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  1. @IvanOV-104 Hi Ivan, if you meant night-time and by skybox you meat the actual ambient light then that can be adjusted in the regular game settings in the menu. Under graphics settings, turn Ambient light adjustment up to your liking, I find that a 10% boost is more than sufficient. If the actual atmosphere is black during the day then I don't have a fix, I believe it is a known scatterer issue that affects some people though. Could you post a screenshot of daytime at the space center with the scatterer menu open (Alt + F10)? And just curious as to what version of the game are you running in case that is affecting it for some reason?
  2. @IvanOV-104 Hello there, I coincidentally started a x2.5 scale RSS career recently. QSRSS is outdated and the Rescale! mod wasn't working for me either so I just ended up re-scaling it myself manually. It was a pain to get working with the visual effects and editing all of the various config files from the latest release of RSS to scale it down by a factor of four wasn't fun but I did eventually get it to a satisfactory state for a playthrough. There may still be some oddities with some of the planets/moons terrain meshes as I didn't have time to spend hours finely tweaking each one but it's overall pretty solid in my opinion. Here is a link to download the required portions of my GameData folder, just copy it into a fresh install of the game. Confirmed working in version 1.7.1 but Kopernicus should be the only mod that is version locked so if you have a different game version going forward then that should be the only mod you need to change out. [Download link removed by moderator. Please don't share out your actual GameData folder, due to licensing concerns. We realize you're just trying to be helpful, and we're sorry to have to remove the link. Log files are okay to share, and it's great to list which versions of which mods you have installed, but please don't share the actual contents of GameData. Thank you for your understanding.] Hope this helps you, Mojibake
  3. I over-engineer everything, often thinking about multiple possible avenues of expansion for each launched ship or craft that I don't intend to return home immediately. My space programs are rarely cost-effective because of this lol. "But what if I need to dock it with a craft that has different docking port types?" "But what if I need to draw more power from it in the future?" "But what if I move it further away from the sun and the solar panels become ineffective?" "But what if I need more life support capacity for a mission extension?" "But what if I run out of life support on another craft and the kerbals need to squat on the communications satellite? I'd need to keep supplies and seats on it then right?" "But what if I need to be able to land the space station on a planet? What if I need to launch the surface base into orbit?"
  4. Did you move the other files included in the download besides QuarterRSS to the GameData folder? Kopernicus and ModuleFlightIntegrator? If so, did you follow the next step and download a texture pack from here? https://github.com/pap1723/ScaledRSS-Textures/releases EDIT: Oh yeah, the mod also isn't updated for 1.3 yet. So if it still doesn't work after making sure you have correctly installed it then you might want to just revert to 1.2.2 if you want to use it. 1.3 is mainly a localisation patch, you aren't really missing anything if you go back to 1.2.2 and will actually have a larger selection of mods to choose from since 1.2.2 is 6 months old.
  5. Playing with Remote Tech installed and I noticed that there is only one ground transmission station and it's a thousand or so kilometers to the South of KSC. Is that a known issue with this mod or Remote Tech? I had a thought that it might be a leftover piece of code missed when converting Kerbin to Earth so the mission control coordinates are where KSC used to be on Kerbin. EDIT: Fixed it by copying the GroundStations settings from the QuaterSizedRSS RemoteTech_Settings file into the regular RemoteTech Default_Settings file. For some reason the custom config wasn't loading correctly for me.
  6. Your username... you profile art...