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  1. As others have already done, but I put alot of effort into tuning this thing and getting it just right, performs like a dream on almost every planet (except gilly maybe) this thing absorbs bumps and hard hits like they didnt even happen and continues trucking, fully stock except tweakscale :3 for the mun, turn the torque down to 20 while in flight, leave standard for kerbin. can be tweaked until wheels start to slouch when not moving, then add 10 or so more torque to that value on the servos. craft file, only needs tweakscale. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z312OxKVjqWTWHVW__-jmtE934FvYl30
  2. Gotta love ksp mods, especially robotic parts! This is nowhere near done, as I want to attempt to do a skycrane with KAS, but I sense Kerbal's physics will probably not agree with that... Nevertheless, I think she looks pretty nice! She has a fully extensible arm with rotating drill platform and and a fully rotating head with navcams and chemcam. She even has a rocker-bogie suspension, although it doesn't fold up like real curiosity, YET. I am still mucking around with this and hopefully i can get it to work better. I'm sure there are mods out there that could make this look better, I just thought I would try to make curiosity based on the mods I already had installed. If you want to play with the craft you will need; AIES parts, Hullcam, Infernal Robotics, KW rocketry, Spaceplane plus, KAS, and Dmagic Orbital Science. .craft http://www.datafilehost.com/d/a83dc5c4
  3. Yes, to be original it would but as I said on the last image, I preferred the capsule. feel free to modify.
  4. Here I have a recreation of the Apollo era Lunar landing research vehicle, pictured below. The LLRV was a vehicle used to "simulate" the handling of the Lunar Lander, so I tried my hand at one, and, I think its not too bad Not completely accurate, because I wanted a capsule instead of a chair. The Engine barely lifts this craft off of the ground, but I really built it for aesthetics, rather than practicality. The craft file is included, and it should be 100% stock, I don't think I used any mod parts. If I did, it is probably the strut connectors from KW rocketry Thank you for looking! http://www.datafilehost.com/d/6e5b1c75
  5. That's incredibly useful!! Why did I not know about this? Is it documented? This will be very useful on repeated risky maneuvers
  6. +1 impossible to please anyone it seems...
  7. Interestingly, my KAS/KW rocketry and firespitter save just works fine with 0.23.5, but KAS is a bit wonky, everything explodes the second you grab it (not TOO terribly different from normal KAS...) still, I started a new save anyway, because I wanted sandbox after my way to long career save
  8. This is so true, my poor kerbal base on Pol has not moved in 7 years, not counting the transit time! :3
  9. I don't think I will ever be able to take the word "headcanon" or even "canon" seriously...
  10. Sandbox all the way. If I was just starting to play ksp I would probably like career mode since it introduces you to the game, but since I'm so used to huge missions and for the sole purpose of just being there, I'm with sandbox.
  11. I really don't like the idea of a kerbal movie, feels so out of place and wrong for the game to me. KSP should remain what it is, anything else would not really feel right for it.
  12. I took a rover to pol recently, I knew it wouldn't work well,it was originally part of my eve mothership/surface outpost. Since I had the delta-v and had never been to pol I decided to take the whole massive lag machine there. Worth it.
  13. 40km on Pol. Why I decided to take a rover to pol still confuses me.
  14. Awesome projects! A fellow coiler and ham ;P Do you plan on ever mechanizing the seat for IVA view? Like pulling back on the stick would lift your feet up for example? Then in could be used for many other Sims as well
  15. Ooh! This is a right fantastic project! I've wanted to build something like this for flight Sims etc, love the seat, perfect for the mk1 feel. By chance do you use the Eevblog forums? I think your project would be well suited over there
  16. I never walk very far, I use the monopropellant packs, and if that doesn't work on a certain planet, I hack gravity.
  17. I like dlc, but for some reason it doesn't seem like a KSP type thing. I guess it's because you can do so much with ksp it just seems counter intuitive to me to keep anything out of the base game.
  18. Duna, because it's the only planet other than kerbin where more kerbals of mine have died. And my first interplanetary ship landed with a little less than one unit of fuel. I'm not sure why, but I didn't trust the parachutes I'd brought along to do anything at all.
  19. The science system is strange to me, when I first got ksp, I got it because of its huge sandbox, and found myself not wanting to use it and just going back, I'm not sure what is planned, and probably won't even use some of the new features in future updates. I think it's awesome squad is adding and tweaking all these features, but for me, i gotta keep my box of sand
  20. Well, that's not even close to what I got into this game for, so it would be a feature untouched by me.
  21. I have noticed all the rocket parts are looking more like blocks, and all my kerbals carry a pickaxe and shovel. Also, the planet is becoming square! All jokes aside, I think people are putting waaaaay to much thought into this, it is a wonderful game and so is minecraft, I avidly play both. It seems that every time an update comes out someone will be unsatisfied and many will complain. Which is understandable, it means people really care about the game. Regardless, people need to chill out.
  22. It's amazing! It's not overpowered since it guzzles down fuel in rocket mode like crazy, but is so easy to make even your silliest plane designs into Ssto's! I also really like how it looks and sounds, I hope this means they may be putting in new sounds and flames for the other engines
  23. Yes, very yes. Especially with those wonderful Rapier engines, which are the ducks guts. We need aerodynamics to match
  24. This whole thread is a bad idea. And being an equal rights activist, I can see people's point, but for gods sake its just a video game, I think there are more important equality issues in the real world before we start this again. Like people have said, making the kerbals female would inevitable include long hair or lipstick or even breasts, however does every girl you know have long hair wear makeup or are identified by their breasts? I certainly hope not. Wouldn't it make sense to shave your head or at least make it shorter if you were going to space anyway? Why do they need gender anyway, we don't even know what they are supposed to be other than humanoid. I have a kerbal named Annie Kerman on my space station anyway.. Seriously, this is absolutely trollbait second to mechjeb threads.
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