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  1. My first interplanetary mission with Kerbalism, as well as my first interplanetary mission in about a year. The following is a detailed play-by-play of a relatively simple crewed Duna flyby mission. You might want to read the bigger slides but unless you want the nitty gritty or some nice pictures feel free to focus on the summary below. Altogether I have mixed feelings about this mission. There were surprisingly few mission-critical failures for a ship of over 300 parts on the longest inner-system mission (unless you count Jool, which Heart of Gold is in theory capable of doing from a purely resources-oriented point of view), none of which were high quality. Regardless the mission would have been greatly jeopardized had Bill not come along, with two engine failures (one of which was not shown) and treadmill failures in the Hitchhikers. I'm definitely going to opt for high-quality parts for my next mission. If my ships are to survive multiple interplanetary trips intact they'll need to be highly modular and highly redundant, along with high-quality parts usage. In these regards, Heart of Gold did well. Heart of Gold also demonstrated the viability of using Docking Port Jrs for large orbital construction. This ship was rock-solid the entire time, folks. No wobbling at all. That's in part due to the multitude of ports used (there's 52 on board! only 28 are used at a time though) and in part from rigid connections and auto-strutting from advanced tweakables. Overall I'm very happy with the ship's structural strength. Unfortunately, Heart of Gold had a few glaring flaws which greatly impacted its future usefulness. Roughly in order, from minor to major: -The use of structural tubes may have increased the strength of the ship, but it also prevented some repair jobs once the mission was underway. Although only probe cores were lost on this mission, there's a lot of redundant reaction wheels in those tubes that can't be replaced and that provide a lot more torque. In addition, stuffing all the gas tanks inside a tube meant that refuelling O2 and N2 once returned to LKO was basically impossible without more mods (unable to right-click the tanks for transfer). In the future my service modules will probably be girder based with radial tanks mounted externally. Pressurized tanks don't experience failures (yet), so future service module designs should be reusable for many missions, until their solar panels fail. -The mission's science return was quite low because the Heart of Gold was not equipped with any dedicated science module. I initially decided against the inclusion of such a module because I wanted to include it on my eventual lander, which would fly autonomously to Duna, perform high space science, and rendezvous with the cruiser (Heart of Gold) in LDO, where a scientist could reset the instruments. I think my next design will attempt to include a science module that will only have one or two ports, allowing it to be picked up by the lander during rendezvous and carried to the surface and back. That'll also let us do some solar science. -Low quality parts. As discussed earlier, not as big of an issue as I was expecting it to be, but a permanent AJ10 failure would jeopardize higher delta-v missions like a Jool flyby and also require replacement upon return to LKO. Going forward, all engines and cabins will be made high quality. I'm not too worried about antennas, RCS, solar panels or reaction wheels; all are easy to make highly redundant. They'll be made high quality whenever the budget allows, but not viewed as a priority. -Radiation. The big one. Going into this mission I was expecting to be hit by one storm tops. 4 storms in under 3 years was a huge shocker and very nearly got my crew killed. For now I don't see any way of fixing this with changes to the ship. The entire hab module was coated in 20mm lead; the only thing that could offer us more protection would be active shielding, but that would only decrease the amount of radiation we accrue in between storms rather than during them. A sickbay seems to be the only real option here, but we don't have that unlocked. Until we do, we'll have to make changes in mission design to minimize radiation. That includes the elimination of flyby missions, which keep us in interplanetary space and outside magnetopauses for much longer than orbital missions do. Planets with strong, wide magnetospheres may need to be prioritized over those without. A high altitude Jool orbital mission, beyond the outer belt and inner moons, may be a suitable target, as would a high Moho orbit. An Eve landing would be ideal. All of these missions are quite high in delta-v, however, making them more challenging in other ways. Dres is out of the question. Radiation more or less completely excludes the possibility of using a gravity ring to reduce stress on long-term missions due to the lack of shielding; I may attempt to use it to construct orbital stations within strong magnetospheres that the crew could wait in until they need to perform their ejection burn. It would still need supplementary shielding from other parts, though. For all these reasons, and because of the part failures incurred during the Duna flyby, I decided to deorbit Heart of Gold at the conclusion of this mission in favor of a new cruiser design. I'll probably target an Ike/Duna orbiter next, or perhaps a Gilly/Eve orbiter. Until then. Oh, one more thing only marginally related: certain parts provide extra comfort to the crew through bonuses. For example, the cupola gives panorama, and the gravity ring gives firm ground. IMO, greenhouses should give a bonus for fresh produce. Being able to eat fresh fruits/vegetables/mushrooms that I'd grown myself would certainly be better than eating freeze-dried, reheated, artificially steak-flavored tofu every day for 3 years. I realize the quality of astronaut food has advanced dramatically over the decades IRL, but it would be nice to incentivize using a greenhouse ingame even if it's more mass-efficient to use supply containers. I realize it might be difficult from a coding perspective to make this bonus only apply when the greenhouse is actually working, though.
  2. Does Kerbalism remove biome-specific EVA reports from LKO? I'm just getting "EVA Report from Space Near Kerbin" instead of "EVA Report from Space Just Above [biome]." It also seems like many EVA reports like high and low atmo are just completely gone. Do forgive me if this is now vanilla behavior; it's been over a year since I've played KSP. Another quick question: why aren't my kerbals dying once electric charge runs out? How much time do I have in general? Thanks for everything folks.
  3. wrong version of a mod...
  4. Jodo42

    [1.1.2] Real Solar System Expanded (0.14.0)

    Tested Kopernicus -4, -5 and -6 and none worked. Going to try 1.1.3 but CKAN isn't working with that version of KSP so it'll have to be a manual install. Please ignore previous edits, I included ksp.log instead of the right log. I would include gamedata and the logs but I've already deleted the install.
  5. Is there a way to have the maps immediately tell me the exact coordinates and height of the highest & lowest points of a planet? I have no desire whatsoever to manually compare the multitude of peaks/ridges found on every body especially given their resolutions. Thanks.
  6. I've reinstalled KSP, AJE and Realism Overhaul itself twice now and I'm still getting this error in the console when loading: Error: Module ModuleEnginesAJEJet threw during OnLoad: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ModuleEngines.SetupPropellant () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ModuleEngines.OnLoad (.ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at SolverEngines.ModuleEnginesSolver.OnLoad (.ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PartModule.Load (.ConfigNode node) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 Exception: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object At this point the game stops loading and won't progress. I'm running AJE 2.8.0, Realism Overhaul v11.4.1, and KSP 1.2.2 x64. Other than that I have all the required mods for RO and ModularFlightIntegrator. Any ideas whatsoever? About to give up on this, my 1.1.3 install was working for a while but then broke when I tried to replace TAC with USI LS, and I've been unable to get a working install in 1.2.2 since.
  7. Jodo42

    [1.1.2] Real Solar System Expanded (0.14.0)

    I haven't installed Guswut's changes yet but they appear to be inclination related only; I'm having some really strange issues with everyone's favorite moon, Dactyl. It's extremely spiky and whenever I get close to it it becomes invisible. I'm running 0.14.0 along with much of Realism Overhaul on 1.1.3. Are the issues because the mod is for 1.1.2? Any way around it? Thanks. Great mod.
  8. Is there currently any way to recover a "seed" that the generator uses to produce the requested galaxy? I've always wanted something like this in KSP, but for everyone else to have access to your exact galaxy if they so choose. Basically, how Minecraft does its procedural generation.
  9. Jodo42

    Monopropellant to... Anywhere!

    @EliteGuy3 I think I'm most impressed by the fact that not only did you complete a mission to the Jool system only using monoprop, but that the same mission was your first to Jool. Congratulations! Excluding that rather unfortunate final encounter with Tylo, some excellent gravity assist planning you did there as well.
  10. Jodo42

    Monopropellant to... Anywhere!

    Alright, got something new for you. Based on my earlier design, but beefed up quite a bit. EDIT: Here's the link until I can figure out how to embed an album in the post. Is it even still possible? Feel free to remove my other entry from the leaderboard. Or not. Whatever you want.
  11. Jodo42

    Monopropellant to... Anywhere!

    @TheGuyNamedAlan Cybutek put out a version on github that is not "release ready" but is compiled for and working in 1.2. Post here. That said, I didn't really use it. KER doesn't handle the fuel flow oddities of monoprop-only rockets very well.
  12. Jodo42

    Monopropellant to... Anywhere!

    Thought I'd start things off with a quick orbit and return. Not sure if I get an extra 3 points for landing it back or not. This was made in 1.2 pre. Seems to be much smaller than the other vehicles submitted so far. Sorry about the music and the extremely low video quality. Feel free to mute the video; the quality may improve later once the video's done processing but I think everything you need to see is visible. You should consider a bonus for bringing crew along, as well as having a lower mass. Perhaps divide the capability score by the mass, unless the vehicle is manned.
  13. Have new rockets been paused, or are you finished with this pack for good? I was really looking forward to some of the planned rockets, but we'd all understand if you wanted to move on to new projects.
  14. Jodo42

    June 2016 Delta IV Heavy Launch

    I believe the 18:55 was UTC. Regardless you can see here: that it is in fact 2:55. EDIT: Now bumped back to 19:05. 3:05 EDT. EDIT II: 3:05 T0 cancelled, Awaiting new time.
  15. Jodo42

    June 2016 Delta IV Heavy Launch

    New launch time just set to 2:55.