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  1. I am at mid career point and have not unlocked any far future engines yet but, I do see them showing up in the R&D Facility in the Tech Tree (CTT version). One in Experimental Nuclear Propulsion and the other at Advanced Fusion Reactions.
  2. I am not sure I really understand the features of 1.3 and the DLC but I am hoping it will provide a relatively easy to use system for me to define my own base building (and making history style) missions. If it will also be possible to share that work with others then even better.
  3. Lolz. Purchase date 17 May 2013 Haha C'est la vie WOW! I have played KSP nearly every day for almost 4 YEARS!!! Amazing how time flies when you are having fun.
  4. In what way is GPP made for USI mods? I installed it once but then after finding it has a total absence of even just one little impact crater anywhere in the whole solar system my sensibilities where shocked so deeply I had to uninstall it again immediately.
  5. Good grief @Omnipius. What is your PC! Are you running KSP on Titan at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory or something ? Gratz. Your exploitation of off-world resources is most impressive.
  6. Whatever the abomination is, it is not discernible in KSP Linux version because the stream of NREs relating to window-back.png prevent the game from loading
  7. If you need a bit more variety to your orbital stations then I suggest that you consider enhancing your MKS/USI-LS based station with some extra flare from Nertea's Near Future Solar, Near Future Construction (simply awesome) and Stockalike Station Parts. The MKS parts make for really good looking core habitation areas and then Nertea's parts add on the docking facilities, integrated trusses, solar panels, etc.
  8. By non-deployable I presume you mean a Radiator Panel which acts differently from the Thermal Control Systems. You don't need to extend them but you do still need to activate them. Did you activate the Panel? Sorry if this was obvious already.
  9. I wonder, is anyone on linux using this mod successfully? I use only linux and am thinking of giving KSS a try. However, I have been following @TaintedLion's troubles and wondering if the problem might be messed up upper/lower case configs.
  10. @JadeOfMaar I don't seem to be able to use Blackheart's mod with stock stickers. If I select a GPP sticker all is fine. However, if I want a stock sticker it shows in the VAB correctly but in flight it gets replaced with a GPP one. Am I missing something or is it broken?
  11. Please tell me, how to do that?
  12. Ah! I was wondering about Kerbal biology. Now we know
  13. @Starslinger999. If you are using OpenGL/Linux (and MacOS?) then it is a well known bug/issue with no known permanent fix. However for some people a temporary fix is to go into the in-game settings change your texture quality level and change it straight back again. ESC key Settings Video & Graphics Texture Quality: change to Quarter Res (for example) Apply Texture Quality: change back to your normal Res Accept You might be good now until the next time you start the game.
  14. @RoverDude I think that perhaps the KA-400LA and KA-800LA Low Altitude Scoops from Karbonite have not had the IntakeAtm updated for the current KSP atmosphere model. Could that be right? It seems that the Karbonite jet engines become starved for air intake at altitudes/pressures too low for Duna flight. Perhaps this was intended? I once (KSP v0.9?) enjoyed flying Duna on Karbonite. (Sorry if you have started a new Karbonite thread somewhere)
  15. Does that mean I should honour my country (and yours together?) and go on to model an accelerating expanding universe?