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  1. Is it already known that the lights forget their colors at random? 90% of the time when I go back to a ship or launch one where I have assigned a color to a light that is then gone. 10% of the time the game remembers.
  2. Uh… I swear we were on the Lounge, didn't realized we were on the CKAN thread. :P

    well, about this post:



    Do you remember when this happened? It's more for the sake of curiosity, as I saw a lot of problems on Github at one time, and I curious on the matter.

  3. Wasn't that bad ... I mean I didn't threaten to invade Poland or something ... but I also didn't used jazz hands.
  4. I would if I could ... but I managed to get into an argument with one developer ... and got banned for life from github
  5. After I recently updated ckan it changed to my native language ... How do I change it back to English? (I use English in all applications, cause translations are in most cases horrible at best and outright wrong at worst) Never mind was answered already as not possible for now. Does not work, option probably got removed in recent updates of windows.
  6. I think Christmas came early. Thanks for this gift (although I'd like to had have the option to use the old textures ... guess I have to make a backup of'em and mod'm in after the update) Happy holidays to the team ... (or since it's likely that the whole team is actually Christian ... Merry Christmas) Have fun (and I hope you get some free time to spend with your loved ones ... or at least your families) ... and happy new year (since I am unlikely to post ... and hopefully no one of you is forced to read posts)
  7. @Booots Sooo, Just to let you know ... while some of your mods appear in Ckan this one doesn't ... and Spacedock warns: Anyway cool idea for a mod, I will definitely try i out. Something I wanted to have for a long time.
  8. Same here. Tooltips and icons borked (tooltips are light gray font on mid gray background, icons are all gray blocks) But menus and rest is (or at least seems) fine. (did not actually test everything out) Great! Thanks so much.
  9. in CKAN -> Settings -> Compatible KSP versions Use with care
  10. I love all the changes (except the ToS changes, though) Even have reverted to vanilla for the time being to enjoy the new content (though not for long, since vanilla still has issues)
  11. I wonder if you don't want to understand or if you simply can't. Of course they land with the nose up. As I said the lift is not only determinated by wing shape and size, but also by wind speed and angle of attack. Increasing the angle of attack (without stalling) means more lift with same speed. Or same lift by less speed. It also increases drag and help reducing speed. But if your front wheel is further down ... that means your nose is up when all wheels are touching, means you have a higher angle of attack from the get go, means if you land that way your speed is also almost
  12. That is utter and total BS and Alshain done well to call you out on this. The lift is determinated by the shape, size, angle of attack, and wind speed (aka. speed of the plane in KSP ... because there is no wind... in RL that would be the wind speed + speed of plane) over the wing. If your lift is smaller than your mass (aka. total down force) you have a effective down force that makes your plane sink. Having a down force doesn't mean that your plane has to smash into the ground with several times its own mass. (Where did you get your number from btw? Did you pull them out of a Kli
  13. Then could please someone tell this the CKan team? ... or update the op here as well. Though, it could use an update ... there are no cryo effects for parts smaller than 1m and bigger than 2m, if I interpret the files correctly. And a whole lot of "recently" added parts are missing. In short while it is still kinda working (not producing a crash) it still needs some love. Please Sarbian give it some! Thanks.
  14. I think there might be a problem again with ambient light and ckan. Edit: error essage was translated by me into english
  15. @Whitecat106 think you might have a little typo on unless you have access to KSP 1.2.1 ahead from everybody else. (should be 1.1.2)
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