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  1. Nope. The user below me thinks foxes are super cute.
  2. 7.3/10 I've seen you somewhere.
  3. And your eyes start bleeding.
  4. I tried to hold on to something and I was fat so my arms almost ripped off and the bruise was all purple and green and gross.
  5. THAT'S A ****ING MONSTROSITY THAT'S WHATS WRONG! (lowercase text for capslock spam)
  6. I battled horrible lag. Alas, against my best efforts, I was defeated and the game crashed.
  7. I just hope this is enough to kill off the monstrosity known as The Last Airbender movie
  8. Stuff happens when my computer lags.
  9. THIS STUFF LAGS YOU KNOW (more lowercase text for capslock spam)
  10. GODDAMMIT NOW I NEED TO MAKE ANOTHER EMP MISSILE (lowercase text for capslock spam)
  11. I would make a giant robot or something but my computer lags too much.
  12. *that moment when your computer is so bad that struts lag it too much so you don't use them*
  13. "In regards to the deaths of the astronauts en route to Mars, I, on behalf of all of us at NASA' blame it on the lag." "Our scientists were unsure how to complete the burn to Jupiter, so they just looked on the wiki for answers."
  14. The United Nations then?
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