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  1. Isn't water vapor better at trapping heat in the atmosphere than CO2?
  2. So I've kind of been following the "discussion" here. How hard would it be to build one of these things? It's just microwaves and a bell shaped thing, so it can't be that hard right?
  3. Free will is a movie about a boy and a whale developing and unlikely friendship and - Oh wait. Well to me free will is just being able to make wrong decisions. [ Religion Omitted ]
  4. I don't think even career mode got this much hype! My hype capacitors are overloading!
  5. I even drew a picture in paint edit: Just realized the trajectory would probably not be a single relatively short burn but a spiral.
  6. What if we send two cubesats? One would be just in charge of generating electricity and beaming it to the other one in the form of microwaves or lasers. The other would have a receiving dish thing, electric propulsion, and all the science. The first one would also act as a communication relay. Just food for thought I guess.
  7. What would be the feasability of a crowd sourced space program? Would you throw all your money at your computer if there was one?
  8. Would humanity still live on if we sent genetically modified superhumans on this ark? Would they still be considered human?
  9. So we know the public is pretty apathetic about spaceflight, but what are we going to do about it as a community? How could we do something?
  10. Leave it to us guys to see huge Johnsons in everything.
  11. My most unstable ship was an Ares I stock replica with the new ARM parts and SRB's. It would fly perfectly until the gravity turn, where a combination of lag, wobbling, and general incompetence on my part sent the craft into a spin and tore it apart. Luckily my LES (with boost fairing) worked perfectly and the kerbals lived to tell the tale. I've heard that the Ares I was more stable flying backwards. Is this true?
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