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  1. Thanks, for me the hardest part is actually the fairing, the last time I tried to make a Soyuz stock fairings werent in the game and my home made one ended up looking a bit stubby. Decided to try a new Soyuz now that there are fairings. Unfortunately I just kinda lost inspiration once I got to the soyuz space craft, so that part definitely couldve been better. Oh well.
  2. Figured I would share my stock Soyuz with you guys, cheers (Id post a download file but its on an outdated game) Full album: http://imgur.com/a/7T2ET
  3. Wussie out on my original Space Station designs. I don't know how you do it, but after 3-4 docking missions Im sick of Orbital Rendevous and call it quits on whatever station Ive managed to assemble by then Biggest station Ive made was 6 difference pieces, and those pieces were very large. I didn't want to have more trips than I needed
  4. So the craft didn't have any launch clamps originally and was just sitting on its engines. I think the engines were actually clipping through the bottom of the launch pad, because when I put clamps on it and rose it up a few feet it launches perfectly now Thank you!
  5. Im just as confused as you. It used to be able to get 120 tons to LKO and now it can't even lift off the ground :/
  6. Ive noticed that all of my previous grand champion rockets no longer work... Im not sure if they've decreased engine power in all engines, or have they increased the weight of fuel? Maybe thickened Kerbin's atmosphere? If someone could answer that'd be useful, because its really frustrating that all of my best rockets, worked on for weeks, don't work anymore :/
  7. Then why vote no? It hasnt been edited in anyway since it was found, its still the bug it was whenever it was first made, I dont understand how people liking it makes it not a bug.
  8. I find it kind of silly that 58% voted for not a bug... Its obviously a bug. The way terrain generations work, the poles are always screwed up. It was found, people liked it, so they kept it. Bug.
  9. Well considering someones gotten te whole tech tree in 2 missions uhm..
  10. Eat your hearts out, you nay sayers! (Okay yeah he didnt finish the tech tree from this, I remembered it incorrectly. But his achievement is still impressive. If he did the same thing again with more science parts he definitely could do it in 2.)
  11. Its a bug due to how worlds are generated. there's a munhole too. there is probably more aswell. I'm pretty sure the devs have confirmed its a bug, and the only reason it hasn't been fixed is because everyone likes it
  12. There was a forum thread awhile back where someone did it in 1 flight. it was a huge rocket that went to 4 planets and back.
  13. I wouldnt suggest it haha. This is the only time Ive used Ion engines, and they were only really useable because of Gilly's micro gravity.
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