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  1. How did your 2 hour testing session that we were taking about go?

    1. Master39


      On one hand it wasn't needed, the Devs were surprisingly open and I already knew it wouldn't be up to what I wanted, I expected a lot worse from the communication department and youtubers (people like to make parallels with Cyberpunk and NMS but forgets about the complete smokescreen of a marketing campaign those two games had).

      On the other the game was gifted to me by a friend of mine (2020 birthday present, he said), and I can't exactly refund it, I've spent the first few hours messing around with wings and land speed record cars (love the new runways).

      The only mission I did to another celestial body is trying to land on the Sun with fuel cheats.

      I haven't even tried a randezvous and docking yet, knowing that there's some exploding docking ports bug.

      Frankly of the 8 hours I spent on the game more than half where playing around in the VAB. My first item on my wishlist right now is a way to save colors in a personal palette.


      TLDR: The game isn't there yet, but I didn't refund, I'm waiting for the first update to drop and see.

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