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  1. Both the .23.5 and the experimental versions fail on load with errors to the ksp.exe or kerbalbase.dll files. Other than that I can't tell what is causing it (Squad needs to work on their stack traces and make them a little better than "Filename not found".
  2. I recently discovered this mod and love it to death. Then I forgot to stop steam from auto-updating ksp I know I can roll back, but before I do is there any movement on this mod at all?
  3. Why is it when I get away from Kerbin (to say Mun) the mod stops transmitting data to the web? --- Edit --- So I downloaded the remoteview and love it. I have a few suggestions and will get to them in a moment. After setting a ship up I went out to Mun and ran some tests. As soon as I reached Munar entry, Telemachus stopped posting data. However, after installing the remoteview interface I receive all data just fine now. Now for the wonderful person that created remoteview. When using the web interface on a tablet it gets all mucked up. As a web designer I would suggest using responsive design (using percentages on divs instead of px). This will allow much better flow for the users on smaller displays.
  4. I just downloaded and installed it, but the OP doesn't specifically state that you need to have this plugin installed for it to work. No matter though thank you for pointing that out to me.. Now for another failed return attempt from duna lol.
  5. I am having a issue with modifying the contents of the tanks in v.23 as well. I noticed that the tool-tip I get in game only talks about the colors and does not discuss the alternate fuels that the tank can support (as indicated in the OP picture). It also says LF (x = quantity) and Oxidizer on the tool-tip. When I switch to action groups and select the tank, no new windows or icons appear anywhere on my screen. I have installed several different tanks with the exact same outcome each time. I am also using the tanks found under the propulsion tab and not the tanks found under utilities. When I installed I took the two folders and copied them into the GameData directory.
  6. That is the problem then, my apoapsis was 250,051km and periapis was 249,871km. I just tried to make a quick adjustment on my new station and ripped it apart lol. So I will have to relaunch everything tonight when I get home, but I will change it so the apoapsis is set to 245km
  7. Hello first off, love the mod. I am having a issue with the plant growth module. I launched the station into orbit with the hopes of docking the module to the station and running the experiment, but when it gets to about .35 Eureka a message comes up about the location changing and it being reset. RCS and SAS are both off so there is no wobbling. I also tested by turning on SAS with no luck. However if I launch the station and module together as one unit it works fine.
  8. Eh I run on Windows 8 and have had no issues at all with gaming. Only issue I have with windows 8 is updating. When it wants to do a update, there is nothing you can do to stop it. It wants that update done right then.
  9. Response from post Man I am tired, been running a telescope all night long. Web dev speaking here. MS is notoriously known for not being up to W3C standards. It is a fact of life, most of developers only aim to make pages work properly on FF or Chrome as that is what the majority of people use for the internet. Trying to make a web page look the same on Chrome, FF, and IE is virtually impossible (it can be done, but you will be bald and insane when you finish). Sad thing is MS believes their browser is the most advanced piece of software on the planet.
  10. This is awesome and can't wait until my G19 arrives. I have a G15v1, but some of the keys are dead (had it for 10 years or so). So when the new keyboard gets in, I will add this to KSP
  11. sadly the above links are for 18.2, and the thread says 20.x what gives?
  12. Already did that and still face the space screen of death. I went as far to create a new game all together and same issue. The shutdown occurs when I place either kethane detector on my ship.
  13. I have EL 1.1 and Kethane .51 and every time I go to launch a ship with detectors attached I get the space screen of death. I replaced the MMI_Kethane.dll with the modified version and tested with debug = true as well as false. I really like the idea of this mod, but the developer needs to include precise instructions on installing the mod so to avoid simple complaints.
  14. post #146 is a reference to why the mod was created. I did see something about the dll's a couple of posts above that tho, so I will give it a shot. I really like the concept of this mod.
  15. I read page for page and still can't figure this out. Do I delete the MMI_Kethane.dll and place Kethane.dll in place of it? Do I just delete MMI_Kethane.dll and leave Kethane.dll where it is in the structure of the zip? Or do I leave both in their respective locations?