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  1. It's not that, it's the lack of habitation requirements if not the lack of a proper LS system, if all you need for a Kerbal to go all the way to Jool is an external command seat then there is no balance that can fix the game, most people do Interplanetary mission with a mk1-3 pod, it's not that different from a plane cockpit. While writing this I'm designing the ship that I will use for my next Eve and Duna missions with a 6 kerbals crew, this is the habitation part alone:
  2. The CE takes a lot of backslash because of its graphics when Interaction wise it's one of the most advanced. Oblivion had single pickable and readable books in bookcases when the most graphically advanced games of the time were using static models or even 2d textures with the bookshelf drawn on, Skyrim has all the props to be physic based instead of being glued in place like in most other games and F76 managed to get the CE working in multiplayer on the same hardware that runs F4 which is a miracle on its own. When you hear someone blaming the game engine you can always be sure they don't know what they're talking about, especially with Unity and the Creation Engine.
  3. The idea is not mine, MKS or one of the included mods have this, the kits then needs to be "built" by engineers and that takes time.
  4. If someone is planning to build an interstellar ship in Jool's orbit I think he's up to the task of having more than one type or resource to manage, the only problem I can possibly foresee it's the "milk run" problem but with the focus they're putting on colonies, extra fuels and extraplanetary launchpads I'm pretty confident that they already thought a solution to that.
  5. If you see that trailer/pre-alpha gameplay Jool interstellar ship it doesn't seems to be made out of thousands of parts, I think they're on the right track on this. Also that ship has a excrements-ton of containers and no specialized hardware like landers or rovers, maybe they will have some sort of Kit system to put our specialized craft in easy to manage containers for transport.
  6. The whole "Unity Look" feel is based on the fact that the unity logo is mandatory only for games with the free version of Unity and a lot of new indie developers use that version with the same base assets and menus. It has nothing to do with how actually good is Unity. This is the main problem with KSP, to that I would also add that when they were writing the game's framework things like other landable planets were not even considered, this game literally exploded in scope during the last years but the base code is not up to the task anymore. A new code written from the ground up with things like mods, multiplayer and ground/orbital station** in mind from the start is exactly what KSP needed. ** ground/orbital station I really want to put a focus on this, the problems with orbital and ground structures goes way beyond the mere part count limits and the fact that they designed a new system just to manage them (the BAE) speaks on how well they understand the problems with the first game.
  7. Unity is not KSP performance problem, don't worry about it.
  8. Personally i never use MJ or other guidance systems, I like to fly my contraptions and I feel like I'm cheating to myself to use such mods. But i don't consider them cheating at all, it's the same in the docking computer in Elite Dangerous for me, if it helps people to enjoy the game I'm totally ok with it but i will not use it personally because I think that getting the spoiler of my Beluga stuck in the mailbox is part of the fun.
  9. I don't see that as a problem, if someone wants to cheat there are easier ways than abusing Kos scripts
  10. Yes, but career doesn't need a Story, even if they add a Story mod they should leave career alone. The career mode is a management game and needs management gameplay if a campaing is to be added must be a separate thing just like in other management games. In City Skyline, Planet Coaster or similar management games you can have story scenarios to play but there is always a pure management mode in which you start from a clean map with some starting resources and build your own game from there, KSP must be the same if it has to have a story mode. That said having some kind o "progam" system in which you choose a goal ("Ares Program", land 6 kerbals on a Duna base you built and bring them back) that help people setting and objective for themselves and rewards people that already know what they want to do for doing that would be awesome.
  11. It doesn't even need to be off by default, it can just be an additional option on probe cores or SAS modules.
  12. Not only that, the implementation of coding would be all we need to enjoy the realism of signal delay, actual signal delay would just be useless at that point. If it were for me I would totally replace the action group system with a graphical programming interface, it would be as easy to use as the action group UI and even at the lowest level it would enable a lot of quality of life automation.
  13. This. It's impossible IRL to control probes in real time with signal delay, it would be unrealistic to have to do so in KSP. Having a stock KoS with a real programming language (Lua or Python are totally fine) would be more realistic than any implementation of signal delay.
  14. Again, they already have to solve the consumables problems for the planetary VAB, the Shipyard, the BAE and the advanced fuels manifacturing even if colonies just work like fancy crew containers with no gameplay attached to it (which we know it won't be the case), LS is not different. All of this, again, presuming that LS can only be of the "Kerbal Fuel" kind.
  15. If you think that resupply are tedious, designing challenges trivial and logistic systems not viable you will never like any LS, Mining, Colonies or Shipyard gameplay at all, but this is fine, anybody has his way of playing the game. There can be 3 kind of solution to any consumable problem: You can abstract it away by not having the system at all, no LS, colonies are just fancy Kerbal containers and Shipyards just work with money like the VAB does. You could require setup missions to make the thing work and so making it a design challenge, in this category you have all the options with automation or abstracting that require a setup first (like various logistic systems in colony mods) You could just make the player drive every truck, dig every mine and fly every resupply making it a micromanagement hell. They confirmed colonies needing resources and advanced fuels needing to be manifactured so I would exclude the first option, they also said that they don't want to turn this game into "space simcity" so i would remove option 3. This leaves us with the second option, a system that needs some setup/design but then works on its own. Any system of that kind could solve every LS problem.