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  1. Kerbnet is offline

    Third post to Tech Support on the same problem. No solution found. It is very difficult to diagnose. If I took mods out it would require several hours of testing to verify if the bug is still present or not for each mods combination. If anyone is able to discover steps to reproduce that would be really great. I am using the Linux version of KSP with around 80 very common and popular mods.
  2. @StickyScissors I am a big fan of MechJeb and have it installed all the time. For the docking problems a year ago or more I installed and tried the Docking Port Alignment Indicator mod. Now I have it at all times too. Firstly, when MechJeb is behaving perfectly well you can sit back and watch what it is doing on the indicator and quickly learn what things should look like on the indicator when approach and docking is proceeding well. Next, when you encounter a docking job where MechJeb is struggling then you can jump in manually (yes you can still have attitude hold assistance from MechJeb if you like) and get it done efficiently by hand. Added bonus is you learn to dock efficiently for yourself (eventually, even with the indicator off!). For general docking tasks I find MJ is 3 or 4 times faster than I am and so for straight-forward simple docking jobs I often just leave it to MJ. On the other hand, if I do take the time to do it manually I generally use only 10-20% of the monoprop / RCS fuel that MechJeb uses! So for odd shapes, odd docking angles or when RCS fuel is getting very low then do it manually with the DPAI . ps. If you have mastered taking a spacewalking kerbal out to 500 meters from your ship and then bringing her back with the jetpack to a nice smooth and slow rendezvous with the crew hatch (and I bet you can do this) then in fact you already know how to dock ships well. The principle is essentially the same. pps. I can also highly recommend @Shadowmage's 7 step MJ assisted method as he describes a few posts back. I use this method as well and it is very effective.
  3. Sorry I missed this thread last year! Good to see a 12" is in the works
  4. I did eventually work out what I was looking at, thanks for the explanation. It seems like a pretty cool and clever design. I might need to try building my own variant on the theme.
  5. Confirmed! I have no idea what I am looking at.
  6. CommNet just stops working

    @_Augustus_ I get this too, be reassured you are not alone (BTW, I was once an active telescope maker - great stuff). It happens apparently randomly after about 2 to 20 hours of playing and I have not been able to determine steps to reproduce. The entire commnet just suddenly goes down. It has been happening for some months and it still happens. All unmanned vessels become uncontrollable and all comms lines disappear from both the map view and Commnet: Network in the tracking station view. I get the same log spam. I have found only one way to restore the commnet and that is to close down and restart the game completely. I would love to know what is causing it. I see nothing of note in the log at the time of spam initiation. Is this a Kerbol EMP storm / coronal mass ejection simulation?
  7. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Actually - I was having similar issues to those described by @SSSPutnik with USITools 0.10.2 - [PRE-RELEASE] installed; as provided in Constellation_2017.12.10.1.zip. "Rolling back"(?) to USITools 0.10.1 - 2017.10.09 appears (so far) to have fixed it but I fear this means I am now missing some "Logistics Updates" mentioned in the Changelog. My career save has not yet unlocked the Duna or Tundra Logistics Modules which I understand are required for the recently reinstated orbital logistics.
  8. Xenon seems to be present for the L, R, S & MUS types. I would not have expected it in the MUS tanks. Might be useful in the A type configuration.
  9. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    Amazing every week to read messages from people obsessed with finding fault in the best video game of all time.
  10. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I can't seem to figure out where that would be. Could someone paste a link please?
  11. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    Apollo 17 also conducted the longest traverse or lunar drive by a lunar rover, covering a distance of nearly 36 kms! Perhaps more importantly the Apollo 17 landing was the first, last and only Moon landing that carried a real honest-to-goodness scientist already renowned for his field of expertise. I am talking (of course) about Dr Harrison Schmitt, Geologist, last person (to date) to have stepped onto the Moon, later a US Senator and all-round astronaut role model/hero. The cancellation of the Apollo lunar landings program ranked for me as one of the saddest events of my life, a comparable depth of emotion to the losses of President Kennedy and John Lennon. (Note my location, I am a scientist/citizen of Earth but not of the U.S.A.).
  12. A 30 second test before I leave for work confirms that -force-glcore is indeed supported by KSP_linux 64 bit and does solve the problem. I briefly saw a set of shiny gold metallic textured tanks in the VAB - Awesome! Thanks @Electrocutor I wonder if other graphics aspects of the game are also improved?
  13. Thanks @T-10a for the extra information you have provided about mesa & OpenGL on Linux. I have a couple of ideas to try that probably will not work if KSP_Linux is built against OpenGL 3.x. However and regardless, I will be travelling for work over the next 9 days and will not be able to try anything until I get back.
  14. I am curious to know. Has anyone running with any linux distro on any rig been able to get the textures to load? https://github.com/shadowmage45/TexturesUnlimited/issues/16