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  1. Even though it might be freeware, if it's still copyrighted, you may not use it.
  2. try replacing the module with this: http://pastebin.com/yiWfacg9
  3. Are you launching it from a moving aircraft? Of course it won't guide to a target if it doesn't have any speed provided to it. It might be optimum air speed? Try lowering that.
  4. Just add homingType = AGM to the module and it should guide.
  5. For the users who've been playing the game longest, there's nothing left to explore.
  6. It's hard to calm down when it's been a year of false promises and lies.
  7. So, you're implying kerbals are idiotic and intend for their rockets to explode?
  8. Downgrading criticisms into incoherent babble is not a good way to approach this.
  9. This isn't flaming, it's actual criticism from both sides.
  10. I don't like this strawman being used instead of actual criticism.
  11. This mod is very neat, I cannot wait until somebody figures out how to change planet heightmaps/sizes.
  12. No matter what happens, one style of play shouldn't be frowned upon and another gratified. We should all remain neutral about it on these forums.
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