor can be reactivated.
  12. @Tegmil Your SSPXR-USILS.cfg is perfect. According to my play testing it is working very fine indeed. I think you should add your forum name to the header comments; // Modified by Tegmil for the USI_SwappableBay format cross post your pastebin to the SSPXr thread and submit it as a PR to @Nertea for the next SSPXr release. Also welcome to the forums by the way
  13. The patch for USI-LS that is included in SSPXr was written by @Pulsar. A new version should be distributed with SSPXr not with USI-LS. Similarly for other mods such as SSTU and KPBS. I have fixed up a module manager patch already for SSPXr for myself (probably with errors and hence unworthy of a PR). If you are in a hurry, as you say, it's not too difficult...
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