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  1. O.K. So I haven`t plaved for awhile... What`s happened to sub-assemblies? I like to build weight class boosters for various un-kerbaled mission to save a bit of construction time.
  2. That's what I was alluding too... Do it early.
  3. Close, real close, but you need to be in control of the booster until impact, which can make trying get the C/SM in orbit, turn on the science package, and ride the booster a challenge in coordination... I'm dyslectic!! I'd prefer to release the booster mid-course to find it's own destiny, as it would be easier to adjust the boosters course for impact at the mid-course point... Less fuel anyway
  4. I'd like a mod to do the Apollo seismic experiment where one mission leaves the sensor, and the next mission sends it's expended S-IVB booster to impact the Mun! I think this would make a nice mission for the expansion pack.
  5. Looks great!!! Guess I'll have to turn my patience up a click or two!
  6. Because the hyperdogs chased them away? Nice mod! now to see if my SSD is up to scratch!
  7. If it's any help, the beta seems to be playing nice for me in 1.4.1. I haven't been real crazy with it yet, but I can put things into orbit, and then modify the orbit. Great mod! Hyper-Edit has been at the core of my flight test program for a long time!
  8. Looks good, I'll give it a go! Thank you!
  9. Here's something to do until the linux joystick problem gets sorted out.... Keep the Game Data folders in your windows and linux installs sync'ed, then diff the save files every now and then... I only really need the joystick for flying spaceplanes & atmospheric aircraft. When I have a few aircraft missions together I'll diff the save files, and fly airplanes in windows!
  10. Bah... That's a bit harsh, my joystick works with 1.4 in Windows just fine, it's Linux where the boning continues .
  11. Lolz! My best wild guess is that at best something got forgotten, or over zealously cleaned up, or at worst linux has been boned again by Unity and/or Mono
  12. I'm going bleary eyed looking at logs and not finding input references...
  13. Love the mod! I wish there was a bit more autonomy to the impactor though for an Apollo style seismic experiment using an expended booster. Switching between the science package, and the booster while trying to get the CM in munar orbit can be a handful This would be a nice mission for the upcoming expansion pack
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