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  1. I was thinking about releasing it, but I want to try to work a bit more on the texture before release. For the radiators, do you think it would be possible to make them work like actual radiators? (I'm asking because I haven't still tested the new temperature system)
  2. Big G! Can't wait! What is better than a Salyut station? Two Salyuts docked together! Something i've been working on: 3m habitat, textures are still slowly work in progress Wouldn't have been possible without your tutorials! Thanks Beale!
  3. Approaching Salyut 1: I also found a couple of bugs: for an unknown reason the TKS cargo bay won't attach to anything, and there is a scaling error with the Hamal probe core (the one withot heatshield)
  4. As anybody else experienced this bug with the gemini chute? Also Gemini Aegena (or something like that) mission!
  5. Beale, are you going to add heatshields to the pods when 1.0 comes out?
  6. Has anybody already tried this? Kos controlled Tavio luncher! I used a pretty basic and clumsy code (it's the first time i program anything), but it works! Now i want to make a code to automate deorbit and reentery, the part of the flight that i find most boring.
  7. Finally had some time to play ksp, i did a quick mission with the N1, and it is great! I also had a bug with the landing legs, they fold back when timewarping... strange!
  8. Lots of new things since the last time i was here! Can't wait to test them all! That tropical Kerbin is beautiful! Did you made it?
  9. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Beale strikes back! Wait, you mean that the new Tantares already have RO configs? EDIT: According to KerbalStuff we are already at version 15.3! Looks like you made some fast updates already!
  10. Beautiful new parts! Can't wait for the release! For the 1.25m port will it be possible with some animation to create a docking port that can tootle the "fins" position between APAS 89 and APAS 75?
  11. I did something similar, but not using Tantares parts. Nice little shuttle! I have the same problem with the engines of my shuttle, yesterday i found this mod that could be the solution to that kind of problems! A question about the revamp: the new docking ports will break the stations that use the old one? Edit: Fantastic LOK!
  12. Just discovered that the Vega command pod (i don't remember the exact name) fits good as a shuttle airlock/docking port:
  13. Tantares revamp looks beautiful! I just hope it won't break saves with the new part sizes. What if you make the periscope an animated part of the descend module, instead of a different part?
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