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  1. They already confirmed this a week after the reveal, full support for "flip and burn" trajectories.
  2. Just finished watching it, a good summary of most of the "problems" of multiplayer and as any other entry of this thread the solutions are easily speculated while writing them, no big roadblocks anywhere in sight.
  3. One is the design they presented for KSP2, with all the flight info in one corner and the less crucial details (the Kerbals) on top, the other is the KSP1 layout, I missed when they showed it, even if I already knew we'll be able to change it. Now that i notice the old layout is not an in game screenshot but just a edit of the original one as you can clearly see:
  4. The last official information we had about the release was: Fiscal Year 2023, that means between March 2022 and March 2023. It wouldn't be the first time that that bit of information gets reported in creative ways, as for this article the rule is the same for every other one: if it doesn't have a source it's not a valid source, the gaming press deserves no trust whatsoever.
  5. Where did you take that screenshot from? Wasn't the UI supposed to be organized differently?
  6. They didn't put a source to the article that, for the most part, seems to be written by some random guy who occasionally lurks here and not a direct interview.
  7. Yep, I agree and they said that they won't "change things too much" not that the system is going to be the exact same, but the point he was expressing was about having the Kerbol system being the same meant they were recycling assets and that's simply not true.
  8. It's not "against the original design" of KSP, KSP itself is a mesh between the management, the simulator and the sandbox genres and not having a forced story or intrusive lore (and cutscenes are the pinnacle of intrusive narrative) is basically a staple of all 3 of those genres. Games in those genres that found space for a more important narrative usually did it at the expense of depth, replayability and complexity, that's why you find this much opposition (aside from one story being less than the hundreds off head canons the community creates).
  9. I don't play RSS and I don't plan to do, but if you want an official implementation by the Devs you have to expect to have to pay for it. Now, I also think that the potential market is way too small for such an addition even as a DLC but we'll see.
  10. Maybe if I write it a third time you'll read it at least once: most title don't have a lot of informations out a year and a half before release, good titles, bad titles, every type of game. It's just not usual to have the amount of unformations we have about KSP2 let alone predicting out of nowhere that since they didn't gave all the informations than means anything about the quality of a game that is going to be worked on for at least another year. I get that we're spoiled by indie games, but in that case they're somewhat forced to be more "open" since most of the time they're trying to
  11. I don't think saying that you can't use the PR strategy like a crystal ball and make prophecies out of it it's being "blindly optimistic". It's not rocket science, is basic gaming industry knowledge.
  12. No. If you read my other posts in the following page I'm fully in the "The lack of information a year before release isn't a sign of anything at all, and if you think the opposite you should absolutely stop spilling useless toxicity in this forum section and go play something else" team.
  13. Yep, and you can't predict them by looking at the PR strategy. There isn't any solid pattern suggesting that not showing everything a year and a half before launch is sign of anything out of the ordinary.
  14. Sean Murray was everywhere giving interviews about features that weren't even planned for the game, quite the opposite of being "tight lipped". The same for every other studio that doesn't show you a live feed of their surveillance system more than a year before the planned release, nothing special or out of the ordinary. The PR strategy is completely independent from the development, this isn't some guy in a garage managing everything on his spare time and blogging as much as writing code, it's a real studio with a real publisher and often times a year from release you don't have
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