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  1. True The user below me has landed on Duna
  2. False. The user below me isn't from the UK
  3. 305. Make a fort out of toilet paper. 306. Record in store.
  4. I talk to the people on the elevator and try to make friends with people
  5. As the title says, your avatar is stuck in an elevator with the above person's avatar. Your avatar is at the top of a really tall building. Around 300 floors to be exact. The elevator is painfully slow, but will get the job done if it's just one floor. The buttons have all been pushed, so it will be a long time. Every post counts as a floor. Every floor the above poster's avatar steps out and a new poster's avatar steps in. Once we hit the bottom floor, same thing except we go up a floor instead of down, and vice versa. Would your avatar attempt to make small talk? Maybe pull out a shotgun and rob the above avatar? You gotta do something here to pass the time, you will be here a very, very long time...
  6. My favourite old game had to be Unreal. My dad got me into this game when he showed me videos of it and he also had the game in one of his boxes full of games from when he was my age. Even tho the graphics arent gd the gameplay and story was really gd