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  1. It's very easy to do it yourself: 1.go to here: F:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\MobiusRocketWorks\Parts\Structural 2.open the part.CFG with notepad 3.scroll down until you see this:cost - <amount> 4. insert this line: TechRequired - start start can be any node on the tree you want. hope it helps
  2. +1 No idea how to use this, clicked the fuel button, nothing happend, klicked the stage button, it fixed only one decoupler....
  3. Looks great! feature request: support for parachutes, I like to put parachutes on all my stages and i think it's pretty easy to implement along with the sepatron.
  4. Scott Manley said in one of his videos that it will release sooner rather than later. so maaybe :>
  5. Look closely to the picture wich I got from the kerbaldevteam.tumblr.com: What does it meaaaan?? I think it's .23! Didn't see anything else but maybe you guys can take a look with your advanced photoshop programs EDIT: nvm someone already posted it. Turns out it's the third anniversary
  6. i installed it on a clean .21 save along with mechjeb quantum struts and b9 (not sure wich mods)
  7. its simple really. deltaV: if its runs out of fuel, add more fuel TWR : if it doesnt lift up, add more engines unstable: add more struts have fun i learned all this stuff along the way
  8. same problem here It worked the first time i loaded the flight, but after returning to VAB it did the same thing. they get deployed both in the vab and on the launchpad and you cant interact with them dont remember but meybe i got b9 installed(not sure, was a couple of days ago)
  9. It actually does, i had a bug where all orbital velocitys are divided by 10 so i need 240 m/s for orbit arround kerbin i didnt notice but MJ definitly did and limited my thrust to 5% or so, so it works.
  10. yeah its probably because of the mods, i should really play stock more -kerbal engineer -b9 -kethane -mechjeb -proc. fairings -chatterer -subassembly -ubiozur welding -mobius rockketworks -lazor system
  11. So, i have been working on my new .21 save, got 3 sats in geosync. orbit and started on my spacestation. but now i noticed something was horribly wrong. i was working on my space station wich is orbiting in a 150 km circular orbit when mechjeb told me the orbital period was 6 hours! no my spacestation is geosync while my sats aren't anymore also escape velocity is 600 m/s plus my map view is freaking out basically everything is messed up: anyone an idea what might have caused this? When i launched the spacestation core today everything was normal, was at the exact same m/s but multiplied
  12. Quick suggestion: max power usage/ power generation info under the vessel tab.
  13. nice work, i can wait a bit dont forget the option to balance arround full CoM/ dry CoM and in between for overal balance. if possible off course
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