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  1. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/issues/1405 with version numbers. Let me know if more information and/or testing can help.
  2. @Snark I was not feeling like you were criticising me, I was/am actually being very critical of myself. I should know better. Nevertheless, I am pleased to see you have no hard feelings.
  3. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    @tseitsei89 thanks so much for the confirmation. I will now log an issue on github.
  4. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Sorry to re-post but is nobody seeing this on the Ranger Habitation Module? It doesn't seem like intended behaviour to me. Have I made a faulty install somehow?
  5. CommNet just stops working

    Touch wood, but it seems like this might have finally stopped happening. I recently updated a few mods together and one of them might be the prime suspect because it had antenna parts but I am not going to openly name it (pm me if you need to know) as I have no conclusive evidence. Anyone having this bug I recommend you check everyone of your mods and update them all to the latest releases.
  6. Oh my goodness @Snark I am so sorry. I thought I was posting about something obvious and didn't imagine for a moment that it would not be instantly reproducible . You are absolutely correct in that I thought it seemed "self evident". If I had thought the issue might be more illusive I would have provided a more detailed description. I took all my mods out one by one and then put them back in one at a time. Like you (very unfortunately) I spent a lot of time trying to debug and discover the reason for my spaceplanes being plagued with really high drag. I got to the point where I could take out just the folder of Porkjet versions in Missing History and all was normal with the resulting stock parts and then put the folder back in place again to immediately reproduce the bugged drag result. So I did try running the same scenario both with the stock tanks and with the Porkjet versions and more or less did that testing right. Next I thought I had also tested properly in an otherwise un-modded install of stock KSP. The craft in the posted image I made it as simple as possible specifically to try to debug this. The craft file is still there for testing, copied into both my heavily modded install and in my un-modded install but I must have been too tired or something and messed up that last test somehow because when I load up the un-modded version and repeat it now to my surprise I cannot reproduce the drag issue, everything appears normal (oh shame the shame). You are not asking for a lot, you are perfectly reasonably asking for sufficient detail to reproduce the bug and that is the totally standard correct practice. I do still have the drag problem with the Porkjet tanks in my heavily modded install so I have hard evidence that in just my KSP install something is wrong somewhere but in this case there is a large and eclectic mix of mods and some of my own probably dodgy custom MM scripts also present. So apparently I have managed to commit the cardinal sin of accusing a mod of having a bug when it is likely not there at all and in fact arising from somewhere else completely unrelated! It is affecting these parts but not being caused by them. I will try to do lessons learned about QC of my debugging practice, never forget that the most likely problem is between the chair and the keyboard and for now go away and crawl under a rock someplace. If someone else comes along complaining about drag you can tell them Kaa253 spectacularly failed to demonstrate (un)conclusively that it is (un)likely to be coming from some other (un)specified mod out there someplace.
  7. It would be nice if the parts where re-arranged in a manner that made it less complex than it was previously to add or remove individual items/reskins or groups of items (for example have all of the engines but none of the antenna). I used about 60-80% of Ven's mod almost from the first day I tried it but it was always devilish to fiddle the very large and oddly interconnected .cfg files. I just came across the Patch Manager mod, it looks interesting in this regard.
  8. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    @RoverDude I am finding the bay switching is bugged on 3 parts; the Ranger Habitation Module and the two Tundra Expandable Habitats. In the VAB the Next Bay and Prev. Bay switches do nothing. In the flight scene I am able to turn on and off all the available modules. Not just one of them. The resulting habitation time effect for the Hab is rather overpowered! I note that these are all expandable parts however the Ranger Agricultural Module seems to be just fine. New: On closer inspection I find the Next / Prev. buttons also don't work on the big Tundra Habitation Ring and the Tundra Nuclear Fuel Plant and all these Next / Prev. buttons are also inoperable in the flight scene (by Engineer). Could someone confirm this issue please? I can add a github issue but is it unique to Linux for example?
  9. @Delbrutis That's a gorgeous Mainsail model. I think I missed seeing that one. It seems to be strongly modelled on the Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne proposed F-1B engine. It can have no working gimble and I would still use it. After all that's what the new MH expansion RV-1 (i.e. LR-101 or Soyuz style) "Cub" vernier engines are for.
  10. Take your time as I am sure all the fans of your mods are here because we appreciate the fantastic quality. Given the large number of parts and the amount of work which clearly goes into each and every one I would never describe your output as "low production rate" !!!
  11. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I posted something similar here a couple of days ago I am not qualified to determine whose contribution may be the best solution for EL v6.0. Mine - I just wanted to make it work in a hurry. I don't have time today to look at what you have done, maybe it is beautiful? @voicey99 has done a PR against MKS on github already for this. If you want to compare the scripts and decide what's best that's all good with me (and evryone I think - it's not my work anyhow - I don't consider I added any original thinking to it). My guess is that whatever the EL + MKS community can come up with, it would be best to have it done as a single clear and simple PR for @RoverDude to pull in at the next MKS release. I am pretty busy in RL so regrettably I wont offer any help besides possibly doing a bit of play testing if still needed on or around next weekend.
  12. Unfortunately, I have discovered that the Porkjet styled 1.25 m tanks have broken drag configuration. I have tried to fix it but the solution seems to be beyond my skill level.
  13. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    The first 4 lines of MKS_EL_Resources.cfg file included in MKS download. If you have EL and Module Manager installed it will all happen for you. EL_DefaultStructureRecipe:NEEDS[Launchpad] { MaterialKits = 0.8 SpecializedParts = 0.2 } Just as taniwha said.
  14. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    @voicey99 More than happy for you to submit them as a PR. Go for it.
  15. CommNet just stops working

    I am getting this again with 1.4.2. I still have no idea which mod is causing it but since it seems to be happening more frequently it may be easier to find.