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  1. Apparently I bought early enough that I don't have to pay for this DLC as such my question is Is there a way I can still give you money? A patreon maybe?
  2. JANUARY 02, 1001 Sunrise. Melfel is alive? ZOMBIE! KILL IT! #006 "Smash em! Smash em good! Part 1" Objective: To smash into the Mun >IMP-AKTR (in progress) -Mission Difficulties, game on pause while I do other things-
  3. Each post may contain more than one mission log, especially if the mission was short. This header post is going to be like a table of contents of sorts... For now, however, it will contain a few early missions. JANUARY 01, 1001 #001 "Insert Mission Name Here" Objective: Yes. >Untitled Space Craft All parts: 1 Pod Pilot: Jeb EVA from Pad EVA from Capsule outside Surface Sample from Pad RETURN! +17 Science Basic Rocketry obtained (5) 3 new redshirts, er, I mean Kerbals hired. #002 "A Hop" Objective: To land nearby >Littleguy 01 Parts: Pod, Decoupler, Chutes, 4 Goo, 1 SRB Pilot: Bill Goo LIFTOFF Heading: 180 Goo Goo Landing Goo RETURN! +21.1 Science #003 "A Skip" Objective: To land on another continent. >Littleguy 02 Parts: Pod, 3SRB, Chutes, 2 Goo, 2 Tanks, 1 Decoupler Pilot: Bob LIFTOFF Heading: 90 Mission failure: incorrect angle of attack. Will land in sea. Landing Goo Goo under water EVA report Surface Sample RETURN +21.8 Science #004 "A Jump" Objective: To achieve Orbit >Littleguy 02a Part change: -1 Chute, -1 Decoupler, +1 Goo, +3 SRB, +1 Antenna Pilot: "Melfel 'Redshirt' Kerman" LIFTOFF Heading: 90 Goo SPACE! Goo Goo Mission failure: too busy futzing around with launching to do goo properly, too busy futzing around with goo to do launching properly. Data transmitted Re-entered atmosphere LITHOBRAKING FAILURE R.I.P. Melfel +9.1 Science Survivability, General Rocketry, and Stability obtained (53) #005 "Memorial" Objective: To remember Meflel... or whatever his name was >Untitled Space Craft Parts: Same as previously Pilot: Jeb EVA Heading: VAB Flag planted at top of VAB Surface Sample EVA Report RETURN +11 Science Sunset End of day.
  4. IMO, when we get to what would otherwise be .24 or .25, we will find it numbered as .8 or .9 This will simply be remembered as an important stepping stone to that point.
  5. No. Not unless accompanied with a time. Otherwise people just F5F5F5F5 "midnight where I am or where they are? Oh neither maybe its sunrise...where I am or where they are? oh. none of that either... maybe its office hours? Well one of my friends starts at 8am, another at 8:30, another at 9, and another at 9:30, so it is it 8 where I am, 8 where they are, 8:30 where I am, 8:30 where they are, 9 where..." you can fill in the rest
  6. Not sure if this has been done before, but almost all the challenges are non-land based. Anyway; I've noticed that just about anyone who builds a rover/car almost always ends up tipping it at some point. Thus, my challenge to you is to build a car/rover that can not be tipped. What it must do: Not break while driving. Ever. It should ideally even stay intact if you drive it off a building. etc What you can do: Put wheels on the "roof" so if it tips, it can still drive. etc What you can't do: Use jets/rockets of any sort. etc
  7. Just found out about this; great idea! Also a clarification: Awarded for getting a craft into orbit from the surface of Kerbin without dropping any parts along the way I've done this, using only SRBs, but, my orbit was of the sun and not Kerbin. Does that count?
  8. I hear a there are some open slots an am wondering how one goes about getting on to KSPTV as I've been debating streaming for quite some time.
  9. I'm not opposed to making a brown dwarf.
  10. What I'm saying is that the planet's temp will pivot around boiling as ours does around freezing.
  11. if earth is 15 above freezing, my world should be 15 below boiling
  12. Temps on earth range from -50 to 50, so I'd be interested to create a planet where temps range from 50 to 150. Also, I asked this on another forum, and someone told me to just do whatever I need to for plot purposes. My answer to that was: "I am very very careful not to do this. I want real science. If it's not real science, my literary needs change."
  13. http://i1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd408/TheNewTeddy/jeronian.png What this planet/system looks like. The key I need to know is how long a day would or could be as that will determine how thick the atmosphere needs to be and thus determine what these aliens might look like.
  14. Any idea how long the day would be?
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