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  1. Oh, I thought that was one of the contract mods as I've visited a few due to contracts but never until I installed Contract Configurator... I feel that instead of "easter eggs" they could be termed "points of interest" (they aren't really very secret), and that there should be a lot more of them. Perhaps that was the original plan, given the Duna SSTV transmission. Thank you. After posting it I realised that it isn't only console players, though the thought that it (the KSC monolith) could be there on the KSC screen to bring these objects to the player's attention may still hold water..?
  2. I'm not bothered about achievements but I'd like the World Firsts to be expanded upon, maybe achievements could be an extension of that. I'd like to be able to view my Firsts in a 3d environment with certificates and screenshots on the wall, trophies and artifacts in cabinets, and maybe even scale models of my rockets...
  3. It was announced for consoles (I couldn't say which) last year I think, on this very site. Sure sometimes they reveal stuff on other sites sometimes, but that's because their team are involved with the community. Not sure what you mean by shady goings on? Squad are probably the most open developer I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.
  4. Splashtop is pretty good, free for personal use over WiFi too. I don't think it reduces the colours but I turn the resolution down for better framerate. It works well on my android devices. It can be used over the Web but only if you pay.
  5. I was getting crashes on scene changes, usually once a few minutes into the session then no more after restarting. But yesterday I started getting crashes in the SPH, three in the space of an hour. Nothing in my install changed but I run loads of mods so can't really report it.
  6. I think the physics are more than good enough. At the start of my present career, unmanned and low-tech, I was using spin-stabilised rockets. I'm sure it wasn't a glitch when a rapidly spinning one opened its chute, then hung at 90 degrees to the lines due I think to gyroscopic forces. I'd love to see the stock game make more use of the solid body physics with grabs, levers, bearings etc.
  7. That worked, thankyou. It felt a bit cheaty but I got a nice clean launch even from the dirt runway. But now I know how to build it I can redesign something more practical... or not!
  8. Sorry for the slow reply, I think my notifications are off. Yes, I was unable to stick the two vehicles together, but @cantab jogged my memory by mentioning cubic octagonals so now I've got a proof of concept. I wanted the decoupler on the trolley so as to leave as much behind as possible, but it did not work - even using "Control from here" on the fliers' probe core, focus switches to the trolley on separation. You need the decoupler on the probe, and a cubic octagonal on the decoupler. Make the cube Root, then you can attach the probe to the trolley. I used the Offset tool to hide the cubic inside an octagonal. I've been able to launch the thing, but no real flight as yet, the trolley starts to wobble a lot before the probe has enough speed to launch.
  9. This one is exactly what the doctor ordered.
  10. I was just having a play in the SPH and found that I can't build this. I want to mount the tri-wing probe on the trolley, so when it reaches takeoff speed I can separate from the trolley and fly away... I've done similar before, but I used the "SelectRoot" mod, which doesn't seem to be available any more. I can't get it to work with the stock re-root function. A couple of pics of the trolley and the aircraft: It actually flies quite nicely for a thrown-together mess. Note the front fuel tank is empty for balance, not sure how it will fly as the fuel runs out... Just for fun, I know there are much easier ways to launch a probe core.
  11. No, I didn't know you've been "fielding" questions for him. If you do so then I'm not sure why you're complaining, just stop responding to questions directed at another user if it's an issue for you. I didn't ask for your advice, and I didn't "miss" any posts. If you intend to make an announcement to the community at large, please do so without directing them at myself.
  12. Welcome aboard. Print this if you need to...
  13. I didn't know it was on CKAN against the authors will, but the same point stands (and I think we agree going by the emboldened part above). The condescending tone of your post isn't really necessary. I am aware of the etiquette regarding mods and support - I didn't ask for any support. No problem, but please note that CKAN users don't know they are using an unoffical source! That person should remove it from CKAN, I think. Thanks for the great mod, it's worth checking manually.
  14. Saying "download from Spacedock or Github" is no use to people who just tick a box in CKAN and expect it to work - why would people who use a mod manager read installation instructions? The OP actually says "Need help installing this? Then read the readme in the download or click a link for the wiki" (no advice not to use a mod manager). Perhaps a warning in the OP saying "Don't use CKAN" would help. I first installed it using CKAN, it looked crap and I only noticed by chance that if you install it manually, you can choose higher resolutions. This is an issue because CKAN automatically lists mods on Spacedock. If @Nhawks17doesn't want it on CKAN he might be thinking "how is this my problem?" - my answer would be, it installs the mod successfully but seems to use the minimum resolution, which looks almost as poor as stock - this doesn't present the mod in the best light an undoubtedly turns people off it - I was actually looking for another eyecandy mod when I noticed something about getting this from Github.
  15. This mod is excellent, without it I would probably have stopped playing KSP years ago. Recently the show/hide keybinding was removed. I've wanted it back for ages but it has taken me a long time to realise that the settings for KER are only available in the SPH/VAB. It's even more weird that when you click the KER icon on the toolbar, you get an options screen instead of the actual data you wanted - but again no access to options such as keybindings. I'd like to suggest that it's made more obvious that KER's settings can only be changed in certain scenes - or preferably - that the settings are made available from any scene, or only from the KSC scene like some other mods.