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  1. Hey cool, thanks for the shout-out. I just recently started playing again (now with a little guy to teach orbital mechanics to) and, faced with that same old problem, moved my code from a dead domain (turns out I don't need a website about a tiny birdie dinosaur) to http://gavingolden.com/wherecanigo/ . Now here you are! Awesome. My lazy 'eh, 200m/s, everywhere' aerobraking estimate was kinda weak. I'm about to start a .NET project in work so if you're open to pull requests maybe I could jazz up the look of the window a bit?
  2. Incredibly simple feature but genuinely delighted to see someone add this to an 8 year old game. Thank you.
  3. Thanks, with that help I found it in the persist file and may have found a good way to do this switchover quickly. There's a useful source of this information already - Kopernicus seems to output very useful information on this to Kopernicus.log [LOG 16:19:34]: Found Body: Joker:126 -> SOI = 2461948.5, Hill Sphere = 302483.630123454 [LOG 16:19:34]: Found Body: Moho:127 -> SOI = 9646663.02332811, Hill Sphere = 22060314.8155466 That number after the planet names is the REF. So I can use this to do my find-> replace. Edit: It worked! Awesome. My method: Back up you
  4. I understand that applying this to an existing save game will make weird things happen; asteroids and objects around the wrong planets and so on. I understand that I can use something like Hyperedit to transfer objects to the correct planets, but with several hundred objects, it's tiring. What I would like to figure out is how the game decides from a save game persistent.sfs file which planet an object is around or on. I have a theory - if I can find a body identifier field in the persistence file that tells the game where to put an object, I can find out what the 'wrong' identifier is, a
  5. "Squad's official mod hosting partner" provides precisely none of the functionality I was talking about, despite it being within their capability to do so. All Curse is without the Curse client is another download catalogue. It is a place to put files, an alternative to "med1afir3" or dropbox but with an index. That is not good enough. I don't know why the userbase refused to use it over the other alternatives - Spacedock and KerbalStuff - but there is zero mod install management from Curse, and Squad has never even mentioned the idea of any sort of mod management inside the game. Of course th
  6. I had written quite a bit about attitudes on both sides of the fence here - I mostly take issue with actual, straightforward outright insults being applied to people who have jobs to do and kids to raise and therefore would like a mod manager to do the work for them, apparently regardless of whether or not they're asking for support from someone - but I deleted it as unproductive. It appears the 'community' has reached something of a detente. Yay? But some of the blame for this event also has to fall on Squad. When did it become apparent that mod support was going to be a key selling poin
  7. I, for one, will *never* support 64-bit installs for my ModuleManager configs until Squad fixes it.
  8. RecoverAll does not seem to appear in the tracking station.
  9. I would really love this mod to become stock, it makes the game feel much more like a space program. Maybe this could be an upgrade for Mission Control and Transfer Window Planner could come with an upgrade to the Observatory. Thank you TriggerAU, I really don't think I would have 2000+ hours in this game if it weren't for your essential mods.
  10. I'm still getting explosion and smoke effects from staging, particularly noticeable as a grey cloud of smoke forming an orb around the decoupled part when in space. Using jrodrigv's 1:v1.0-beta from CKAN. All stock parts, lots of non-part mods.
  11. I'd just like to point out that 10km is absolutely in no way a safe low orbit around Bop. If I'd opened the hatch at 15km I could have taken an orbital surface sample!
  12. Great news! While the folder structure does make sense, it would be nice to still retain some of the tagging functionality. I do enjoy being able to pull up all craft including "Duna" or "docking", or excluding "obsolete". That is just one small feature in an otherwise awesome mod though, so very much looking forward to getting my hands on this.
  13. Handy little mod! Helped me discover why I got severe lag in one specific circumstance, an out-of-date mod. I guess I could uninstall it now, but I'd like to leave it installed - but the window doesn't respect the F2 'hide ui' setting. Can this be done or is that too much of it being hooked into KSP?
  14. I am also getting this problem. I am not using Blizzy's Toolbar, Asteroid Day (I believe this was integrated already?), DMagic Orbital Science, GPOSpeedFuelPump, KAS, KIS, KW Rocketry, Procedural Parts, Real Chute, RemoteTech, or TST. So the list becomes: [x] Science! Chatterer DistantObject KER ModuleManager 2.6.22 NavyFish Docking Nereid's Final Frontier SCANSat KAC I'm going to try copying my folder and doing the "disable half, then half again, then half again" trick to narrow it down, I'll report back. Edit: The problem went away when I disabled the first
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