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  1. Having this as a possible reaction beside the like button would make all these threads 1 page long. *User X posts* *Users A, B, C and 32 others pressed the "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" button* End of the thread.
  2. That's the point. You're not asking, you're making up absurd theories with no basis in reality. "if they haven't shown gameplay than it means problems with the physics engine" It's not a question, it's a theory. If you wanted to write a question you could have written something like: "Can you please show us some gameplay?" Last time I checked between May 2022 and March 2023 there's less than a full year, not 2.
  3. Nah, it's a meteorite! It's absolutely a meteorite. Everybody knows that when they don't show a complete playthrough at least a year before release it can only mean a meteorite must have hit the studio. The Evil PR guys at T2 are just desperately trying to hide the smoking crater. When we're finished spouting nonsense then we can all collectively go outside the KSP sphere once in our lives and look around and see that not having the whole gameplay on video (or any at all) a year before release it's pretty standard across the industry.
  4. "Everything I haven't directly seen doesn't exist at all" it's not being grounded, it's being just a funny way of being unreasonable and running the whole thread in circles. Of these two: Either pick one to stick with or argue with yourself. "If you don't rush them they won't release anything, like Valve" "They don't give a crap about the community and won't release anything, like Valve" That's an infinite loop. Whatever reply anyone gives to you you just say the other one and start again. I don't know any of them except of Star Citizen which is more an elaborate scam than a game (intentional or not has to be seen). On the other hand you've beein cherry picking and ignoring arguments for quite some posts now. Like the fact that the passage from Star Theory to Intercept, wasn't just "some studio reshuffle during COVID" but a major event alone justifying years of delays. But again, no point in arguing on that if your definition of "being grounded" includes ignoring data, eliminating deduction and only sticking to gameplay videos which they are purposefully being scarce on. Honestly I'm a bit tired of running in circles, I'm closing this one here.
  5. Except direct statements and clear differences in the planetary tech seen in different videos. You seem to have missed quite a lot of content, just look at mun in the PAX showcase and any later terrain showcase. I'm not saying that they could have released a game with 200$ of DLCs on day one, I'm saying that they could have got away with the game only expanding slightly overKSP original scope and then develop and sell the rest over time, a DLC a year, starting a year after launch and going on for 4 or 5 years. Yes, they promised all of that in the announcement, so now we expect it, but I'm certain that if they only inlcuded the remade codebase, better graphics and remade progression modes, maybe multiplayer, they would have had the same enthusiasm from the community. Not the same level of gameplay content, polish, and integration. I honestly stopped in trying to fix KSP career and trying to shoehorn in it a use for bases and stations that isn't head canon, the game barely tolerates 2 crafts landing at the same place as it is. Yep, you can have colonies and interstellar motherships in KSP1, if you're ready to deal with 5 to 7 years old documentation (when it exists), Seconds per Frame performance and the need to make backups of the backups every time you load a base, a colony or a mothership. A bug forcing you to revert several hours of play because you forgot to make a backup and the colony you were trying to land at suddenly decided to go suborbital on its own on loading is where a lot of the "you can have KSP2 features in KSP1" saves die. And if it's not that then it's wheels, or landing legs, or things shaking apart, or things loading with every single part tilted 5 degrees on a random axis. Not thinking that, it's hard for it to be when there has been 0 marketing for it and, outside of the community, the only thing that comes to mind when people hear "Kerbal" is the infamous and unforgifing learning curve. KSP is a hard game, true, but that's not the reason most players never reach Mun, the fact that they talked a lot about onboarding and tutorials it's already more effort and consideration than KSP1 ever saw on that front. We'll see. Many people are stopped by the learning curve of KSP and its bugs more than anything else, if they make a stable game with that provides a good explanation of the notion you need to play the game it could easily gain new players that previously ignored or dropped the first game. I already know a bunch of people that look forward to it exactly for that reason, for them not having to call me every time they need an explanation on how something works it's a good plus for the sequel, while they dropped or refunded the first game. Never talked about the "power of the community", cited 2 times the fact that investors are footing the bill (the fact that they expect a return is implied by calling them "investors") and started that digression with "KSP is too niche to be a cashgrab", that means that yes I know that KSP isn't big outside of the community. Are you actually replying to me? Because I don't see how I'm "failing to undestand" (or "Kidding myself" over) things that I actually said in my comment. Lol, are you actually serious? Basically the "toxic gamer" stereotype was born around Valve fans rushing them for Episode 3, Half Life 3 and TF2 updates. To the point of HL3 becoming a meme, and all that effort, all that pushing the studio, all that pressure where broght us? 14 years without a Half-life game at all, the argument becoming tabù between developers at the studio, and Valve continuing to do what they wanted to do when they wanted to do it. You possibly choose the worse possible example of what you where trying to demonstrate. The fans pushing on Valve for the sequel not only didn't do anything to make them release a sequel earlier but also ensured that the franchise and everyithing around it it's a minefield for everyone working on anything Half-Life related. Hell, it probably made difficult for Valve to release any game at all.
  6. Not "studio reshuffles", you're making it sound like they just fired a couple of people, opening a new studio from scratch, that didn't exist before, during the first COVID lockdowns and work from home orders. On top of that you can add the increased scope of the game with the new studio. I know you desperately want to believe that there's something more sinister going on, but look around you, basically every other game or movie has been delayed over and over again for the past 2 years. I'm trying to see the thing from the other point of view, KSP is not a cashgrab game, it's too niche for that and Private Division since buying the IP in 2017 put a lot of money in it with just the 2 15$ DLCs as the only new KSP content they sold. There's a lot of money being funneled in KSP2, remember, every time they delayed the game 1 year more meant another year of T2 investors footing the bill of the whole studio without the game generating any profit, they're showing a certain amount of confidence in the game. And let's also add that people would gladly pay the 60$ for a modern remade version of KSP1 (maybe with just a more complex IRSU and progression mode) and then 30-40$ each for colonization, interstellar travel and multiplayer (I know it sounds unacceptable now, aftery they already announced them as part of the game). I'd also say that with the original Star Theory KSP2 could have got away with a way more unpolished and unfinished experience as a third party studio working with PD than Intercept can now, 3 years later. Especially now, after Cyberpunk, and a bunch of other AAA games launching in a sorry state and with some indie titles coming out of nowhere in early access with way more polish than we usually expect from such gsmes and surely more than KSP had in 1.0 (games that the KSP community may know like Timberborn or Dyson Sphere Program) If they wanted to go for the greedy cashgrab they lost all possible trains, if they did want to cancel the project they wouldn't have reconfirmed the launch for this fiscal year to the investors, if something bad is really going on at this point it's at the publisher level someone funding studios and project without checking the results. But looking at T2 and their labels overall I would say that they know a thing or two about publishing profitable games and cutting their losses, I wouldn't expect that kind of incompetence from them. Greedy yep, but surely not incompetent in what they do. Both directions are equally dumb, delay = delay, you can't extrapolate any more information from it. Because from every game that was delayed and was bad there's at least one that wasn't delayed enough and released in a sorry unpolished state after a crunch maraton for the studio involved. Oftend the two overlap significantly.
  7. You very conveniently ignored the half of what you're replying to that tried to remind you that's not only COVID, but a change in studio during COVID that set off the bigger delays.
  8. Shhhh, we don't talk about that place out loud. But, seriously, that place is a dumpster fire, there are like 4 trolls keeping the whole forum hostage and Steam community moderation doesn't use permabans, even for repeated offenders.
  9. If anything the leak is confirmed fake since it specifies "calendar year" 2024. "Early 2023" could still mean FY2023 if it launches before April.
  10. Preorder also means preloading a day earlier while still being able to refund the game if needed. It doesn't necessarily mean one I buying the ultra mega delux collector edition 2 years before release.
  11. Or, maybe, people knows about regional pricing.
  12. From what I understand they have Remedy rewriting the first 2 games from scratch, like other recent remakes, that's why it's suspicious, the studio isn't Rockstar and the kind of work they hinted at it's not the type usually released as a "trilogy definitive edition".
  13. It takes like 15 minutes to make an image like that and it feeds the gaming info sites and forums for a week or two since it's GTA VI we're talking about. And then another additional week when they report the actual Earning Call and how the image was a fake all along. I see quite a few red flags in that image: taking it from a screen or projector to remove any imperfection, the use of "1H Calendar" and "2H Calendar" that was absent from the previous one (which focused on the FY since that's what matters in an earning call), the reveal of a title as big as GTA VI made casually in an earning call, the fact that the Max Payne remaster was supposed to be for the first 2 titles (I read somewhere) and it's not Rockstar working on them. I'm not going to say it's 100% fake, but sure enough it's worth to just wait for the actual thing to be released in a few days.
  14. Among multiplayer vehicle building games (KSP1 is not one of them) it has terrible performance (again in multiplayer) there's something wrong in how Space Engineers manages multiplayer, I don't know what but it's there. On top of that a game based on voxel terrain and deformable crafts and buildings, it has a whole additional layer of physics involved that KSP2 will never have. KSP2 won't be a MMO game, that's for sure, but in the long list of reasons why performance is so far down that isn't even worth arguing about. And, on that note, nope, not going to do a complete suite of single player tests and benchmarks comparing Space Engineers and KSP1 (which I never even mentioned), since my point here isn't single player performance nor KSP VS Space Engineers.
  15. A 50 VS 50 FPS. An MMO RPG. A PVP tank arcadey sim. Do you have an example of a game that's even remotely similar to KSP? Because yes, if I join a pub now in TF2 I'm pretty sure that I'm going to find it filled with spambots, and is a 50-50 when joining a casual on Overwatch I'm sure I'll find 2 snipers as DPS, a Moira not healing and a Roadhog flanking. Any coop game or game in which people build things together has griefing prevention or fixing tools, and if they're missing it's a matter of the multiplayer portion not being developed up to modern standards. If your reference is Space Engineers I can understand why you think PC hardware is not there yet, out of all "build your veichle out of parts" games it's the one with the worst performance, and, since when I tried it I had a metered connection I can also say from experience that even the simplest settings uses an abnormous amout of data. Other similar games don't have nearly the same kind of resource hog Spage Engineers has.
  16. Nah, this is about GTA VI, KSP doesn't generate enough noise to make fake leaks popular enough.
  17. Yes, I know, I saw more than one community project. But the point here remains, it's not that is impossible to fix KSP code, it's not a technical impossibility, just a matter of economical viability.
  18. [snip] Last time I've seen a griefer in a co-op game it was on a 200 pleople Minecraft server some 6 years ago. And we dealt with him in 5 minutes, with a ban and a localized rollback of a single building. And that was Minecraft, you can get your griefing tools ready (a bucket of lava and one of water) in 10 minutes since starting. Building an orbital rocket and doing a rendezvous maneuver to reach your station is beyond the attention span of your average griefer. As I already said coop multiplayer mostly means a small 3-10 people server with friends, and in that scenario you're in control of the people you choose to play with, griefing is not a problem.
  19. Don't think so, all the software of the controller is in the Steam controller layer, not in the controller itself.
  20. I'm not disregarding volunteers work, merely noticing that anything can be accomplished if you don't have to care about being economically viable and have enough volunteers. The point was if it is viable or not to fix KSP codebase instead of making a sequel, my argument is that it's not, probably due to the "free everything forever" policy. It doesn't makes much sense to reply with "I've seen volunteers accomplish bigger feats".
  21. If you find the people to work for free you can fix anything, that goes without saying.
  22. You and me both, but two people don't make a market, such a paid update would only cause a crapstorm in the community. I'm willing to spend even more for a fixed codebase and a reimagined gameplay, that's exactly what I see in the sequel (and that's why I don't like the idea of KSP2 being an EA too, better wait some more for a proper 1.0 at launch). Not talking about you specifically, that's the general sentiment, "every form of monetization is always evil", and you don't need to go far back in the pages to find one of the many threads from people asking if KSP2 is going to be free for KSP owners. Reasons to buy or not KSP2, seems pretty much in topic to me.
  23. Let me fix that statement: You can't fix a decade old codebase when someone promised to do everything for free forever and most of the community even gets the DLCs for free and the market for expansions is limited because basically anything DLC worthy is a free mod already. Shiny things bring new players, fixing old bugs doesn't. That's the reality of "no monetization is needed, KSP was updated for 10 years!"
  24. It's not a matter of AAA being greedy, your requirements would cut out most of single developer indie titles too. "I won't use any mahor release platform but I want something that isn't a PITA to instal on Linux" will cut way more indie and small games than published titles from big studios. But to each their own, I guess.
  25. There's a whole lot of confusion going on for both the "RPG" definition, and the idea of "Space games" being a genre instead of just a setting. It's incredible how a game being Fantasy immediately makes it considered "RPG" while the same rules and gameplay style in a Cyberpunk or Urban setting brings up other comparisons like GTA. The same goes for Space Games, KSP is its own genre, but even comparisons between games like NMS and Elite: Dangerous make little sense, NMS has more in common with Minecraft than it has with ED, and ED is more similar to a mix between Sea of Thieves and Eurotrack Simulator than it is to any other space game.
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