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  1. I can't think the devs can fix a faulty eyesight
  2. I'm already thinking about having an interstellar colonization ship (Master Aerospace Colonial & Research Orbital Space Ship, shortened to Macross I) deploying colony modules and cannibalising its own engines for materials and becoming the first orbital station/hub, then colony and then shipyard in a new system. Then again I think that such ships will need a way to store a large number of crafts in containers or similar to avoid bloating them with thousands of parts for every needed lander and probe and that colonies will need a similar system to recover and store, refurbish, r
  3. I think we don't need faster ion engines, I would argue that we'll need the Dawn nerfed back to 10 times slower like it was originally. Why so? KSP2 will allow us to plan and execute in background months long burns, we won't need anymore to have unrealistically high thrust on those engines and that will make them more distinct and useful (and a good training ground for late-game interstellar and interplanetary continuous thrust ships).
  4. Same here, also I love the (non confirmed, all speculation from here) idea of having to explore to make the simulation more precise, that gives to overengineered pathfinder missions a gameplay value and makes science mission something more than an abstract science currency grind
  5. Another few days passed and nobody has already talked about this huge reveal of the Podcast interview you should probably listen to if you're intrested in this game, the one I teased with: Sandbox mode? No, that wouldn't be a big news, we're talking about something completely different yet highly speculated by us multiple times, the question that lead to this reveal was made at 1:08:40 and was: Nate finished replying (very intresting reply, I strongly suggest to listen to it) Paul interveined with: And then shortly after: So, simulations confirmed? Wha
  6. On the other hand Jool has some very different moons and Laythe, I can totally see a Jool "local economy" with different mines for different materials on various moons (as well as scooping).
  7. The devs said no to random part failures, they would be a terrible experience for new players, especially distinguishing between their errors in designing the spacecraft and the "gameplay" failures. One could argue to have such a system as a difficulty option, but I would like more that the devs find something to do for Kerbal on EVA that isn't only for a niche setting of hardcore players.
  8. Wait wait wait. We can argue all day long about Modular VS Procedural and even about the fact that KSP1 has 3 sets of plane parts and 4 parts for bases and stations, but not about the usefulness of plane parts and wings. In the Kerbolar System alone we have 4 potential destinations for planes, Kerbin, Laythe, Duna and Eve (especially Eve with breaking ground propellers), and Nate mentioned a planet that will be a "spaceplane paradise", wings are needed.
  9. A teaser for future teasers! WOW and yet here I am, analyzing the video frame by frame in search of some new speculation fuel.
  10. Nah, Elite already did that, but that's not the problem with KSP, with elite Friendship Drive (try to unhear that now) i can explore between 20 and 50 system per hour, in KSP it takes that time just to plan a Mun mission and most people never got beyond that. Having hundreds of procedural systems in KSP is not a matter of technology but more one of design and gameplay. It's a feature that would be used by a niche in the niche of the most invested players.
  11. Nope, not a galaxy, in the super magical podcast source of every information they talked about the distance between stars and they basically said that, after talking with astronomers and experts they got as a reply that the universe is incredibly vast and has an extreme variability so they can basically do whatever serves the gameplay best. I'm think that they'll leverage that "Kerbal is not IRL" potentially to put the Kerbolar system in a "Local Cluster" of stars not so far between each other.
  12. Quest is already doing that, good for pausing Netflix or browsing Internet, terrible for gaming. Gaming in VR will have to find the balance between having to "suit up" to play and haptic feedback. On the other hand the Index controllers strap to your hands, allowing you to use them with the hand open and only close it when you're grabbing something (instead of using a button to grab).
  13. Procedural it's not the evolution of modular they're different design philosophies. This whole thread is the equivalent of complaining because Lego is still doing legos instead of selling 3D printers. KSP could use some procedural procedural features for some parts, but a full turn towards fully procedural parts would totally be against the design and the style of the game.
  14. I thought so, but the main problem with VR is that most people don't actually know what it is, so over-explaining everything it's a job that automatically comes with the HMD when you buy one.
  15. The reply about phases starts around 58.10 and it's unambiguous: Isn't official news that that station is an orbital shipyard? In all later appearances it's always in a way higher orbit if not directly around a moon of Jool. Anyway scooping gas giants could be an interesting mechanic. In one of the last question of the podcast they explained that the fine balance and design between power requirements, thrust and heat dissipation will be the main design concern of the big orbital-based ships (maybe along attitude control and radiation shielding?), I think design
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