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  1. I could give you several reasons why that is quite possibly the stupidest argument possible, but I've already done that 100x before. So all I' going to say is; No, you're wrong. Anyway, on these forums at least I rarely see any "hate towards mods", and when I do it's barely noteworthy.
  2. Nice to have you back Mercy!

  3. http://www.army.mod.uk/documents/general/Your_Guide_to_the_Medical_Services.pdf Convincing people that I can make it into the RAMC is hard.
  4. £20 bet that if Valve ever do make Half Life 3, it'll be terrible.
  5. Ded Spess. Amnesia and Slender are overrated.
  6. Having the patience to sit through the obscene load times, and them dealing with my CPU temperature when the game finally starts.
  7. http://imgur.com/uvDc87m He's not on the SQUAD employee list, and hasn't posted anything new about KSP for months, as well as making a new game on his own. Conclusion - Fired
  8. You have money which you have to sped on food, housing, clothing, family. You choose what food you eat and have to pay for it (Since when did kids not get to choose what to eat?). You choose what clothes you wear, like those ones you got for a fiver at ASDA because mummy and daddy aren't buying your designer clothes anymore. You choose where yo go in your VERY LIMITED free time (What kinda kid doesn't get to choose what to do in their free time, anyway?). You get the freedom to decide what's best for you SOMETIMES. Basically 80% of what you said is superficial BS which kids get anyway... JS.
  9. If the government is going to waste time, resources and manpower monitoring you individually, you've probably done something wrong. That comparison is stupid, and I'll tell you why. Hitler was put in power because German was in a state of great debt after the Treaty Of Versailles screwed them over hardcore, and Hitler promised to get Germany out of the slums and re-established as a power to be feared. He 100% succeeded in the first count, and to some extent in the second. The situation in Britain today is nothing like 1930's Germany, and after a disaster like that, people have wisened up anyhow. Because crimes are committed in public places, and many of the culprits are caught due to the CCTV surveillance. As someone above stated there are nowhere near as many cameras as people think, and a tiny fraction are operated by the government. Also, no one will be watching you hiking. You hike in nature, in mountains. Somehow, I can't see cameras set up there. Are they gonna get electricity from the trees and wiring from vines? Don't be sensationalist.
  10. You people over-exaggerate the whole "surveillance" ****e to the point where it becomes a joke. It's been like this for a long time, and it will continue to be this way. The chances are that none of you are being monitored individually, you're just not that interesting. The government simply don't have the manpower to monitor everyone in the UK 24/7 and in the VERY unlikely event that they are monitoring every last UK Citizen, I doubt you have anything to fear. They aren't going to send you to jail because you posted a new FB status update or looked up some porn. Anyhow, this thread will be locked probably. The forum rules forbid political discussion of any type. (I don't agree with that rule, but that's how it is.)
  11. KSP has no DRM, so no you won't get sued. Don't do that though, pay attention in classes and do well on your finals. The last thing the world needs or wants is another kid working in McDonalds for minimum wage and living with his parents because he was too busy playing vidya gaems in classes.
  12. Yer in fir a feckin shock when you have to go get a job. And buy a house/apartment And pay for food And pay for internet And pay for luxuries
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