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  1. 1 syllable, voiceless "th." leɪθ. Rhymes with "faith" and not "bathe."
  2. Massive, game-altering mechanics should be in stock, whether people feel like playing with them or not. It shouldn't need to be maintained by unpaid modders. If you don't like constraints that make you change the way you play then don't use them. That's why pretty much all difficulty options are just that, options. Not including it in stock (eventually) is an omission without a point. Good thing there's a progression system that forces you to use lightweight probes if you don't have the lift capability or in-space infrastructure necessary for crewed missions yet. You clearly re
  3. It provides an obvious and (sort of) realistic incentive to take on crewed missions, which have higher dry masses (especially if there's life support involved) and are generally harder. It encourages an entirely different gameplay loop and incentivizes players to learn about how to design and deploy constellations, how resonant orbits work, power management and orbit darkness time (if there's background simulation of EC usage, which there isn't in stock currently) and, depending on implementation, even a bit of coding with something like KOS. It can help you understand real-world situatio
  4. Wow, this is an ancient thread you've dug up here. Are you in career mode? If so, fuel transfer in flight doesn't unlock until you upgrade your R&D building.
  5. So many things still need sounds. Extension sounds for antennas, and maybe some occasional beeping while they're transmitting. Rover wheels. Landing gear. Drills. Converters. A noise for entering and exiting capsules. Suit noises while you're on EVA. Maybe some slight rustling noises when solar panels and radiators deploy. A hum from lamps and lights. Reaction wheels should make a whirring noise since there's a wheel spinning inside. Some kind of IVA noise. And PLEASE, the robotics and propeller parts. I think Ion engines make some kind of humming noise IRL. That classic clicking noise for th
  6. Is there a way I can get KER to display more decimal places for various figures like semi-major axis or orbital period, either through the ingame menus or by adjusting some settings file?
  7. Hopefully a simple question: is there a way I can change the units and precision of various figures? I'd like Universal time in seconds, for example, or at least in Kerbin time format instead of Earth. Mean anomaly and LAN in decimal instead of degrees/hours/minutes, extra decimal places for everything, etc.
  8. I just had a similar experience to you. I'll give you a stopgap solution that may or may not work, and my long term plan to not run into this issue again. Is your cargo unit within reach of the ladder on the capsule? If so, here's how I did it (a very Kerbal solution)- EVA and while still on the ladder swap your RCS pack and the deployable science. Then let go, fall to the surface in ragdoll mode, and deploy the module. Minmus' gravity is low enough that you won't injure yourself. Then, I lined my Kerbal up very carefully and jumped. As I flew up past the capsule I pressed F to get on the
  9. There's more than enough interesting stuff left to justify adding at least another gas giant, that is doable with the current engine. Co-orbital bodies. Saturn has several moons in this configuration. If you properly incentivized travel between them (say, they both had an atmosphere, or some interesting ISRU resource), it would be an easy teaching moment for resonance orbits, which aren't frequently used elsewhere in the game. Highly inclined, eccentric, and retrograde moons. Plenty of the first two in our solar system, and there's Triton for the last. Something like Hyperion
  10. In general if you're having trouble with old links the first thing you should do is try them out in archive.org. It looks like very little from the OP's website was saved. The only working download is for 0.13.3. It's probably better to use the archived versions of the old, now-defunct official links. I didn't check them all, but 0.7.3 is still working. I suspect 0.6.5 is back to being a lost version unfortunately.
  11. Also known as linear motion or robot rails. Like how a claw machine works. It's hard to describe, so watch a video: Right now adding translation to robotics setups requires awkward piston contraptions. This kind of rail setup could be used for everything from robotic arms to heavy cargo landers. Not to mention potential uses as a monorail or train system, if scaled up. This sort of thing is technically already possible in stock, but wheels have always been lackluster in KSP and the setups tend to be high part count and low reliability. Breaking Ground could use some pulleys
  12. Saw this on reddit today. Easter egg spoilers. https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/fkhiti/i_found_an_easter_egg_in_gameslinxs_beyond_home/
  13. First time on the Mun in JNSQ. Any landing you can transmit science from counts, right?
  14. I was looking to make some custom engine configs for BDB- most of the engines have the same rated burn times and ignition #s, and I've had some issues with engines failing reliably well short of the rated times- but I really don't know where to begin. Could somebody point me in the right direction? Is it more or less just text file editing, or do I actually need to know how to code? If it's a relatively simple process, much of the research has already been done by the RO crew, so I could probably source most of my numbers from them.
  15. I strongly recommend going with custom difficulty settings for career mode. "Hard" adds a few new challenges but really, primarily is just a bigger grind, as you said. The progression is balanced around Normal currency settings and it shows. I usually go with Normal with the exception of unticking "No entry purchase required," and ticking most of the "advanced" options like plasma blackout, kerbal/part g-force limits, etc. I find it's just about right for allowing you to focus on exploration missions rather than grinding sat/tourist contracts, while still putting reasonable constraints on the
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