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  1. wow I can't even run this with almost no mods unless I use OpenGL AND ATM
  2. Pigbear

    "Sir, please do not ride the bomb."

    tbh tho the normandy only actuallys goes in atmos like 3 times
  3. Not all mods have Stock balance
  4. This sort of thing generates a lot of pressure for the Devs, I know this, You guys should definitely feel very good about yourselves after this release though, When this is finally released, Yall should have a party at SQUAD HQ with a cake with 1.0 on it.
  5. All the fact that they are replacing the tank completely says is "We have time to model new parts that are probably heatshields, But you want us to clone a part and use another texture which is less than half the work of these two other parts? Screw you"
  6. Squad could make one in 2 seconds why replace our current one seriously SQUAD, Make it still hold LFO and just use a silver one for Xenon also you can't spell labhouse it's xenon
  7. Hey, Don't complain at us that SQUAD is considering this "1.0 Release", We've pretty much all told them "Don't go to Beta just yet" and now "Don't release on the first version after you start beta"
  8. This looks awesome, I would totally use this to travel to other planets in style, It's like a space Tesla! I could also totally see this thing in Space Engine.
  9. Pigbear

    How Close are YOU to Your Next Reputation Rank?

    57 away from 2 bars
  10. Pigbear

    Acronym game!

    Real Aerial Reconnaissance Electric Landing Yard PIGBEAR
  11. Pigbear

    Do Not Taunt the Magic Boulder!

    Do not think about the magic boulder
  12. Pigbear

    Ban the user above you!

    banned for having only 253 post
  13. Pigbear

    The Number War: Count to 100 or -100

    -5 negatives are the number's true essence