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  1. Just sitting in my tin can looking at an alien world right outside my window. Just Buzz doing something casual. You are right about the imperfections.
  2. No I am telling you I have not plugged in my joystick since KSP 1.4. I am horrified to hear any news at all about any reduced functionality for the KSP Linux version compared to Windows and OSX. This news to me is just bad, very bad. It doesn't matter that I prefer not to use the joystick, other people want it so it must be supported. Very sad and unsettling to hear it!
  3. What lack of joystick support? I have a Logitech joystick and with flavours of Ubuntu I plug it in and it just works.
  4. If you attach a rover to a base with the ground anchor activated and then disconnect that rover it effectively stays anchored and stuff such as you describe can happen. This might be your problem. Always remember to turn off the base ground anchor before detaching a docked/KAS attached rover of any kind. After the rover has driven off the base ground anchor can be reactivated.
  5. @Tegmil Your SSPXR-USILS.cfg is perfect. According to my play testing it is working very fine indeed. I think you should add your forum name to the header comments; // Modified by Tegmil for the USI_SwappableBay format cross post your pastebin to the SSPXr thread and submit it as a PR to @Nertea for the next SSPXr release. Also welcome to the forums by the way
  6. The patch for USI-LS that is included in SSPXr was written by @Pulsar. A new version should be distributed with SSPXr not with USI-LS. Similarly for other mods such as SSTU and KPBS. I have fixed up a module manager patch already for SSPXr for myself (probably with errors and hence unworthy of a PR). If you are in a hurry, as you say, it's not too difficult...
  7. Hey Kaa253!
    I noticed your comment on the "CommNet just stops working" thread back in April where you suggested there might be a mod with antenna's that could be conflicting with it. I'm having the same issue where the whole network goes down and am trying to pinpoint which mod I'm using may be contributing to it, but so far my log's sending me in circles :(

    Would you be able to message me which mod you think was causing your issue (I'm new to the forum and have not hit 5 posts yet)? I'm hoping it might help me figure out which mods I'm using that could be causing the problem :)

    Thanks for reading :D

  8. First I am going to say that I don't really know the answer to your question! I have not yet got around to playing with realism overhaul. However, if I was to give it a try I would go to the Github releases page from the OP and then grab the last version of MKS for your KSP version. For KSP 1.3.1 that looks like MKS v0.53.2.0 or else for KSP 1.3.0 I would try MKS v0.52.2.0.
  9. I am just now updating to version 8.2 from 8.0 and I am re-reading your list of known issues. I think you should add that under Linux with Making History installed you will get a locked out and useless game main menu (I have uninstalled MH until hopefully at some point this issue is fixed).
  10. I am building up the Series A (i.e. Soyuz) and I find that the RD-108A configured with the RD-108 mount seems to be fixed at diameter 1.4375 m. Is that how it should be? Using top 3:4 Short on the centre tank does come very close to standard 1.875 m. I don't see the old Soyuz style nose option for tanks so I presume they are deprecated now.
  11. I have come to the same conclusion. It might be time already to start a new save
  12. My experience also so, (a) use the logistics to build a village of small disconnected bases (as designed) and/or (b) use the welding docking ports to construct a single base without any KIS/KAS (You want the Konstruction! mod for this)
  13. Alright. It seems likely there is a conflict of some sort with the GPP planet pack or one of its dependencies. GPP is currently not supported to be run on KSP 1.4.5 so I must apologise sincerely for bothering you and wasting your valuable time. Thanks as always for your help and all your wonderful mods.
  14. @linuxgurugamer Biting the bullet. I have started with a clean stock and I am adding mods back in progressively. Almost everything is back in and as usual the bug has gone away somewhere. Still investigating. I appreciate you need a log file but at the same time I hate to waste your time by submitting an effectively useless log file.