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  1. I tried to do better time but while doing so design gets more complicated and final result is that vessel is very unstable. I wanted to make design similar to yours but also have seated kerbal to save some mass.
  2. Here is mine entry, 8 sec on splash down. I might try faster later.
  3. I limit using large tanks and engines that so vessels do not look too similar because mission is quite simple. Coming back from Mun without using a heatshield and parachute makes it more challenging because you can't just re enter atmosphfere with high velocity and if you do you won't be able to land with damage. Limitations are reason to see different ways of doing the same thing.
  4. Because it is a challenge with made up story.
  5. Infinite fuel is not allowed of course. I will add my entry soon.
  6. Mission info: Race to establish base on the Mun rages between Nasa, SpaceX and Russians. Kerbals have decided to use their engineering skills to arrive first while in process Jebediah has forgot to bring any food. Your mission is to create vessel and go to the Mun to bring them some food until they start growing plants. Summary: You need to land on the Mun, drop "Service Bay 1.25" , plant a flag, return and land on Kerbin as quick as you can. Time stops after touchdown and flag plant on Kerbin. Rules: Only stock parts. External command seat is not allowed
  7. Maybe you should define track limits since laptime from Colonel Cbplayer looks like he is cutting all corners
  8. TR-2L have a good grip. Yeah with top speed you can flip car very easily so car design and aerodinamycs are important.
  9. [quote name='Jon144']I have a question: Can you not use any stock wheels at all? I might have a new fancy rotor/wheel design coming up.[/QUOTE] Sure build something and show us. Also show which wheels do you use. For championship I want it to be stock because of simplicity for everybody and to make it more fair. ksp 1.1 will have edited wheels so we start from there. I am doing some laps with new test car [spoiler=car][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/R3oZqIm.png[/IMG][/spoiler]
  10. [quote name='GROOV3ST3R']Thanks :3 Cubic struts are brilliant for sculpting neat looking spaceframes and they weigh next to nothing :3 500kg would make a small difference but it would count ;) How do you count weight then? With RCS loaded or empty? Because that counts for a lot. I'll go and get mechjeb for 1.1 after it's released.[/QUOTE] I am using MechJeb because it is more precise. (1.000t) Mass is counted like in total - car with full rcs tanks and seated kerbal. (2500kg total or 1766kg without fuel 640kg and kerbal 94kg). Today I have spent few hours testing things and it
  11. GROOV3ST3R I am using MechJeb Vessel info to measure mass. Mass is measured including all components. For the championship that will include 2 fuel tanks with fuel, seated kerbal in cage. Also we will have to make some crash tests to see if kerbal can survive. :D :confused: Working on a test model with two FL-R10 RCS fuel tanks [spoiler=test model][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ADzPQgb.png[/IMG][/spoiler] Cars definitely won't be any wider than this [spoiler=Car width][img]http://i.imgur.com/5NATOpf.png[/img][/spoiler] We will see about mass if we maybe lower it for 500kg. When v1.1 com
  12. [quote name='Pds314']3 tonnes minimum? Let's see.. 200 kg of wheels. 50 kg of pilot seat, 320 kg of RTG, 80 kg of lights, 370 kg of monoprop tank... So what, do you expect us to devote 1980+ kg to structure and thrusters? Making a car that heavy is not easy. Also, it is worth mentioning that you could probably go all-out for a whole lap with 10 thrusters.[/QUOTE] Then use 10 thrusters. :) In this challenge you can do it more easy without aerodyamic drag but for the championship this will be fixed with limited vehicle size. Add some cool parts to add weight but keep your car balanced
  13. [quote name='GROOV3ST3R']Here we go again... xD I do prefer the regular rover wheels to be honest, they have more in terms of actual suspension and are MUCH smoother than the MK2's. There's reasons why we limited Kyrian GP to using them. Other than that, 3 tons is a bit much :P my old racing design barely pushed 1 tonne dry. I'll give it a crack though.[/QUOTE] Yeah I was looking a lot about designs so I wanted something a bit more challenging. Since M1 has some grip issues and strange steering I have chosen TR-2L which offer good grip and fast responsiveness (responsivnes
  14. [quote name='Azimech']When it's ready ;-) When multiplayer arrives, I'd like to have my own racing team. Let some people drive while I build the cars.[/QUOTE] Nice creations on kerbalx. Multiplayer would be awesome for many things but I am not sure how warping will be synced. I have been working and testing a lot designs and rules for championship so base is ready. Now I hope that update arrive soon so we will see what happens next.
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