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  1. 1st Stage: 1x BACC with 2 Fleas radially that drop off after the first few seconds 2nd Stage: Hammer 3rd Stage: LV909 and a couple of FT400s That will get you to Mun no problem - and without any upgraded buildings at all! <18t <20m - I just got upto 9.6Mm and time warped until I got a flyby. Decouplers, LV909 and upgraded launchpad were my priorities for landing on Mun and Minmus. I pretty much ignored the SPH parts just because I felt more confident in parachuting down a rocket than landing planes
  2. Hehe, well either Kerbal Alarm Clock or Mechjeb was freezing it anyways so I'm gradually adding the others in as I go to see what I can get away with, might end up with double installs, one for messing around in a FAR sandbox and the other using the BTSM career mode (was new to BTSM today and it's awesome)
  3. Thanks for the thread OP, I've hijacked the contents for my own means and ended up with: Mechjeb - only using the autopilot for stuff I've done 100 times already, mostly got it for nodes and delta-v stuff http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/mechjeb/ Kerbal Alarm Clock - stops me missing those maneuvers and having to do another lap/crashing in a fiery ball of death and reloading http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/kerbal-alarm-clock-2/ BTSM/Deadly Reentry - makes the career mode more interesting http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/61632-0-23-5-Better-Than-Starting-Manned-Career-Mode-Redefined-%28v1-533-April-9th%29 http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/54954-0-23-5-Deadly-Reentry-Continued-v4-6-4-7-14 FAR - makes designing efficient rockets take more time and explosions...which is fun http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/ferram-aerospace-research/ I'm not bothered with huge great part lists (did that on my last install and got tired of the extra load times) - next up is gonna be some beautification with the mods recommended by Fenrir at least until I melt my GPU EDIT: Having just installed BTSM it doesn't play nice with some of the other mods, so trying to work out which one(s) it doesn't like atm
  4. Havng just returned after a few months break I've really enjoyed doing the start of career mode without this info. When I last played I had mechjeb and a sheet of all the delta-v's required and it took a lot of fun and experimentation out of the earlier missions but I can foresee it being much needed once I start moving out of Kerbin's SOI. I'd propose that it's gradually acquired from the tech tree, starting with nothing - not even delta-v on the maneuver nodes - progressing through adding this onto the nodes then into the design stage of the rocket where you only see the total delta-v for each stage and then having fully updating info during the flight itself. This could tie into having an autopilot taking over the more basic feats at the same time enabling optimal launches and maneuvers at later stages. I think this would lead to players starting with over-engineered rockets and then becoming more efficient and calculated as the tougher missions are planned (enabling maneuvers preplanned before launch for the very end stages would be nice too)
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